Sorularda, verilen tümcede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz

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1.-8. sorularda, verilen tümcede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.
1. We have to hurry. We haven't got _____ time.
A) much

B) many

C) a lot

D) some

E) lots
2. There is a saying "_____ apple a day keeps the doctor away". This means that apples keep you healthy.
A) Many

B) An

C) Much

D) The

E) Some
3. A: _____ my glasses?

B: I'm sorry, I don't know.
A) Where is

B) Where are

C) What is

D) Which are

E) Is there
4. A: What are those?

B: They are _____ _____.
A) my wife / her gloves

B) my wives / gloves

C) the gloves / my wife

D) my wife's / gloves

E) the gloves' / my wife
5. _____ there _____ orange juice in the fridge?
A) Are / any

B) Are / --

C) Is / any

D) Is / an

E) Are / some
6. A: Have you got _____ mushrooms today?

B: We usually have _____, but I'm afraid we haven't got _____ at the moment.
A) any / some / any

B) some / it / any

C) - / them / some

D) any / it / -

E) some / them / some
7. Can you buy _____ butter when you go to the shops? There is not _____ left!
A) some / some

B) much / any

C) many / any

D) any / some

E) some / any
8. There is a chemist's _____ the corner _____ the end of the street.
A) at / in

B) on / at

C) on / in

D) in / in

E) of / to
9.-14. sorularda, verilen tümceyi anlamca uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.
9. I think David is rather selfish, because _____.
A) I never like him

B) there is a lot of rumour about him

C) he only really cares about himself

D) I myself have some strange ideas

E) no one really takes any care of her
10. _____, but he's not good at basketball.
A) Mary is a good swimmer

B) Roger plays basketball well

C) Joe plays tennis badly

D) John's sister doesn't play volleyball

E) Mary's brother plays tennis well

11. After work, Jane usually goes _____.
A) home

B) the home

C) to home

D) in the home

E) at home
12. _____, because he exercises regularly.
A) My brother is in much better shape than I am

B) Most of my friends speak English perfectly well

C) Our teacher checks our homework all the time

D) My sister runs faster than I do

E) Everybody in the class is better at running than George
13. _____ It is ours.
A) The postman brought two letters.

B) My parents are coming.

C) Give the ball to Tim and me.

D) I put a little sugar on the fruit.

E) Can you see the red cars in the park?
14. Listen! I think there is _____.
A) some people inside

B) no students in the classroom

C) anybody noisy in the street

D) not nobody in the room

E) someone at the front door
15.-17. sorularda, verilen Türkçe tümcenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.
15. Patron ve işçiler arasında kesinlikle bir yanlış anlama var.
A) The boss doesn’t seem to understand his workers.

B) There is surely some misunderstanding between the boss and the workers.

C) The workers have some problems with their boss.

D) The boss and the workers don’t understand each other.

E) I can see some trouble between the boss and the workers.
16. Çocuklu insanların birçok sorumluluğu vardır.
A) People have got a lot of responsibilities about children.

B) People have got children and responsibilities.

C) Children of parents have got a lot of responsibilities.

D) Parents have got some responsibilities with children.

E) People with children have got a lot of responsibilities.
17. Çocukların gözleri güneş ışığına karşı çok duyarlıdır.
A) The light of the sun is very sensitive to the eyes of children.

B) The eyes of every child are sensitive to sunlight.

C) Children's eyes are highly sensitive to sunlight.

D) Sunlight is exteremely sensitive to children's eyes.

E) Children and their eyes are sensitive to sunlight.
18.-20. sorularda, verilen İngilizce tümcenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.
18. Dictatorship is an undemocratic form of government.
A) Diktatörlük demokratik olmadığı için yönetim biçimi değildir.

B) Diktatörlük, demokratik olmamasına karşın, yine de, bir yönetim biçimi olarak değerlendirilebilir.

C) Diktatörlük demokratik olmayan yönetim biçimleri arasında en kötüsüdür.

