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Optical interconnect: Waveguides and optoelectronics components on top of C-MOS.

Fedeli J.M.b Jeannot Sa.,Di Cioccio L.b, Kostrzewa M.b , Jousseaume V.b, Orobtchouk R.c, Maury P.a, Zussy M.b

a STMicroelectronics 850 rue Jean Monnet 38921 Crolles France

b CEA-G/ Leti, 17 rue des Martyrs, 38054 Grenoble cedex 9, France

C Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière INSA , Bât. Blaise Pascal , 7 avenue Jean Capelle 69621


While fabrication of photonic components at the wafer level is a long standing goal of integrated optics, new applications such as optical interconnects are introducing new challenges for waveguides and optoelectronic component fabrication. Indeed, global interconnections are expected to face severe limitations in the near future.(1) To face this problem, optical links on top of a CMOS circuits could be an alternative.

The critical points to perform an optical link on a chip are then the realization of compact passive optical distribution with a technology compatible with a Back End microelectronic process and the report of optoelectronic components for the sources and detectors. This paper presents design, fabrication and characterization of optical components needed for the distribution of an optical signal as well as a report technology for InP optoelectronic components.

Using PECVD silicon nitride coupled to PECVD silicon oxide, we developed optical layers and basic components necessary for an optical distribution. Waveguides with low losses (L<0.5dB@1.3µm with Si3N4, L<17DB/cm @1.55µm for a:Si) as long as compact microbends and MultiMode Interferometer Beamsplitters are demonstrated.

Using molecular bonding, InP dies as low as 1mm2 can be bonded with a good control on the bonding layer thickness and with no degradation of the optoelectronic properties of the films.
(1)International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductor : Interconnect.

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