Why Buy Rubbish?

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Number 1

May/June 1985

Why Buy Rubbish?
Some reasons for the wide variation in quality of woodworking machinery and things you should look for before you buy.

Natural lighting, naturally
First of a series about designing and making light fittings for your home - starting with Ceiling Fittings and Standard Lamps.

Turning a Table Lamp
by Mike Darlow

Old saws about saws
Two old-timers give some helpful advice on looking after hand saws.

Stick with it!
A quick guide to glues and adhesives, their major advantages and disadvantages.

Putting on a new face
by John Ewart
An experienced woodturner shows how to make a useful Centre Screw Face Plate for your lathe.

User Report
Hirsch Saw Table

So you want to turn Pro!
Mike Darlow talks about becoming a professional woodturner.

Cabriole Spells Class
There's something distinctly classy about cabriole legs.

Grog in the Glory Hole
How one woodworker solved the problems posed by that awkward space below the stairs of a terrace house.

Book Review:
Japanese Joinery by Nakahara

Timber Page

Issue Number 2

July/August 1985
Michael Gill -- Woodcarver

How to get started in Woodcarving
Don't think you can carve? Of course you can. Michael Gill shows how to start.

The Big L Universals
We compare specifications for two of the best universal woodwrking machines in the world.

More about light fittings and a detailed description of a "specimen" light you can make.

How Ana Gote to be a wood dealer
Profile of Anagote Timber Pty Ltd - a craft timber supplier

New 'pots' for old
The Arnalls introduce their lathe system

List of Craft Timber Retailers
Probably the first Australia-wide list of craft wood retailers ever published.

Animalegs made easy
byJohn Ewart
Turning cabriole legs

Superchuck & microwave seasoning
The technique of microwave seasoning

Speeds, pulleys and V-drives
by S. Bennett
Working out belt speeds

User Report
T-Cut Super Saws

Book Reviews
Techniques of Creative Woodcarving
by Ian Norbury

Timber Page
Timber Supply

Number 3

September/October 1985
Make mine Music
Guitar maker, Graham McDonald

Making a Traditional Desk
by Dave Manning
Woodworking project (Pt I)

Starting a Woodworking business
Part 1 of a series

For your protection
by H Saducas
Earth leakage devices

New Concepts in Bowl Turning
by Mike Darlow
Part 1 of series on bowl turning techniques

The Trinket Box
by Wim Beyk
Woodworking Project

User Report
Triton Workcentre MkIII

List of Clubs

Starting a Woodworking Business
Marketing & advertising

Timber Page
Red Gold - Australian Red Cedar

Book Review
Working in Wood
by Ernest Scott

Issue Number 4

November/December 1985

Magnificent Mural
How Vic Wood made a 14.4 x 2.5 metre mural

An Introduction to Japanese Tools

Making a Lap Desk
Woodworking project

Choosing a Woodturning Course

Christmas Toybox
by Stephen Bennett
Woodworking Project

Toy Service Station
by Roger Jenkins
Woodworking Project

Advertising for your new business
More about woodworking businesses (Pt 3)

Completing the Traditional Desk
by Dave Manning
Woodworking project (Pt II)

User Report
The Emcostar 2000

Make yourself a Mallet
by Dennis Connor
Woodworking project

Keep your Gun Hot
Using hot melt glue

Club List

Timber Page
Timbers For Turning

Book Reviews
Turning Wood
by Richard Raffan
Reproducing Antique Furniture
by H Gottshall

Issue Number 5

January/February 1986

Looking inside the Designer's mind
Some thoughts about becoming a better designer

Build a European Style Workbench (Pt I)
by D Connor
Woodworking Project

Cupboard makes light work
by Wim Beyk
Woodworking Project (kitchen wall cupboard)

There's one born every minute
by R. Gall
Woodworking project (laminated handle for teapot)

Introduction to Marquetry

The Marquetry Picture
by Lionel Pavey
Woodworking project

For your Protection - Noise in the Workshop

Club List

New Concepts in Bowl Turning
by Mike Darlow
Part 2 of series

User Report
Dowelling with a Tasmanian Devil

Australia's Craft Wood Specialists

Wooden Entertainer
Woodworking project -- pyramid puzzle

Profile of a Supplier
Woodwork Tool Supplies

Timber Page
Red Ironbark
Karen Ellis My Own Cedar Tree
O Melmeth

Book Review
How to Carve Wood
by R Butz

Issue Number 6

March/April 1986

A beautiful way to learn woodwork
The Sturt School at Mittagong

An Occasional Job
by R. M. Guthrie
Woodworking project -- an occasional table

Make a European Workbench
by D Connor
Woodworking project (Pt II)

