Kimberly Rupert

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Kimberly Rupert
Kim Rupert is SAIC’s Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer. In this role, Kim is responsible for Enterprise Risk Management, Ethics and Compliance, Cybersecurity compliance, Quality Assurance, and regulatory and functional compliance and policy administration.
Previously, Kim served as the Sr. VP of Contracts and Pricing for more than ten years. In this role, she was responsible for the management and administration of the company’s contracts and cost proposals. She set policies and defined processes and procedures to ensure efficient enterprise compliance with the company’s business systems and federal regulations. She acted as liaison for the company with key acquisition and contracting executives amongst peer companies and throughout the Federal Government.
Kim has been with SAIC for over 20 years, having joined from the acquisition of a small company, IDEAS, supporting the National Security Agency in 1994. She has served SAIC in increasingly responsible contracting positions at the operations, business unit, and sector levels over more than a dozen years within the Intelligence Group. Kim left SAIC briefly to become the Sr VP of Contracts, Procurement and Pricing for QinetiQ North America before rejoining SAIC in a corporate role.
Kim earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism at the University of Maryland, holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Johns Hopkins University, and is currently seeking a Master of Cybersecurity Law from the University of Maryland at Baltimore, Carey School of Law.
Kim has numerous professional certifications from the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) and is a member of the Council of Fellows. She currently serves as President of the National Board of Directors for NCMA. She also participates in industry associations such as the Professional Services Council (PSC), National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), the Intelligence National Security Alliance (INSA) and is a past Chair of the Procurement and Finance Executive Committee of the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA).
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