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(Health, Safety &Environment) Professional

Panchdev Kumar


Contact No: +91 9724284909
Professional Experience:
Having more than 9 yrs of experience in Project Management, Turnkey Project, EPC Contractor, Operational Plant Safety, Process Safety Management, and HSE Management System.

Exposed to multinational working culture and exposed to International HSE standard for managing Safety and Health and Environmental Management System, good understanding of HSE Design aspects and Process Safety Management

Core Competency:

Construction Safety, Descent understanding of EPC business and construction Safety Management, Contractors Safety management system, Zero incident program for Construction Safety for Large Projects, Project Safety management, HSE Audit, Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment, Contractor Bid evaluation, Pre bid meetings HSE Training, OHSAS18001, ISO14001 system Implementation, Safety Culture establishment, Business plan for HSE improvement, Contractor Evaluation, HSE Promotional Activities etc.

Professional development program:

Pursuing Initial Professional Development program from IOSH-UK to become a Chartered member of IOSH-UK and aim to get certified Safety Professional (CSP) from BCSP, USA.



Major Subject



Year of passing

Bachelor of Engineering
(Safety Engineering)
4 years full time degree program

Safety Engineering

Cochin University of Science & Technology. Kochi , Kerala (Kerala Govt. University)


(First class with Distinction)

3rd Rank in Dept.

(2001-2005 )

May 2005

Post Graduate Diploma (Fire Protection Engineering)

Fire Protection Engineering

Pune University




Level 3 NEBOSH General Certificate, UK

Certificate No:

C 118346

Occupational Health and Safety

National Education Board in Occupational, Safety and Health, UK

First-Class with


May 2006 Passed

With credit

NEBOSH International Diploma

Occupational Health and Safety

National Education board in Occupation Health and Safety

Cleared Unit B, C,D
Waiting for Unit A

Partially completed

1. From 04-03-2013 till Date
Employer: Reliance Industry Limited -Jamnagar Expansion Project and Team of Core Central HSE Team for major Shutdown activities at Refinery Complex

Designation: Sr. Manager-HSE

Job Role: Lead HSE Engineer
Key deliverable;

  1. Ensuring Reliance and FLUOR (PMT) HSE Procedures and HSE Management System are implementing at the petrochemical Complex and contractor’s Scope of work for J3 Petrochemical Complex for Reliance Industries Refinery Expansion Project at Jamnagar. FLUOR is appointed as a Project Management for entire project.

  2. Review Method statement, Risk assessment, Hazard register and Safe Operating Procedures for Construction.

  3. Take Participate for Zero Harm Program management and promote the Behavioral HSE Activities.

  4. Audit and evaluation of HSE Performance at different Petrochemical complex for Contactor’s scope of work and Contractor’s alignment for HSE Improvement plan to meet the HSE Target.

  5. Participating Incident investigation and ensuring all recommended corrective action by responsible department through applying different Safety software like CAR, etc.

  6. HSE Technical Bid evaluation, Pre qualification questionnaire for contractor evaluation, kick of meeting with contractors, Site Visit for assessing contractor HSE competency.

  7. Contractor HSE Management System, Audit, Inspection and HSE evaluation for their implementation at site, Reliance Zero incident Program coordinator.

  8. Assist to Line Management for effective implementation of J3 Project HSE Program and act as a HSE Coordinator.

  9. Contractor Field Assessment, HSE Audit, Management HSE Walk and effective communication of HSE issues to management.

  10. HSE Training, System Gap Audit and HSE Legal aspects implementation.

  11. Preparing HSE MIS and monthly HSE Report for Corporate HSE.

  12. Conducting Fire Risk Assessment and Leading the Fire Prevention Team for J3 Project Team.

  13. Ensuring all applicable HSE Legal requirements are met and legal register is reviewed periodically.

2. From 01-08-2011 to 02-03-2013

Employer: SIEMENS POWER Engineering Ltd (100% Subsidiary of SIEMENS AG Germany)
(Project Detail: 400 MW & 1200 MW Gas based Combined Cycle Power Plant, Gujarat)
Job Role: Manager - EHS (Project Management Term- Project Execution and Commissioning EHS aspects)
Key Deliverable;

  1. Technical Bid Evaluation and Contractor HSE evaluation prior to award contract, Contractor Site visit for assessing their HSE competency, Kick of meeting with contractor, support for contractor mobilization process with respect to HSE..