D) Diktatörlük demokrasi ile bağdaştırılamaz.

E) Diktatörlük demokratik olmayan bir yönetim biçimidir.

19. He owes his success entirely to his own efforts.
A) Sahip olduğu başarı tümüyle kendi gayretlerinin bir ürünüdür.

B) O başarısını tamamen kendi gayretlerine borçludur.

C) Başarısının temelinde tamamen kişisel gayretinin yattığına inanıyor.

D) Başarıya ulaşmak için kişi tamamen kendi gayretini göstermelidir.

E) Tüm gayretlerine karşın başarısını yine de kanıtlayamadı.
20. The needs of people are different from each other.
A) Farklı insanların gereksinimleri de farklı olur.

B) İnsanlar farklı şeylere gereksinme duyar.

C) İnsanlar farklı gereksinimleri ile birbirlerinden ayrılır.

D) Farklı gereksinimler insanları birbirinden uzaklaştırır.

E) İnsanların gereksinimleri birbirinden farklıdır.



1.-8. sorularda, verilen tümcede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.
1. It's only April. _____ ice-cream or you'll be ill.

A) Let's eat some

B) Buy me some

C) Don't eat any

D) How much is the E) Eat your
2. When we warned _____ not to walk home by herself, she just laughed at _____.
A) her / her

B) her / herself

C) her / us

D) us / her

E) her / me
3. A: Is Serap's new dress blue?

B: No, _____ is green. Helen's is blue.
A) hers B) she C) mine D) her E) her's

4. Is that coffee _____ or _____?
A) yours / me

B) my / yours

C) mine / you

D) yours / mine

E) hers / my
5. A: What _____ in your mind?

B: I'm thinking about my sister._____ two exams tomorrow.
A) is there / They have got

B) are there / She has

C) have you got / He has got

D) has she got / She has got

E) have you got / She has got
6. Certainly, _____ house is _____ house. What's _____ is _____.
A) your / mine / your / mine

B) my / mine / yours / my

C) my / your / mine / yours

D) her / his / theirs / mine

E) my / mine / yours / mine

7. A: Let's go out tonight.

B: No, _____ go out tonight. _____ stay at home and play cards.
A) not / Do

B) let's not / Let's

C) don't / Not

D) let's / Let's not

E) don't / Let's not
8. Please _____ disturb me again. _____ your own problems by yourself.

A) -- / Do

B) never / Make

C) don't / Solve

D) not / Make

E) don't / Don't ask

9.-14. sorularda, verilen tümceyi anlamca uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.
9. _____, but their father isn't aware of that.
A) Don't let them spoil your vacation

B) Harry and George are planning to go abroad

C) My friends and I are from a very cold country

D) Bob and his girlfriend are now separated

E) They are not good friends any more
10. _____. They aren't genuine but expensive.
A) Don't go to this supermarket for shopping

B) Buy some flowers for Sally

C) Learn about this palace

D) Don't buy these Chinese vases

E) Never buy that French perfume
11. Don't send her to the post office _____.
A) because it was dark

B) which it is very cold outside

C) as it was snowing

D) while it is raining

E) that they will close by the time they got there
12. _____, but this one doesn't consist any at all.
A) Most magazines carry advertisements

B) Some people insist on making the same mistakes

C) No shops are open on Sundays

D) Not every newspaper has the news about the earthquake

E) Not many chewing-gums consist sugar
13. She has only _____.
A) a lot of friends to talk to

B) much money to buy this car

C) more than enough time to finish her homework

D) a little patience to talk to her granny

E) too many exercises to finish on time
14. Ann usually does the shopping, _____.
A) but I am doing it today as she isn't well

B) but she isn't going jogging today

C) and the shops close very late

D) and she is very tired after work

E) so she almost always comes home every night
15.-17. sorularda, verilen Türkçe tümcenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.
15. Ödevinizi size söylediğim şekilde yapın.
A) You should do your homework when I tell you.

