From The Pigman & Me by Paul Zindel

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from The Pigman & Me

What misunderstanding takes place in the school yard?

  • John Quinn thought that Paul was being greedy in keeping the paddle longer than fifteen minutes. Paul didn’t know about the time limit and thought that John Quinn was picking on him.

2. Why does Paul hit John with a paddle?

  • Paul is nervous and does not realize what he is doing.

3. Why does John want to fight Paul?

  • John feels he has to fight or he will look bad in front of the other kids.

4. What advice does Paul get from Nonno Frankie?

5. What does Paul do after he falls down during the fight? Why does he do this?

  • Paul acts as if he were hurt.

  • He wants the fight to be over.

6. Explain the difference between John’s attitude and the attitude of the other students after Paul falls down.

  • John wants the fight to end but the students want it to continue.

7. What problems does the attitude of the other students create for John and for Paul?

8. How did a lack of knowledge cause trouble for Paul?

9. Why does Nonno Frankie insist that Paul always know the rules?

10. What is the main idea of this selection?

  • Life is full of written and unwritten rules.

11. Define mood.

  • The overall feeling a literary work produces in a reader.

12. What mood is created by the fight between the two boys at school?

  • suspense

13. exact

14. demented

  • insane; mad

15. observant

16. undulating

17. distorted

18. condemnation

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