Telecom Bretagne a graduate Engineering School

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Telecom Bretagne

  • A graduate Engineering School

  • and a Research Centre in the field of

  • Science and Information Technologies

Telecom Bretagne environment

Facts and figures

Teaching staff

  • 160 Telecom Bretagne research-lecturers

  • 400 external staff

One college on various sites

  • Brest : 74%

  • Rennes : 12%

    • 2 academic departments
    • 2 specialization streams (regular engineering programme 3rd year)
    • 3 post Master Certificates
    • 1MSc
    • PhD
    • Continuing education
  • Toulouse and Montpellier : 1%

    • Specialization in Space communication (engineering programme 3rd year and mastère)
    • 1 post Master Certificates
  • Overseas campuses 7%

    • Vietnam, Mexico, Syria, Morocco

Services for students and visiting professors

  • Modern halls of residence

    • Rooms, studios, lofts, villas
  • Catering services

    • Restaurant, snack bar, café
  • Sports complex

    • Sailing in Brest harbour
  • International office for international students and visitors

  • Placement and careers advisory service

  • Two incubator units (Brest and Rennes)

  • Alumni association (AITB)

Three different diplomas for a specific carreer: Engineers, MSc and PhD

385 diplomas awarded per year

An international vocation

Two MSc dedicated to foreign students

  • MSc in Telecommunication Systems Engineering

  • MSc in Design and Engineering of Convergent Networks

Two doctoral Schools: Sicma and Matisse 200 PhD students

  • Sicma

  • Health Information Communication Materials and Mathematics

  • with UBO and UBS

  • Matisse

  • Mathematics, Telecommunications, Computer Science, Signals, Electronic Systems

  • with Rennes 1 and 2, Supélec, Insa and Agrocampus Ouest

An international research centre in Information Technology

Research centre of the highest level

  • 400 researchers (full time professors, under contract researchers and PhD students)

  • 9 millions € of income

  • 4 Research laboratories

    • Latim(Inserm) for medical information processing
    • Labsticc(CNRS)  for communications systems development and information processing
    • Irisa for telecommunications networks and software engineering
    • Marsouin for internet applications
  • Marconi Prize (turbocodes), SPIE Award (optics), Inserm Prize (Medical Imagery)...

  • One representative at the French Académie des sciences

    • Claude Berrou co-inventor of turbocodes
  • One European Chair Jean Monnet

    • Annie Blandin
  • Member of Labex CominLab and Cami

The 9 research-teaching departments

  • Electronics

  • Optics

  • Microwaves (Brest and Toulouse)

  • Signal and Communications

  • Computer Science

  • Networks, Security and Multimedia ( Rennes)

  • Image and Information Processing

  • Logics in Uses, Social Sciences and Information Science (Brest and Rennes)

  • Languages

Research Programmes covering all aspects of information technology

From fundamental research to industrial applications

Two incubator Units in Brest and Rennes

Actions for sustainable development

  • Telecom Bretagne is committed to:

  • Reduce its environmental footprint

    • Equipment management, recycling
    • Travel policy
  • Control its expenditure

  • Sensitize students to the issues of SD

    • Integration of SD concept in research, training and projects
    • Jean-Claude Pierre, sponsor of the 2011 promotion
  • Making buildings accessible to people with disabilities

  • Promote equality of opportunity among staff and students

    • Partner of programmes Cordées de la réussite, @Talent égal…
  • Promote sustainable development training

    • Specialized Master "Marine Renewable Energy“
    • College of Advanced Studies for Sustainable Development

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