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April 19, 2010


(435) 649-9698



PARK CITY – Take a used door from the Recycle Utah Warehouse, decorate with recycled plastic and metal bottle caps and what do you get? A Recycled Art Mural project hosted by the Gallery MAR and Recycle Utah. This creative project will take place on Friday, April 23rd from 6 to 8 pm at the Gallery, 580 Main Street in Park City.

“Earth Day is a special celebration for me and providing an opportunity for children of all ages to express themselves using recycled items from Recycle Utah is my way of building awareness.” says Maren Bargreen, owner of Gallery Mar. She opens up her gallery to local non-profits for fundraising events on a monthly basis and also participates in the Park City Gallery Stroll events each month.

Sarah Peterson Berkowitz, local artist and avid recycler, will provide the background design on the doors which will be themed “BioDiversity”. Anyone who stops in the gallery during the celebration, will be able to add their creative touch to the design using plastic and metal bottle caps.

Recycle Utah will provide the bottle caps and glue guns, all you need to bring is your imagination and creativity. Refreshments will be served. A $5 donation to Recycle Utah gladly accepted.

This community workshop is for all ages, children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. Pre-register early – space is limited.

Sarah Peterson Berkowitz majored in Fashion Design but transitioned into faux painting in 1993 when she started her local business, Venue. She currently designs decorative art pieces, canvases and murals.

For more information on how you can be a part of this Recycled Art Workshop at Gallery MAR, call Recycle Utah at 649-9698 or go to www.recycleutah.org. For more information about Gallery MAR, go to www.gallerymar.com.


1951 Woodbine Way • P.O. Box 682998 • Park City, Utah 84068 • Phone 435-649-9698 • Fax 435-658-1530

e-mail: director@recycleutah.org • http://www.recycleutah.org 11/1/17

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