Brendan Groves serves as a Senior Counsel in the Office of Legal Policy of the U. S. Department of Justice

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Brendan Groves serves as a Senior Counsel in the Office of Legal Policy of the U.S. Department of Justice.  Brendan leads the Justice Department’s efforts related to unmanned aircraft, chairing the Department’s Unmanned Aircraft Working Group.  Brendan also serves as the Chairman of the Interagency Legal Working Group on Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Previously, Brendan served as the Special Counsel to the General Counsel of the National Security Agency, and clerked on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.  Immediately following law school, Brendan served on active duty as an Air Force JAG officer.  In that role, he advised commanders of remotely piloted aircraft squadrons on the Law of War and airspace issues, prosecuted complex criminal cases, and deployed to Afghanistan with joint special operations forces.  Outside of work, Brendan serves on the board of Flying Scarfs, a non-profit that employs widows in Kenya and Afghanistan to make sustainable textile goods.  Brendan co-founded the organization’s operation in Kenya.  Brendan has received the Bronze Star Medal, the NSA Director’s Award, and two national awards from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, including National Intelligence Community Junior Attorney of the Year.  He is a graduate of Yale Law School and Pepperdine University.

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