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3 October 2008

1-3:30 pm, SCI 309

Those present included Cheryl Greengrove, Director, Luther Adams, Loly Alcaide Ramirez, Mike Allen, Katie Baird, John Banks, Anne Beaufort, Nicole Blair, Erica Cline, David Coon, Siân Davies-Vollum, Linda Dawson, Chris Demaske, Joyce Dinglasan-Panlilio, Cynthia Duncan, Michael Forman, Claudia Gorbman, Mary Hanneman, Mike Honey, Peter Horak, Trista Huckleberry, Emily Ignacio, Mike Kalton, Turan Kayaoglu, Michael Kucher, Bill Kunz, Julie Masura, Rachel May, Nita McKinley, Divya McMillin, Gregg Miller, Erin Moody, Beverly Naidus, Amos Nascimento, Sushil Oswal, Sam Parker, Jennifer Quinn, Johann Reusch, Peter Selkin, Joe Sharkey, Amanda Stewart, Riki Thompson, Carolyn West, Lee West, and Charles Williams along with Julie Buffington, program coordinator. Staff attending for the first part of the meeting with Majorie Dobratz included Noell Bernard, Linda Gilbert, Michelle Hartman, Heather Hucks, and Linda Kachinsky.
Excused were Joel Baker, Bonnie Becker, Tyler Budge, Rob Crawford, Steve DeTray, Kelly Forrest, Jim Gawel, Jennifer Gogarten, Phil Heldrich, Michele Nacy, and Julie Nicoletta.
Absent were Peter Bacho, Tracey Haynie, Ioanna Mavrea, and Deirdre Raynor,
I. Approval of Minutes – Minutes from the 18 September retreat were approved as submitted.
II. Kudos and Announcements


  • Claudia Gorbman gave the keynote lecture at the international SCREEN conference in Glasgow Scotland in July; published “Varda’s Music,”, in Music and the Moving Image, I.3 (Fall 2008); published “La musique vardienne,” (in French) in Actes du Colloque international Agnès Varda, Université de Rennes II, Rennes, France; and co-editor, Oxford Handbook of New Audiovisual Aesthetics (for 2010). (with John Richardson).

  • Emily Ignacio on being invited by the Columbian Ministry of Affairs to five a research presentation in Bogotá on online diasporic communities.

  • Mike Honey for Going Down Jericho Road: The Memphis Strike, Martin Luther King’s Last Campaign named a finalist in the history/biography category of the Washington State Book awards and for receiving the HL Mitchell award for Southern labor history at the Southern Historical Association in New Orleans. Mike has also been approached about optioning Going Down Jericho Road for a Hollywood feature film.

  • Julie Nicoletta was recently appointed to two editorial boards. She was named an Assistant Editor to the Editorial Advisory Committee of the Buildings of the United States series and appointed to the University Press Committee of the University of Washington Press.

  • Peter Horak has been invited to join the editorial board of the Journal of Combinatorial Design published by Willey.

  • Peter Selkin’s paper with Gee, Meurer and Hemming, now is press, Paleointensity record from the 2.7 Ga Stillwater Complexes, Montana, Geochemist. Geophysics. Goosiest., doi:1029/2008GC001950.

  • John Banks work with colleagues from Uppsala (Bombardon and Eskom) on biological control on Biological Control journal website, “Population Response to Resource Separation in Conservation Biological Control”.

  • Linda Dawson, currently under contact to write a solutions manual to a first edition business statistics text published by Pearson Publishing.

  • Jennifer Quinn for serving as MC at the Math Fest Opening Banquet in the Madison Concourse Hotel and co-editor of Math Horizons.

  • RRF applicants – Joe Sharkey, Buck Banks, Mary Hanneman and Joyce Dinglasan-Panlilio.

  • Chris Demaske for presenting a teaching workshop at UWT on incorporating newspapers into the curriculum.


  • UW teaching academy 2008 - Faculty workshops on teaching and learning during October and November, 2008. See www.washington.edu/uaa/teachingacademcy for details.

