1. Java applet-small self-contained program written in Java Header-text printed in the top margin

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1. Java applet-small self-contained program written in Java
2. Header-text printed in the top margin
3. RAM-(Random Acces Memory)- used for the temporary storage of application programs and data; can be written to and read from
4.Adress bus- used to send address details between the memory and the address register
5. Register- used to store numeric data during processing
6. Microprosessor chip-consist of arithmetic logic unit with one or more working registers and accumlators
7. Accumlator- groups of bistable devices used to store information in a computer system
8. Control bus- a group of signal lines dedicated to the passing of control signals
9. Clock-a electricalcircuit that generates electronic pulses to control the timingof all operations in microprocessor.
10. Clipboard- portable board with a clip at the top for holding papers
11. Pixel- individual dot on a computer screen
12. Data bus- a group of signal lines used to transmit data in parallel from one element of a computer to another
13. Type face-the distinctive design of letters and characters
14. Merge-a function that enables you to combine two files into one
15. Icon- a visual symbol used in a menu instead of natural language
16. Functions-ready to use formulae that helps you perform specialized calculations
17. Software-set of instuctions that called programs which tells computer what to do
18. Layout-the way text is arranged on the page ,including margins,paragraph format,column
19. Row-it goes across and has number labels
20. Active cell-the current cell where you enter information
21. Mainframe- a big computer system used for large-scale operations
22. Programming-writing computer programs
23. Assembly language-low level language translated into machine code by an assembler
24. Footer- text printed in the bottom margin
25. Operating system-a set of programs that control the hardware and allow the people and applications to communicate with the hardware
26. ROM-permanent memory that contains instructions needed by the CPU
27. Voltage- electrical force
28. Column-it goes up and down has letter labels
29. Stylus- pointed implement for drawing or writing
30. Screen- surface on which pictures or data are shown
31. Grid- network of lines crossing at right angles
32. Word processor-a program used for preparing documents and letters
33. Menu bar-a row of words that open up menus when selected
34. High level language-programming language such as C,Java,Visual Basic
35. Hardware- the physical portion of a computer system
36. Template- pattern used as a guide for creating letters or characters
37. Mouse- a device moved by hand to indicate position on the screen
38. Compiler-software which converts a source program into machine code
39. Markup language-language used to create and format documents for the Web
40. Formulae-mathematical equations that helps you calculate and analyze data
41. Machine code- basic language which consists of binary codes
42. Microchip- a very small piece of silicon carrying a complex electrical circuit
43. Spreadsheet program-software which allows data to be displayed and managed in a table format
44. Cell-an area in spreadsheets which contains data
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