113 Tausamal Kalkaman Village

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113 Tausamal

Kalkaman Village,



185 Auezov Str.,

Auezov District,

Kalkaman Village,

050006 Almaty,

Dear Mrs. Tyvand
I’m Jaewoo Lee, a middle-schooler. I suggest that for our next trip. We should go to Seoul which is my home country. First, there are many tourist attractions to visit. Second, everything is safe. Third, there are good services, good hotels, and buildings.

There are lots of attractive places to look around, in Seoul. There are Gyeongbokgung, Changgyeonggung, Doeksugung, Gyenghuigung which were the palaces for kings and queens. There is Namsan tower which is a good place to see the night view of Seoul. There is Insa-dong, the street full of stores. There is also Hangang River crossing Seoul. Students might play there at night because the view is awesome.

It is not difficult to go to Seoul. A plane flight lasts 5 h 40 m which is not long. In Seoul, there is lots of transport to move around the city. For example there are lots of subway lines, bus lines, taxies.

In Seoul, there are best services and free entertainments. The Wi-Fi is so much faster than here, people are kind, and free entertainments are great. In Seoul, the Lotte World Tower which is the world 6th tallest building, 555m. We don’t have to pay the money to enter that tower.

I think we will have the best time at trip if we go to Seoul. I know much about Korea, so we will not regret about this trip.



Yüklə 5,65 Kb.

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