Professional Help for your Business
Part 4 of this series

Taming the Router
by Les Miller
An expert shows how to avoid router problems

Build a Clock Woodworking project

New Concepts in Bowl Turning
by Mike Darlow
Part 3 of this series

Easy to make 2-storey Doll's House
by R Jenkins
Woodworking project

Club List

Review of 1985 V.W.A. Exhibition
by S Wraight

Why make big ones?
Turning miniatures

Profile of a Supplier
Woodfast Pty Ltd

Timber Page
Curing Timber

Book Review
The Practice of Woodturning
by Mike Darlow

Issue Number 7

May/June 1986
I'd rather be Carving
A weekend course in carving

Window Making
by Neville Mudd
Woodworking project

How to choose and care for Router Bits

The not-so-humble Cup Chuck
by John Ewart

Understanding Construction
by Wim Beyk
First in a series about building construction

User Report
Luna L38/310 Planer Thicknesser
by Rod Nathan

Building a Corner Display Cabinet
by R Guthrie Woodworking project

Make this Chequerboard Table
by Stephen Bennett
Woodworking Project

Club List

Profile of a Supplier -- Mik International

Timber Page
Huon Pine

Book Reviews
Fine Woodworking on... (book series)
Issue Number 8

July/August 1986

How to choose a Table Saw

Choosing the Right Sawblade

Table Saws - how they compare
Table Saw Survey

Woodworkers can be chemists too
Making casein glue and rose coloured varnish

Building a Wine Server (Pt I)
by Wim Beyk
Woodworking project

Woodturning on a metal lathe

"Pet Rooster" Walking Toy
by Roger Jenkins
Woodworking project

Profile of a Supplier -- The Woodturning Centre

If It Won't Fit - Shoot It!
by Alan Wale
Making and using a shooting board

User Report
Hegner Scroll Saws

Little Lathe with BIG potential
The Leadbeatter lathe

Timber Page
Banksia Integrifolia
by Maurice D Passmore

Controlling The Behaviour Of Wood

During Microwave Drying
by Bruce Leadbeatter

Book Review
Cabinetmaking, the
Professional Approach -- Alan Peters

Issue Number 9

September/October 1986

Choosing Hand Tools

Space Saver Kitchen Cupboard
by RM Guthrie
Woodworking project -- between studs wall cupboard

Building a Wine Server (Pt II)
by Wim Beyk
Woodworking project

User Report
Elu MOF 96

Commemorative Carving
Peter Carrigy describes his work on a Commemorative Sculpture

Designing Wooden Toys
by Jenny Springett

Report on the Brisbane Woodturning Conference

Pinocchio Woodturning project
Turned, "life-size" toy

Book Reviews
Master Woodturners
by Dale L. Nish
The Woodworker's Bible
by Alf Martensson

Timber Page
River Red Gum
by Karen Ellis

Club List

Issue Number 10

November/December 1986

Which Way to Turn?
Australia's first comprehensive woodlathe surveysurvey

Design Sense

A Fair Dinkum Squatters Chair
by I Mann
Woodworking project

A Chainsaw Mill
by Karen Ellis

Chair Restoration
by Paul Gregson

Understanding Construction (Part II)
by Wim Beyk

New Designs for Australian Furniture?
by Trish Armstrong

A Chisel Sharpening Jig?
by RM Guthrie

Making A Play Cupboard
Woodworking project

User Report
Ryobi AP10

A Woodies Weekend in the Goulburn Valley

Book Reviews
Staining and Polishing
by Charles H Hayward

Timber Page
Workability of Huon Pine

Issue Number 11

January/February 1987

Choosing your Planer/Thicknesser
Planer/Thicknesser survey

The Grand 'ol American Rockin' Chair

Old Rockin' Chair got me! (Pt I)
by Bill Hawtin
Woodworking project

Now they're putting computers in hand drills!
Metabo Sb EDV 1000/2S automatic drill