  2. Coordination for EHS Permits from local authorities and other environmental issues.

  3. Formulate SIEMENS HSE requirements as per Local Government requirement and implementing through contractors.

  4. HSE Technical coordinator for HSE Design aspect for Fire Fighting system, Risk Assessment, Transport Safety etc.

  5. Responsible for review of contractor EHS Plan, Procedures and Site Specific EHS Guidelines with respect to SIEMENS requirement.

  6. Assist Site Team for Review and Approval for Method Statement and Risk Assessment for Contractor’s Activities.

  7. Identify Training needs, Formulating Training programs, Awareness and workshop; web based EHS Training, recognition certificates, appreciation letter etc on EHS Topics to create Positive Safety Culture at site and Office Staff.

  8. Coordinate for EHS Audit internally and by External Agency for continual improvement.

  9. Monitoring EHS Legal parameters, company requirements and Customer’s requirements.

  10. Contract’s EHS Management, Kick of meeting with their key personnel for EHS Matter.

  11. Coordinate for IMS (OHSAS18001, ISO 14001) requirement with Management Representative and Core Team members.

  12. Formulating site specific EHS objectives and goals to achieve the Company’s Goal, Emergency Plan, EHS Business Plan, Annual EHS Targets, and EHS Budget etc.

  13. Prepare MIS weekly / monthly for Management Report and Customers.

  14. Design and organize various safety meetings, communication meetings with all HODs for Site EHS issues resolutions.

  15. Design and organize routine ongoing and periodic safety awareness and motivational programs, EHS Incentive Programs, promotional activities etc.

  16. Responsible for Site Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Load Calculation, selection and placing of appropriate Fire Fighting equipments at site.

  17. Accident/Incident management, Investigation, Reporting to customers, Local authorities and Management.

  18. Team for Carry out HAZOP, PHA, Process Safety Management, Commissioning Safety, Start up Safety Review , HSE Design review meetings etc

3. From: July 2010 to August 2011

Employer: STERLITE ENERGY LTD, (Vedanta Resources Plc)
(Project Detail: (4*660 MW Thermal Power Plant, Punjab of 2400 acre land)
Designation: Manager-HSE &F
Reporting to Vice President and CEO
Key Deliverable:

  1. Take participate for preparation of HSE Contract condition for our contractor and approving their Project specific HSE Plan, manage the planning, implementation and management of the Project Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management systems, Contractor Selection Procedures, Kick of meeting prior to mobilize etc for effective HSE communication to key person of contractor..

  2. Take participate for approving Method Statement, Risk Assessment, Safe Operating procedures (As per OSHAS 18001 System) with project team and implementing the same in the execution for contractor’s scope of work.

  3. Identifying Training needs and Prepare HSE Training modules for Project Team and contractors for proper implementation of HSE standard in project and operation.

  4. Provide direction, support, and consultation to line management on managing safety, health, and environment needs effectively to meet the 'Goal of zero' incidents.

  5. Provide advice and guidance in analyzing HSE incident investigations for identifying right root causes and recommends appropriate corrective and preventive actions to avoid recurrence at site and implementation.

  6. Meeting with our Contractors and sub contractors for site HSE issues and for effective communication for implementation on regular basis.

  7. Plan for project HSE audit and inspection program and implement Contractor Safety Award based on their performance for creating Safety awareness and Safety Culture at site.

  8. Prepare Emergency Response Plan and effective implementation through training and Mock Drill and checking for effective implementation.

  9. Issuing HSE non-conformances and follow up for corrective actions for Contractors.

  10. Ensures that all corporate and project HSE procedures are correctly implemented within the project.

  11. Corporate HSE MIS System reporting etc

  12. Ensuring all applicable HSE legal laws are implementing and maintain HSE legal Register and monitoring for implementation.

  13. Responsible for Fire protection and fire audit and implementation at site and give direction to Fire and Rescue Team.

  14. Conducting HSE Audit, Inspection for Contractors, Award and Penalty system, Chair weekly and monthly HSE meeting, HSE Committee meets.

