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  • Motivation

  • MentorDSP specifications

  • Modulations

  • ComPRO

  • Validation

  • Future & Conclusion


  • “Signal Processing has been the most boring course I ever had in my curricula” last year engineering student from X… institute

  • “I could not make the link between signal theory and engineering case studies” 5th year engineering student from X… institute

  • “Signal processing and modulation are a wonderful and an endless source of exam subjects”, teacher from X… institute

  • “It seems I synthetized a digital filter using Matlab ® but I have no idea what I really did and what it can be used for” student from Y… university

  • “Modulations? Yes I remember… O my god, so much theory” Engineer in mobile phone, two years after graduation

  • “I teach modulations with the white chalk, that’s the only way. Illustration is made in practical training. See my colleagues, I do not know exactly what they do in the training, if any…”, teacher from Z… engineering college


  • Show signal processing at work

  • Illustrate the fundaments of common signal processing objects

  • Make the link with mobile phones

  • Give a tool to teachers for interactive learning

  • Focus the attention on concepts, steps, limitations

  • Capture the interest of students

  • Make signal processing attractive

  • Rise the interest for theory and how to apply it to real-case

MentorDSP Specifications

  • Two-years development in partnership with ni2designs, India

  • Around 50 Lab practical's covering basic signal processing concepts

  • Step-by-step description of concepts by problem-based approach

MentorDSP Specifications

  • Correspondence between time and frequency – (Casablanca Airport 10 March 09)

MentorDSP Specifications

MentorDSP specifications

  • Signal generation: most basic signals, modulated signals, or signal based on analytical formulations



  • 3G-4G mobile phones use

    • Amplitude modulation
    • Phase modulation
    • Code Division Multiple Access
    • Numerical demodulation using digital signal processing
  • WiFi systems use OFDM modulations

  • Modulation experiments “ready to go”


  • Specific screens created for signal generation

  • Signals can also be described by analytical formulations


  • Time / Frequency link is mandatory for students

  • Modulation/demodulation steps are confusing

  • Need for a specific screen that pilots and summarizes communication


  • Illustration in QPSK Modulation



  • MentorDSP has been used in 2nd year of engineering studies for

    • Illustration of fundamental signals
    • Illustration of Fourier Transform
    • Illustration of Convolution and correlation
    • Illustration of image
  • MentorDSP has been used in 3rd year of engineering studies for

    • Illustration of random signals
    • Illustration of voice
    • Illustration of digital filtering
  • MentorDSP has been used in 5th year of engineering studies for

    • Illustration of basic signal operations (add, multiply) and time/frequency correspondance
    • Illustration of AM, FM modulations
    • Illustration of QPSK, GSMK modulation
    • Illustration of CDMA, OFDM modulations


  • 10 hours practical training in 5th year related to CDMA

  • Students choose the programming language (C, Matlab, Java..)

  • Goal : emulate a 3G communication at baseband level using CDMA, modulation to transfer data on the same channel


  • “We have caugth the essence of QPSK and CDMA modulations, and put in practice what has been presented in courses”, 5th year student, INSA

  • « We have highlight CDMA advantages. We have proven the impressive tolerance to noise and interference », 5th year student, INSA

  • “By increasing the code size, for example 8 to 16 bits, possible codes are multiplied by 256, while the message size is only multiplied by 2. Towards an infinite data rate method... ?  » 5th year student, INSA

  • « Starting from the problem and then going into theory and its limits is an outstanding approach. I wish I can teach like this in the future », Former student INSA, now in PhD program

Future & Conclusion

  • A tool for illustrating the fundaments of signal processing has been presented

  • MentorDSP is a companion tool which aims at rising the interest of students to signal processing and ease interaction with teachers

  • Numerical Modulation/Demodulation require specific illustration tools

  • The ComPRO module has been designed to illustrate the communication step by step

  • The tool has proven efficient as a support of theoretical courses

  • Licensing through ni2designs India, starting late 2009

  • Lab practical manual (200 pp) available at Telecom09

  • Support to LTE and UWB modulations

  • Educational book related to MentorDSP to be written in the near future

Thank you for your attention

  • www.etienne-sicard.fr/mentordsp

  • www.mentordsp.com

  • Free lab practical manual for teachers:

  • etienne.sicard@insa-toulouse.fr

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