A Miniature Grandfather Clock
by Max Harpley
Woodworking project

It's All in the Finish
by Paul Gregson
First of a series on finishes and finishing

Putting the Pressure On
by Steve Ledger
Home-made guides for an inverted router

Rustin's Plastic Coating
How to use this plastic coating

A Toy Cradle
by Roger Jenkins
Woodworking project

VWA Exhibition 1986

User Report
Elu 172

by Colin Appleton

Woodcraft A.C.T. 1986

Fine tuning a metal bodied plane
by I McPherson

Club List

Profile of a Supplier -- E & F Stanley

Bowl with Matching Lid
by Jim Walsh
Woodworking project

Book Reviews
World Woods in Colour
by William A Lincoln
Making Small Wooden Boxes
by James A Jacobson

Timber Page
by Karen Ellis

Issue Number 12

March/April 1987

The Ins and Outs of Radial Arm Saw
Radial Arm Saw survey

The Plane Makers
by David Warren

The Warm Hand Tool
by David Warren
Modern wooden planes E C Emmerich

Towards a good finish
by Paul Gregson
Second in series about finishes and finishing

the world's most unusual lathe?

His & Hers
by Peter Maslin
Woodworking project -- Fire Engine toybox

Old Rockin' Chair got me! (Pt II)
by Bill Hawtin
Woodworking project

Wall Mirror
by RM Guthrie
Woodworking project

A Weekend at Sovereign Hill

It's the thought that counts
by R Gall
Woodworking project -- laminated platter

Making a Cutlery Box
by Wim Beyk
Woodworking project

New Importer of Japanese Tools
by John G Leete

User Report
Metabo Tacker Ta E 3030

User Report
Ryobi HB-321 SF Belt Sander

Book Reviews
The Stanley Plane
by Alvin Sellens
The Art of Turned-Wood Bowls
by Edward Jacobson

Issue Number 13

May/June 1987

Tools that sharpen tools

On Edge
by Paul Gregson

Restoring Carving tools
by Les Miller

Turning Tool sharpening
by Mike Darlow
Four article feature on tool sharpening

Four Octave Xylophone
by Jeff Kemp
Woodworking project -- easy to make xylophone

His & Hers Toyboxes
by Peter Maslin
Woodworking project -- doll's house toybox

User Report
The Durden Pacemaker

Modern Makers of Wagon Wheels
Father and son learn to make wheels

Understanding Construction (Pt III)
by Wim Beyk

Short discussion on carving machines

A "fully clothed" beside table
by R Guthrie
Woodworking project -- circular table

Chuck Adaptor
by J Walsh
Turning aid -- wooden chuck adaptor

User Report
The Durden Pacemaker

Book Reviews
Projects for Creative Woodcarving
by Ian Norbury
Step by Step Woodcarving
by Alan & Gill Bridgewater
Proven Shop Tips
byTaunton Press

Timber Page
Everyone can help scavenge
by M Passmore

Issue Number 14

July/August 1987

Strong panel joints
Using a router for feather jointing

Sand Easy
Choosing and using portable sanders

An Adult High Chair
by R Guthrie
Woodworking project. Chair for drawing table or kitchen

Video Workshop
Introduction to Woodmill's video courses

Making a Pastrin Plane
by David Lockwood
Woodworking project

The Practices of Bowl Turning
by M Darlow

Detail Candlestick
by G Hatfield
Woodturning project

Build a Billy-Cart
by Colin Appleton
Woodworking project

Market Day Sale & Swap Day NSW

Peter Carrigy's Sydney Exhibition

A Woodworker's answer to RSI
Woodworking project -- a footstool for keyboard operators

Club List

User Report
Ridgway Power Expansive Bits

by Paul Gregson

Book Reviews
Turning Miniatures in Wood
by John Sainsbury
Cabinet-Making for Beginners
by Charles H Hayward
Spindle Moulder Handbook
by Eric Stephenson

Timber Page
I hugged a Cedar Tree

Issue Number 15

September/October 1987

Pick your combination
Survey of available Combination machines

W.T.G.V. Weekend Seminar

The Golden Mean and other Fairy Tales
Discussion on well known design rules

Introducing our guests
About the visiting demonstrators at the '87 National Woodworking Conference

How to Design a Verandah Table (Pt I)
by Wim Beyk
Woodworking project -- combining the description of a "simple" project with a discussion on design