B) You must do your homework as I tell you.

C) Do your homework as I told you.

D) As I always tell you, do your homework on time.

E) Finish your homework as I told you.
16. Mektubun altına imzanı atmayı unutma.
A) Remember to sign under the letter.

B) Don’t forget to sign under the letter.

C) Remember to sign at the bottom of the letter.

D) Don’t forget to sign at the bottom of the letter.

E) Don’t remember to sign the letter’s below part.

17. Bana problemlerinden söz etme. Kendimin yeterince var.
A) I haven’t got enough problems. Do tell me yours.

B) Don’t tell me yours. I have got enough of mine.

C) I have got some problems. Don’t tell me yours.

D) Don’t tell me about your problems. I have enough of my own.

E) There are enough problems. Don’t tell me yours.
18.-20. sorularda, verilen İngilizce tümcenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.
18. The welfare of the people depends largely on the economic strength and wealth of the country.
A) Ekonominin gelişmesi ve halkın refahı büyük ölçüde insanların servetlerine bağlıdır.

B) Halkın refahı büyük ölçüde ülkenin ekonomik gücüne ve zenginliğine dayanır.

C) Ekonomik gücün genişliği ve halkın paraca yeterli olması refahın genişlemesine bağlıdır.

D) Halkın refahının ülkenin ekonomisine olan bağlılığı serveti de artırır.

E) Refahın halkın ekonomik gücüne bağlı olması serveti artırır.

19. Keep the doors shut and don't let anybody in.
A) Kapıları kapatın ve içeride kimseyi bırakmayın.

B) Kapıları kapatıp içeri kimseyi almasınlar.

C) Kapıları kapalı tut ki içeri kimse girmesin.

D) Kapıları kapalı tut ve içerdekileri dışarı çıkarma.

E) Kapıları kapalı tutun ve içeri kimseyi almayın.
20. Do it the way you like, but never complain.
A) Nasıl istersen öyle yap, ama asla şikayet etme.

B) İstediği gibi yapsın, ama şikayet etmesin.

C) İstediği gibi yapsın, ama sen de şikayet et.

D) İstediğin gibi yapılsın, ama şikayet edilmesin.

E) İstediğin gibi yaptıysan asla şikayet etme.




1.-8. sorularda, verilen tümcede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.
1. Frank has a very poor memory. He _____ remembers his account number, for instance.
A) never B) doesn't C) don't

D) does E) always

2. All guides here _____ at least three foreign languages, because a lot of foreign visitors _____ every summer.
A) speaks / comes

B) knows / visits

C) speak / comes

D) knows / come

E) speak / come

3. A: Henry _____ meat.

B: _____ he a vegetarian?

A: No, he simply _____ meat.
A) eats / Isn't / doesn't eat

B) doesn't eat / Is / doesn't like

C) doesn't eat / Does / doesn't like

D) eats / Is / doesn't like

E) doesn't eat / Isn't / likes
4. I usually _____ there by train, but this weekend I _____ by bus. It _____ longer but it _____ less.
A) go / go / takes / is costing

B) go / am going / takes / costs

C) go / am going / is taking / is costing

D) go / go / takes / costs

E) am going / am going / takes / costs
5. Alice _____ the roof of her house today and she _____ some help. Can you help her?

A) is fixing / needs

B) repairs / is needing

C) fixed / needed

D) is repairing / need

E) was repairing / needed

6. My wife and I usually _____ to the cinema at weekends, but this weekend we _____ a birthday party for our daughter.
A) go / are making

B) are going / are having

C) goes / are having

D) go / are having

E) go / have
7. Time _____ everything and the interests of people _____ as well.
A) changes / change

B) change / is changing

C) change / change

D) change / are changing

E) is changing / changes

8. A: Where _____ Jenny?

B: She _____ in the living room. I think she _____ maths.
A) does / is / is reading

