Dr. Manuel Bibes

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Dr. Manuel Bibes

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Manuel Bibes (Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, France, 1976) is a CNRS Research Director at the CNRS/Thales laboratory in Palaiseau, France. After graduating as an Engineer in Materials Physics (INSA Toulouse, 1998), he obtained a double PhD degree in France and Spain with a thesis on manganite interfaces supervised by J. Fontcuberta (ICMAB Barcelona, 2001). Following two years of postdoctoral work on oxide spintronics with A. Fert in Orsay he became a CNRS Scientist in 2003. As an independent researcher, Bibes then pioneered research lines on multiferroics and oxide-based spin-filter junctions. In 2009, he led the discovery of giant electroresistance in ferroelectric tunnel junctions and patented their use as electronic synapses. He also explored novel routes for the electrical control of magnetism and spin transport in hybrid oxide-metal architectures. Bibes is the recipient of the 2013 EU40 Materials Prize of the E-MRS, the 2017 Descartes-Huygens prize, the 2017 Friedrich-Wilhelm Bessel award of the Humboldt Foundation, an APS Fellow and the laureate of a European Research Council grant to design novel states of matter through electronic correlations.

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