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Assessing global competitiveness of manufacturing supply

chains through an international alliance of leading universities

Global Manufacturing Research Group (GMRG)

Annual Meeting Program

May 30- June 02, 2012, Seoul, Korea

(Sponsors: Dept of Logistics, Service & Operations Management, Institute of Business Research and Education, Korea University Business School, Yonsei University Business School, Hanyang University Business School, Hyundai Motor Company)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 Arrival Day

2:00-5:00 PM

Executive Board Meeting: Venue TBA

6:30-9:00 PM

Dinner & Welcoming

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time Table



7:00-8:00 AM

Breakfast – Hotel

8:00-8:30 AM

Transport to Korea University

8:30-10:00 AM

Opening Ceremonies

Self Introduction

Meeting’s Objective & Executive Meeting Update
Kickoff and Keynote

DaeSoo, Korea University

Damien Power, President

Founder’s Kickoff Speech: Clay Whybark – Contribution of Boo Ho Rho

Keynote Address: Tom Choi, JOM Editor

10:00-10:30 AM

Program Overview and Q&A

Damien Power

10:30-11:00 AM

Coffee Break

11:00 AM-12:15 PM

Data Collection Update & Feedback

Preliminary results

Process of Writing Articles: Collaboration/Author

Matteo Karlschmidt & Jack Wacker

12:15-1:30 PM

Lunch - Beach Museum

1:30-3:00 PM

Research Proposals

Subject Leaders

Core: Damien Power

Sustainability: Brian Fynes

Innovation: Danny Samson

SCM: Chwen Sheu

Culture: Tom Kull

3:00-3:30 PM

Coffee Break

3:30-4:40 PM

Breakout Workshop #1: Discussion of models & outline of potential papers

Subject leaders to chair

4:40-5:30 PM


Subject leaders

6:30-9:00 PM


Friday, June 1, 2012

Time Table



7:00-7:30 AM

Breakfast at Hotel

7:30 AM-1:00 PM

Korean Folk Vilage Tour


1:00-6:00 AM

Hyundai Motor Company visit, presentation and workshop

6:00-8:00 PM


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Time Table



7:00-8:00 AM

Breakfast at Hotel

8:00-8:30 AM

Transport to Korea University

8:30-9:30 AM

GMRG Research Presentations #1


9:30-10:30 AM

Recap of May 31

Breakout Workshop #2: Further discussion of potential publication opportunities

Damien Power

Subject leaders and breakout groups


Coffee Break

11:00-12:00 PM


Subject Leaders

12:00-2:00 PM


Business Meeting:

Financial status / future directions / 2013 meeting plans / further data collection issues / other possible projects etc.

Damien Power & Dennis Krumwiede

Various board members and general discussion

2:00-3:00 PM

GMRG Research Presentations #2 (if necessary)

Closing & Transport


Hotel and Transportation

Prof. Dae Soo Kim cell phone # (82 10 3740 5593)
Please choose from the two hotels below.
1. Fraiser Suites Insadong (
Fraser Suites Insadong is centrally located in Insadong, Seoul. Insadong and the surrounding area were the residences of Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) officials, extended royal families, and the yangban aristocratic class. Surrounding Insadong are many historic sites dating back hundreds of years including temples, palaces and fortresses.

These historical relics open the door to five millennia of Korean heritage. Hence, it is not surprising that Insadong is also widely recognised as Seoul’s world-renowned cultural district. Today, the notable features of Insadong are the countless alleys with over 40% of the nation's antique stores. Known colloquially as 'Mary's Alley', Insadong is also a favourite shopping spot among visitors to Seoul.

There are art galleries, antique stores, ceramic shops, bookstores, traditional teahouses and restaurants that line the narrow, winding alleys nearby. Every Sunday the street is blocked off to traffic and opened up to antique stalls, food stalls, street performers, and other kinds of street entertainment.

Fraser Suites Insadong Seoul enjoys proximity to most major Seoul hotels and is within an hour of Incheon International Airport.

Reservations (Seoul):
Tel: +82 2 6262 8282
Fax: +82 2 6262 8383

2. Somerset Palace Seoul (

Somerset Palace Seoul offers comprehensive business services and recreational facilities designed for the discerning international executives and expatriates whether on business or leisure. Strategically located in the downtown Seoul, Gangbuk district, Somerset Palace offers a tranquil environment with beautiful garden and city views. Ideal corporate housing for the expatriate on project assignment or relocation, Somerset Palace is right in the heart of the city's diplomatic, business and financial districts. Discover at your leisure the many restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues located along Insa-Dong and throughout the Jongno-Gu area. A welcome alternative to a hotel, Somerset Palace offers secure and comfortable accommodation in Seoul for business travel, holiday, extended stay or relocation.

Strategically located in the Gangbuk district, Somerset Palace Seoul offers easy access to the city’s financial and diplomatic districts. Ideal for those looking for business accommodation in Seoul, the well-appointed serviced residence provides a great base from which to explore downtown Seoul.

Getting to Somerset Palace Seoul

From Incheon International Airport:

  • By Taxi: 50 minutes drive and costs around KRW 80,000.

  • By Airport Limousine Bus: Take the shuttle bus to Somerset Palace Seoul which takes 60 minutes and costs around KRW 10,000.

Nearest public transport from Somerset Palace Seoul

Subway stations: Anguk (3 minutes walk), Gwanghwawun (5 minutes walk), Jonggak (5 minutes walk)

City Hall Station (Line 1*2, Exit 10)
Seodaemoon Station (Line 5, Exit 6)
Seoul Station (Line 1, Exit 3)
FraserPlace Central Seoul is about 10min walk-away from above Subway Station.

161, 171, 720 bus (Get off Seodaemoon crossroads Bus Station)

701, 702, 704, 706, 721, 750 bus (Get off the opposite side of Seodaemoon National
Police Agency Bus Station)
-6005 Limousine Bus

Running time: 1 hour (Get off Fraser Place Central Seoul Bus Station)

Bus stop: 1F Exit '5B' and Exit '12A' at Incheon international airport
Fare: Adult KRW 10,000 / Child KRW 8,000 (Under 6 years old will be complimentary)
Inquiry: 02-2664-9898

-KAL Limousine Bus

Running time: 1 hour (Get off KAL Building Bus Station)
Bus stop: 1F Exit '4B' and Exit '11A' at Incheon international airport
Fare: Adult KRW 15,000 / Child KRW 10,000 (Under 6 years old will be complimentary)
Inquiry: 02-2667-0386

-FraserPlace Limousine Service Transfer(one way)

Arrival / Departure Fare: KRW 110,000 (incl VAT)
Reservation: 02-2220-8888
Registration for GMRG 2012 Annual Meeting

Seoul, South Korea, May 30 – June 2, 2012

Name (print): ______

Last First & Middle


Mailing Address:___________________ __________________________________________________
Email: ________ Telephone/Fax: _
Arrival date/time: Airline and flight number: __________
Departure date/time: _ Hotel: _ Other: _______________

Registration Type


Fee Selected

Regular Registration

US$ 100

Spouse’s fee (for attending all events)

US$ 25

Student Registration

US$ 50

Total Registration Fee:

US$ _______

Current GMRG members registering before April 25 will receive a polo shirt with the GMRG logo. Since the lead time is about four weeks, late registering members will not be able to receive one.
Shirt size (Check one): Small Medium Large XLarge __ _
Payment by Cash

  • Please send this form to Prof. DaeSoo Kim by email,

  • If you have any questions pertaining to the meeting, please contact Prof. DaeSoo Kim, (Tel: 82 10 3740 5593) or visit the GMRG website,

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