B) is / stays / is studying

C) has / is / reads

D) is / is / studies

E) is / is / is studying
9.-14. sorularda, verilen tümceyi anlamca uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.
9. My children usually go to bed early, but I _____.
A) let them watch TV till 10.00 at the weekend

B) didn't know when they will go to bed today

C) made him go to bed after finishing their assignments

D) have never appreciated their staying up until late hours

E) wake them up early at the weekend
10. Do you have a shower _____?
A) when everybody left home

B) after your sleep

C) as soon as you have a bath

D) when the bell rings

E) as soon as you arrive home in summer
11. Stay there until _____.
A) he will come

B) she come

C) they come

D) she went

E) I am going to come
12. As soon as I get to the course, _____.
A) I got what I deserved

B) I don't want to go there again

C) I spoke to my teacher

D) I'll discuss my test score with my teacher

E) my teacher got there

13. My sister is staying with me at the moment _____.
A) when she gets married

B) until she finds somewhere to live

C) while she isn't homeless

D) as soon as she finds somewhere to live

E) but she likes staying with me
14. _____ while you are on holiday.
A) I was looking after your cat

B) The weather was bad

C) I'd like to come with you

D) The house has been painted

E) I'll look after your cat
15.-17. sorularda, verilen Türkçe tümcenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.
15. Öğle yemeklerinden sonra bazen bir bardak kahve içerim.
A) I drink coffee sometimes before lunch.

B) After lunch I drink sometimes a cup of coffee.

C) I drink sometimes coffee after lunch.

D) After lunch I drink a cup of coffee.

E) I sometimes drink a cup of coffee after lunch.
16. Yutkunduğum zaman boğazım ağrıyor.
A) If I drink something, it gives pain.

B) When I eat anything, it is painful.

C) I swallow coins and have stomach-ache.

D) When I swallow, my throat hurts.

E) While I am eating, my throat hurts.

17. Atatürk havaalanındaki grev yolcuların çok gecikmelerine neden oluyor.
A) The strike at Atatürk airport is resulting in heavy delays to passengers.

B) Passengers are getting late because of the strike at Atatürk airport.

C) Passengers at Atatürk airport are waiting because there is a strike there.

D) Because of the strike at Atatürk airport, most of the passengers are waiting at the boarding gates.

E) The strikes at Atatürk airport rarely result in heavy delays to passengers.
18.-20. sorularda, verilen İngilizce tümcenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.
18. Australia and Canada are still encouraging the migration of skilled workers to Europe.
A) Avustralya ve Kanada kalifiye işçilerin Avrupa'ya göçünü hâlâ teşvik ediyorlar.

B) Avustralya ve Kanada, kalifiye işçileri Avrupa'dan göç etmeye zorluyorlar.

C) Avustralya ve Kanada'da kalifiye işçiler Avrupa'ya göç etmeye zorlanıyorlar.

D) Avustralya ve Kanada, kalifiye işçilerin Avrupa'ya göçlerini hâlâ durduramıyorlar.

E) Avustralya ve Kanada, kalifiye işçilerin Avrupa'dan göçlerini hâlâ teşvik ediyorlar.
19. This system is extremely economical because it runs on half-price electricity.
A) Bu sistemin ekonomik olmasının nedeni elektriğin yarım kullanılmasıdır.

B) Yarı elektrikle bu sistem ekonomik olarak çalıştırılabilir.

C) Sistem yarım gün kullanıldığı için az elektrik harcanıyor.

D) Ucuz elektrik kullanıldığında bu sistem çok ucuza çalışır.

E) Bu sistem, yarı elektrik fiyatıyla çalıştığı için son derece ekonomiktir.

20. Another danger is directly coming from the destruction of earth's vegetation.
A) Başka bir tehlike de direkt olarak yeryüzü bitki örtüsünün harap olmasından ileri geliyor.

B) Başka bir tehlike de direkt olarak yeryüzü bitki örtüsünün harap olmasından gelmekteydi.

