Morphological structure of the english word

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Compounds, conversion, change of stress, alternating sounds, abbreviations, acronyms.
Affixation is a way of word formation of new words by attaching to root or stem of a word of derivational affixes. In affixation distinguish between prefix and suffix word formation. Prefixing is a way of word formation of new words by attaching to root or word stem of prefixes. Prefixes - derivational morphemes that precede the root and change the lexical meaning of the word, but, in most cases, not affecting his belonging to this or a different lexical and grammatical class. One of the features that distinguishes prefix from suffix is ​​that prefixes, as opposed to suffixes, in most cases, the formed words do not belong to the new part
speech. In English, most of the prefixes do not have a transpose strength, however, there are some who have the ability translate one part of speech into another, for example, prefixes that produce verbs from nominal stems: head - to behead; dew - to endew.
A compound word is a lexical unit formed from two or more bases by addition and allocated in the stream of speech on the basis of its wholeness.
Integrality means inseparability, indivisibility, impossibility of dividing into parts and placing other elements between them (units) language. Signs of integrity are subdivided into internal (phonetic, morphological, spelling) and external
(syntactic). Internal signs make it possible to judge integrity of a single lexical unit, external – about integrity of the lexical unit in the flow of speech. Spelling of compound words in modern English language is unstable. The same words by different authors and in different dictionaries are spelled differently. For example: loudspeaker – loud speaker, loud-speaker, loudspeaker, etc. No stability in writing either words of the same type. For example, textbook is written as one piece, story-book is hyphenated, a reference book - separately, meanwhile, the components of these words are in identical ratios. Semantic connection in all three cases is similar, and, nevertheless, their spelling wholeness is different. Thus, the graphical criterion can be used as additional when determining the integral shape.
Conversion is a way of word formation, according to which from one part
another speech is formed without any changes in the external form words, if we mean the initial word forms, for example, the infinitive verb or common noun singular.

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