Development of e-Statistics in the context of e-Governance in Moldova Moldovan eSociety – major steps

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Development of e-Statistics in the context of e-Governance in Moldova

Moldovan eSociety – major steps

  • Strategy on Information Society Technologies for Development – 2004

  • A National Committee on Building an Information Society -- 2004

  • A package of fiscal and other facilities for ICT -- 2004

Current Moldovan Development Strategies

  • National Development Strategy 2008-2011

  • National Strategy e-Moldova

  • EU-Moldova Action Plan

    • National Strategy for Building of Information Society in the Republic of Moldova (2005-2010) – Government Project Supported by UNDP

National Strategy eMoldova

  • Building eGovernance in Moldova - 1

  • Starting projects

  • eGovernance Concept

  • eGovernance Portal Concept

  • Pilot eServices (eTax Declaration)

  • Framework and tools for training of public servants

e-Governance in Moldova

e-Governance in Moldova – building of administrative registers

  • Coordination of the Concepts of registers

  • Research of the necesity to generate statistics

  • Adjust the structure of the register

  • Develop processes for statistics generations

The Technical Assistance Solicitation was addressed by NBS to UNDP in the IT field

NBS IT systems main drawbacks

Current development

Portal – users

  • Statistical units

  • Ministry of Information Development

  • Custom

  • Ministry of Health

  • Ministry of Education

  • Etc.

Portal – access to the statistical data

  • Physical persons

  • Legal entities

  • Public administrations

  • International organisations

Information system – major tasks

  • Revision of statistical surveys

  • Defining of metadata

  • Finalising of the disemination policy

Information System

  • Providing for the regional offices modern equipment

  • Preparation of the regional offices for the movement to the new web based technology

Information System

  • Development of the unified data warehouse for statistical indicators

  • Concentration of the retrospective data into centralised warehouse

Information System

  • The development of the internal regulations

  • Preparing the changes in the IT Department Structure

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