C) Yeryüzü bitki örtüsünün harap olması direkt bir tehlike olarak geliyor.

D) Başka bir tehlike de yeryüzü bitki örtüsünün harap ediliyor olmasıdır.

E) Yeryüzü bitki örtüsünün harap olması direkt bir tehlike olarak gözükmektedir.




1.-8. sorularda, verilen tümcede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.
1. He _____ on the bank when he _____ a man's hat floating down the river.
A) was sitting / saw

B) sits / watched

C) sat / was seeing

D) was sitting / was seeing

E) was sitting / watched
2. I _____ my knee while I _____ football.
A) hurt / was playing

B) hurt / played

C) was hurting / played

D) hurt / am playing

E) have hurt / was playing

3. Jill: How much _____ your train ticket?

Pat: It _____ £ 40 round trip.
A) was / was costing

B) was / cost

C) was / costs

D) did / cost

E) did / would cost
4. You have no right to complain now because you _____ my remarks too seriously at the time.
A) always take

B) never take

C) took

D) were taking

E) didn't take

5. Most of the guests _____ the party _____ I was making the speech.
A) were leaving / until

B) left / while

C) listened / while

D) leave / as

E) was leaving / before
6. Sarah _____ the stairs when the lights _____. She almost _____ the steps.
A) was coming down / were going off / fell over

B) came down / were going off / was falling over

C) was coming down / went off / fell over

D) came down / was going off / was falling over

E) was coming down / went off / was falling over
7. When the teacher entered the class, nobody _____ him and nobody _____.
A) sees / stands up

B) saw / stood up

C) sees / stood up

D) saw / was standing up

E) sees / is standing up
8. A: How did you break your arm?

B: I _____ on the ice while I _____ the street.
A) slipped / crossing

B) was slipping / was crossed

C) slipped / was crossing

D) was slipping / cross

E) slip / was crossing
9.-14. sorularda, verilen tümceyi anlamca uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.
9. Everytime I tried to talk to my father in private, _____.
A) my mother was preparing something for me in the kitchen

B) we were all having dinner with our guests

C) he managed to find an excuse to go away

D) he was working in the same company two years ago

E) he found himself lying on the floor
10. _____ when you were at school?
A) Have you got many friends

B) Did you have nice teachers

C) Do you like your friends

D) Are you a happy child

E) Did your mother have good teachers
11. Tracy Evans didn't have to be at work till ten, _____.
A) so she got very early to be at work on time

B) she got up after ten

C) so she will have a big breakfast

D) so she ignored her alarm clock

E) she stayed in the bathroom until ten
12. They were going to spend the whole year in İzmir _____.
A) and stayed there for two years

B) when they were going to find a job there

C) but their money ran out

D) so they prefer to stay there longer

E) but they rented a house there
13. Because of the difficulties they faced _____.

A) they will fail the exam

B) the company's profits were immense this year

C) they seem anxious to make more money

D) they gave up the idea of climbing the mountain

E) they had plenty to eat and drink

14. When I came home, my mother _____.
A) was making tea

B) has made tea

C) has given me something to drink

D) is giving me a drink

E) will make me some tea

15.-17. sorularda, verilen Türkçe tümcenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.
15. Biz dışarı çıktığımızda iki adam caddenin ortasında duruyordu.
A) When we went out , two men were standing in the middle of the street.

B) We were in the middle of the street when they went out.

C) Whenever we went out, the two men were in the middle of the street.

D) There were two men in the middle of the street while we were out.

E) When we went out, they stopped standing in the middle of the street.
16. Birisi biz balık tutarken eve gelip bu notu bıraktı.

A) While somebody came home and left this note, we were fishing.

B) While somebody was fishing, he came home and left this note.

C) As we were fishing, somebody was coming to this house and leaving this note.

D) While we were fishing, someone came to the house and left this note.

E) We came home and left this note while somebody was fishing.

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