Spiral Stairs with a Twist

Big ones and little ones
Kutzall burrs

A Woodworker at an Antique Fair

The Final Finish
by Paul Gregson
French Polishing for the amateur

Turning a Round Frame
by Jack Fisher
Woodworking project. Picture frames

A Restoration Project
by R M Guthrie
Repairing a dining chair

Getting Back to it
by Jack Richards

Woodcraft goes to the Opera '87

Making a 10-30mm Belt Sander
by Brian Latty

Book Reviews
Woodworking Plans & Projects
by Guild Of Master Craftsmen
Scroll Saw Handbook
by Patrick Spielman
Federal Furniture
by Michael Dunbar

by Karen Groeneveld
Issue Number 16

November/December 1987

First steps in suction
by R Nathan
A tale of dust extraction

Eat my Dust Dust collectors

How to design a Verandah Table (Pt II)
by Wim Beyk

Sanding without tears
Hand sanders

Making Time
by R M Guthrie
Woodworking project -- A turned wall clock

Chuck full of features -- Masterchuck

King of the Goblet Makers (Neville Sanders)
by J B McCarter

Woodwork as it was

Woodcraft at the Opera House

The Crane
by Roger Jenkins
Woodworking Project -- making a toy crane

Making Finger Tops
by Peter Robson
Woodturning Project

User Report
Cabot's Decking Finish

User Report
Teknatool Lathe

The Bonthistler Awards

George Ingham Exhibition

Book Reviews
Sharpening and Care of Woodworking Tools & Equipment
by John Sainsbury
Woodturning Projects & Techniques
by Bruce Boulter

Timber Page
Fruit woods can be sweet
by M Passmore

Issue Number 17

January/February 1988

Finish up OK
Choosing finishes

The Lester Improved Saw

Laying a Varnish
by Paul Gregson

Two pot or not two pot?
by Anthony Hope
Two Pot Polyurethane finishes

The Guest Room Towel Rack
by R M Guthrie
Woodworking project

Woodturning Since the Fifties

Understanding Construction (Part IV)
by Wim Beyk

Report on the National Conference

A Fein Wobble Sander

Making a Rifle Stock
by Maurice Passmore

A school in retrospect
(Krenov's School of the Redwoods, California)
by Rodney Hayward

Make your own Drum Sander
by Kim Chambers

Why Try?
About Trying (Jointing) Planes

User Report
Woodfast Power Carve

User Report
Masport Woodworker

Timber Page

Book Reviews
Making Cabinets & Built-ins
by Sam Allen
Turned-Bowl Design
by Richard Raffan

Issue Number 18

March/April 1988

Is this the Last Generation of Woodworkers?

Five Ways to Improve your Workshop

The Typical Australian Garage Workshop
by Paul Gregson

A Welder in a Woodworking Workshop
by J Viggers
Welding projects for the workshop

Making Thimble Huts
by David Teague
Woodworking project

Easy Clock Making
by CS Harding

A Stylish Desk for a Student (Pt I)
by WF Norquay
Woodworking project

Telephone Turning & Pot Plant Turning projects
by Ted Watt

Exhibition Winners

How to Design and Make a Letter Box
by Wim Beyk

Take Time for Kids
by Jenny Springett

Burl Wood from Nth Qld

Woodcraft at the Melbourne Meat Market

User Report
Ryobi Table Saw BT2500

by Colin Appleton

Book Reviews
Winning designs for Woodturning
by Alan & Gill Bridgewater
Woodcarving - a Complete Course
by Ron Butterfield
Wood Machining
by Nigel S Voisey

Timber Page
Timber in the Tropics
by Alex Stewart
Issue Number 19

May/June 1988

Coming to Grips with Glue Adhesives survey

The 1988 Squatter's Chair
by Ivan Mann
Woodworking project

Making a Tortilla Maker
by Jeff Kemp

National Woodworking Exhibition Winners

A Stylish Desk (Pt II)
by W F Norquay

What to do with little bits of wood
by RM Guthrie
Segmented bowl turning

The Remarkable Japanese Spinning Top
by NH Bradbury
Woodturning project

Hide Glue
by Paul Gregson

Clamps & Clamping

The BIG BLOW (English cyclone)

Timber Treat
Trend Timbers Open Day

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