  15. Reporting to V.P-Project and COO (Project Head).

4. From September 2009 to June 2010
Designation: Dy. Manager-HSE& Fire (Gas Fire Power Plant 1000 MW- Operation& Maintenance)
Key Deliverable:

  1. Proper implementation of Company HSE Policy, HSE Procedures reviews, HSE Manual etc.

  2. Responsible for driving ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, Integrated Management system for certification and independently work as Management Representative for OSHAS 18001 implementation.

  3. Take participated in HAZOP, Risk Assessment and Job Safety Analysis, PHA, Management of Change (MOC), Process Safety Management Implementation and Leading and Lagging indicator of PSM and active member for implementing Process Safety Management at 515MW power plant.

  4. Carry out Fire Safety audit, Safety inspection etc, and statutory audit, Legal GAP audit, Environmental Audit.

  5. HSE Training matrix, training for employee and contract workman, Skill mapping, PPE matrix.

  6. Liasioning with government authorities related to HSE issues along with Personnel department.

  7. Annual HSE Budget, technical specification for HSE, HSE contract condition for Contractor, Meetings with management etc.

  8. Selection and approval of all HSE Material, emergency arrangement and technical approval.

  9. Safety committee meetings, building Safety Cultures through Various Safety campaigning, Behavior

Based safety campaigning for employee and Contract workman, Survey for Behavioral Based Safety program and action plan for implementing for safety culture development..

  1. Safety Award applying to various institutions, Professional bodies in the country.

  2. Contractor HSE Management, Contractor’s HSE clause in purchase order, HSE Performance monitoring etc

  3. Reporting to Plant head and Group HSE Head.

5. From December 2008 to Sep 2009


Designation: Assistant Manager-HSE & Fire

Key Deliverable:

  1. Ensure effective implementation of Company HSE Policy and objectives, HSE Guideline, Safe work procedures

  2. Assisting to develop the Safe Work Practices of Operating Procedures, Risk Assessment, JSA, ISO 14001 , OHSAS 18001 system implementation.

  3. Contractor HSE Management System, Vendor evaluation for Fire Fighting system and other Safety System installation at Plant.

  4. Assist to management for developing HSE Training matrix, HSE committee meeting, HSE inspection, Plant inspection etc.

  5. Monitoring the legal requirement on HSE on plant for complying the relevant legal requirement, Environmental monitoring (dust, noise, construction waste management), Coordinating with contractor’s Safety Managers and Project Manager for HSE non conformance issue and meeting with them on regular basis for site safety status.

  6. Take active part in Safety promotional, awareness and incentive program on the project, Emergency Preparedness and procedure developing and monitoring for implementation and mock Drill, on-site and off site Emergency plan.

  7. Developing Risk Assessment, Job Safety Analysis, Fire Risk Management, Fire Protection System,

  8. Approving the Fire fighting appliances, Maintenance of Fire Protection system (Active and Passive Fire Protection system), and Gap Analysis of Fire Protection system

6. from September 20056to 22h of October 2008
Employer: HIGGS &HILL Dubai, UAE
(Group companies of ROYAL BAM group, Holland)

Present Position : Project HSE Engineer at Corporate Function
Project: Yas Island Development project, Abu Dhavi, UAE

Client: AL-Dar Developer

Conslutant: KBR
Job Description:

  1. Implementations and monitoring of the HSMS, HSE Policy, Project specific HSE Plan and responsible for review as per Project requirement, subcontractor HSE Evaluation and control management.

  2. Interact with client’s representative regarding all HSE issue., Preparation of Risk Assessment and Job Safety Analysis, Safe work procedures and same is Communicated to the site personnel and ensures this is following in the site, Advising the management on H&S requirement for complying Legal and client’s requirement, Attending monthly H&S Meeting with client’s representative and discussed the minutes.

  3. Monitor the improvements through Regular Audits and Site Inspection and Reporting to the Management and advice to management on H&S issue. Closing the NCR (non confirmation report, site instruction).

  4. Accident/Incident/Near Miss Investigation and Report to Management, Issue Safety Alert and Safety Bulletins.

  5. Conducting regular internal H& S meeting with Management, Take participation in Safety Committee meetings attend the weekly Progress meeting and highlight the Safety issue to the Management, Conducting the Drill for Emergency Preparedness in construction site. ,

  6. Fire Risk Assessment and Management (loss prevention management) Delivering the In-house and on job training to the site personnel, presentation and workshop, Engineering control measures in the site.