  • Symposim on Contemporary Native American Issues in Higher Education on October 7 at UWT

  • Grants workshop for Faculty P.I.s on October 24th

  • Human subjects workshop on October 13th

  • Visit of team from the UW Graduate School of October 31st

  • Faculty workshop on teaching with the Tacoma Art Museum resources on October 9th from 12:45 – 2 pm in the third-floor classroom at TAM.

III. IAS Director Search – Marjorie Dobratz

Marjorie provided an overview and answered questions about the search for an IAS Director. Points of the discussion included:

  • UWS said nothing about a dean or college can be included in the ad, but may be discussed at the interview stage

  • There will be a meeting with a the UW Provost in November about IAS becoming a college

  • Ads for a dean and for a director will appeal to different types of applicants

  • Should IAS move forward with this search without the ability to search for a Dean?

  • This will be declared a failed search if “deanable” applicants are not identified

  • There is no second search planned for a dean after the director is hired

  • A Catalyst survey will be setup to capture feedback from the IAS faculty/staff about the IAS director search and the qualities of successful candidates – Marjorie distributed and collected hard copies of forms requesting input at this meeting.

  • Faculty/staff need to circulate the ad to critical people who might be good candidates for this position – good networking is essential

  • Forward good professional organizations for this ad to Cheryl Greengrove

  • Faculty and staff would like to see a copy of the ad

In light of the freeze on travel, Cheryl will not be able to attend a conference in Portland to recruit for the next IAS Director. Michael Forman moved to request that Beth Rushing release funds to allow Cheryl to attend the Portland conference in November to ensure a successful search. Divya McMillin seconded the motion which passed unanimously. Marjorie will inform Beth Rushing of the faculty’s request.

IV. Updates

  • The IAS Faculty Council will focus on guidelines for an IAS advisory board. Please send recommendations for advisory board member to Cheryl

  • IAS Concentration Coordinators will meet on October 17th and will continue working on moving the IAS concentrations to majors (reviewing the UW Bothell model) and updating course prefixes

  • The IAS structure taskforce plan was approved conceptually at the IAS retreat and the task force will work on details and specifics

  • Work will continue on benchmarks for the IAS strategic plan. Feedback on the UWT Academic Affairs strategic plan is needed. See the Catalyst website for comments. We need to compare the IAS strategic plan with the Academic Affairs strategic plan.

  • Work will be done fall quarter on building the 2009-11 budget

  • Faculty Searches – the UW Provost’s Office has frozen the IAS faculty positions in human rights, creative writing, biochemistry and art as well as writing and psychology lecturers. Beth Rushing is working to “unfreeze” these positions.

V. Reports

Faculty Senate – Has not yet met this quarter

Faculty Assembly – Concern over staffing for faculty assembly. Next meeting will be held on November 19th.

IAS Faculty Council – need replacement for Claudia Gorbman who has served for two years in a tenured faculty member position. Rachel May agreed to serve during Autumn 2008 and Mike Allen will serve during Winter and Spring 2009.

VI. IAS Task Forces

Tenure and Promotion Guidelines – Jennifer Quinn, Emily Ignacio, Claudia Gorbman and Erica Cline volunteered.

Development of Alternative Teaching Assessment Tools – Julie Buffington, Riki Thompson, Lia Wetzstein, Trista Huckleberry, Linda Dawson, Beckie Etheridge and representatives from UW Seattle – CIDR were named as potential candidates.

VII. New IAS Program Reviews

History major – Mike Allen

Mike provided an overview of the proposal which had been circulated by email. He described this as an unusual degree because of the variety of faculty involved in teaching history courses. There was discussion about an introductory “What is history?” in the major, a methods course and a 5 credit senior thesis. Mike asked faculty to email additional comments and courses to include to him. By a hand vote, the faculty approved moving forward with the History major.
Hispanic Studies major – Cynthia Duncan and Loly Alcaide

Cynthia and Loly gave an overview of the proposal which had been circulated by email. They noted that this is a very interdisciplinary major and the goals are proficiency in language and culture. Staffing for this major initially would include a lecturer and coordinator for the language lab. By a hand vote, the faculty approved moving forward with this major.

IX. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 3:26 pm and was followed by a reception and research presentation by Riki Thompson.

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