  7. Coordination and conducting Subcontractor H&S meeting on regular basis and approval their HSE Plan and coordinatinating with their management on H&S issue.

  8. Maintaining the ISO system (OSHAS 18001 and ISO 14001, 9001) and CSR reporting.

Environmental Responsibilities:

  1. Developing the Implementation of Environmental Implementation Plan (EIMP) as per Client’s CEMP (Construction Environment Management Plan).

  2. Preparation Waste management Procedures, regular Environmental Inspection and Audits, Conducting Environmental Awareness Training and Induction. Interact with Client’s representative and legal Authorities on Environmental issues, ensuring that

  3. Company is not exposed to legal infringements. Environmental Impact mitigation control measures as per client’s requirements.

7. From August -2005 to August 2006
Employer: SIMPLEX, Qatar
Designation: Project HSE Engineer
Client: QATAR PETROLEUM, Dukhan Oil Field
Key Role:

Project HSE Management system implementation for the development of Dukhan Oil field for their civil work, underground utilities and infrastructure work.

Key Deliverable:

  1. Prepare HSE Plan, Procedures, Risk Assessment and ensure the control measures are implemented.

  2. Conducting HSE Training, HSE Meeting and HSE Communication for project Employee and workman.

  3. Ensure the HSE Requirement of Qatar Petroleum are implemented and attend the Joint HSE Walk with QP HSE representative and ensure their feedback is implemented at site.

  4. Ensure all project employee are attended all mandatory training like H2S, PTW, Work at height attended and all are followed with QP Requirement.

  5. Act as a Focal point for HSE communication with QP correspondence for HSE Requirements.

9.From June 2005 to August 2005
Employer: ERS Solution Pvt. Ltd
Designation: Trainee Consultant HSE Engineer
Job Responsibilities;

  1. Assist Lead HSE Engineer for Preparing Risk Assessment, QRA, HAZID

  2. Assist for Preparing HSE Plan, Onsite Emergency Plan and Offsite Plan

  3. Hazardous Area Classification, process Safety Management etc.

Certification course:

  • OSHAS 18001, ISO 14001 Internal Auditor course from BSI, Mumbai and Certification Procedures

  • Behavior Based Safety (BBS)Training By IBF-Mumbai

  • OSHA-30 Hours Training for Construction Safety

  • Registered SAFETY ADVISOR, NAKHEEL & EHS, Dubai

  • Advanced First-Aid Training for the Basic Life Safety (BSL) and CPR (Cardio pulmonary Resuscitation) From the Hammad International Training Center (HITC), Doha-Qatar.

  • Basic First-Aid From Safety Marine Service, Dubai

  • OSHAS 18001 Awareness Training From VELOCI-Qatar

  • Tower Crane Inspection Training by MTI middle east, Dubai

  • Scaffolding Inspection Training by Safety Marine Services, Dubai

  • Advanced Fire Fighting Training by Safety Marine Services, Dubai

  • H2S Safety Training


  1. Team leader and Good leadership skill

  2. Good Trainer for HSE and believe in excellent performance

  3. Exposure with multinational culture and professional

Key Achievements:

  1. At my present Project we have achieved 7million Safe Man-hours and 365 Safe Work days without Major Incident , Excellent performer Award by CEO, Vedanta Group

  2. Lead for Process Safety management Implementation at ESSAR Power, IMS Certification, safety Award by NSC-I, Genentech Foundation etc

  3. Best Safety Manager Award by our Client KBR International at my Gulf Assignment with Interbeton LLC , Dubai

PC Proficiency: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point.
Language Known: Hindi, English, Oriya

Current Salary: Rs 1500000 PA (25000 USD PA)
Expected: negotiable.
Reference: Mr. P.K.Singh, Head-HSE, TATA POWER, Mundra, and M: 9227295495

: Mr. Dishank Oza, Head-HSE, ESSAR POWER, Hazira, Surat, M: 9909993277
Personal Detail:

Date of Birth: 12/12/1981

Place of Birth-Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Language Know: Hindi, English, Oriya

Passport No: F2378392, Validity up to -2015

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