7th European Conference

A Backstepping Approach to Continuous Time Direct

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A Backstepping Approach to Continuous Time Direct

Torque Control (St. 122) 3.668

Duco W.J. Pulle, Ian R. Petersen,

Australian Defence Force Academy, Australia

Direct Mean Torque Control of an Induction Motor (St. 123) 3.672

Erich Flach, Rolf Hoffmann,

Darmstadt University of Technologies, Germany

Salient pole synchronous motor excitation control in

direct flux linkage control based drives (St. 124) 3.678

O. Pyrhönen, J. Kaukonen, J. Luukko, M. Niemela,

J. Pyrhönen, Lappeenranta University of Technology,

Pekka Tiitinen, Janne Väänänen, ABB Industry Oy, Finland

Permanent magnet synchronous motor drive based on

direct flux linkage control (St. 125) 3.683

J. Luukko, J. Kaukonen, M. Niemelä, O. Pyrhönen,

J. Pyrhönen, Lappeenranta University of Technology,

Pekka Tiitinen, Janne Väänänen, ABB Industry Oy, Finland

Start up Strategies for a Direct Torque Controlled

Synchronous Machine (St. 126) 3.689

M. R. Zolghadri, D. Diallo, D. Roye, Laboratoire

d’Electrotechnique de Grenoble, France

Direct Torque Control System for Sychronous Machine 3.694

M. R. Zolghadri, D. Diallo, D. Roye, Laboratoire

d’Electrotechniqe de Grenoble, France (St. 127)

Performance analysis of a DTC control scheme for

induction motor in the low speed range (St. 128) 3.700

D. Casadei, G. Serra, A. Tani, Università degli Studi di

Bologna, Italy
Session D5j: Energy efficient drives

Session Chairman:

Prof. I. Nagy, Computer and Automation Institute, Hungary

Induction Motor Drives Energy Optimization in Steady

and Transient States: A New Approach (St. 129) 3.705

Juan M. Moreno-Eguilaz, Miguel Cipolla-Ficarra,

Juan Peracaula, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain

Model Based Energy Optimiser for Vector Controlled

Induction Motor Drives (St. 130) 3.711

K. Skaug Rasmussen, Paul Thogersen, Danfoss A/S, Denmark

Analysis of Stability in Low-cost Energy Optimal

Controlled PWM-VSI Fed Induction Motor Drive (St. 131) 3.717

Flemming Abrahamsen, Frede Blaabjerg,

John K. Pedersen, Aalborg University, Denmark

Comparison of two low-cost small induction

motor drive configurations (St. 132) 3.724

Benjamin Gordon, R A McMahon, Cambridge University, U. K.

Application of the induction motor toolboxes for the

design strategy of energy saving drivers for supplying

commuter trains (St. 133) 3.730

J. B. Klaassens, J. F. Dekkers, Delft Technical University,

The Netherlands, E. A. Lomonova, S.R. Miziurin,

S. I. Volsky, Moscow State Aviation Institute, Russia
Session D5k: Control of ac machines - Industrial applications

Session Chairman:

Tom Nestli, ABB Corporate Research, Norway

A Motor Driving Controller Suitable for Elevators (St. 134) 3.736

Mutoh Nobuyoshi, Ohnuma Naoto, Omiya Akihiro,

Hokari Sadao, Elevator Development Center Hitachi Ltd.,

Konya Masahiro, Hitachi Building System Co. Ltd.,

Mine Toshisuke, Mito Works Hitachi Ltd., Japan

Variable structure control for high power induction `

motors driven by GTO inverter (St. 135) 3.744

F. Ben Ammar, H. Godfroid, CEGELEC, J. F. Yhuel,

S. Siala, Laboratoire Atlantique de Recherche en

Génie Electrique, France

Application of Field Oriented Control to double

winding asynchronous motors in large power inverter

drives (St. 136) 3.750

M. Matuonto, E. Gatti, G. Torri, M. Frascotti,

Ansaldo Industria Milano, A. Monti, M. Riva,

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Modulation and Control of Current Source Converters

for High Dynamic Performance of Induction Motors (St. 137) 3.756

I. J. Iglesias, CEDEX, Spain, H. Zelaya de la Parra,

The University of Birmingham, United Kingdom,

O. Gonzalez, J.M. Solana, J. Tamarit, CEDEX, Spain

System design of an integrated control unit for variable

speed drives (St. 138) 3.762

W. A. G. de Jager, J.A.J.M. Geerligs, A. Duym,

Holec Machines en Apparaten B.V., The Netherlands

Experimental validation of the use of a direct feeding

algorithm in a.c. drives (St. 139) 3.768

E. Pagano, Università "Federico II“ Napoli, A. Bobbio,

G. Bosia, Ansaldo Ricerche Genova,

M. L. Grassi, Università "Federico II“ Napoli, Italy

Evaluation of several switching tables used in variable

structure control of high power induction motor drives

supplied with 3-level inverters (St. 140) 3.771

A.-M. Arcker-Hissel, M. Pietrzak-David, Laboratoire

d’Electrotechnique et d’Electronique Industrielle,

F. Ben Ammar, CEGELEC - DEI, B. de Fornel, LEEI, France

A slip control strategy of constant-power IM drives (St. 141) 3.777

Z. J. Zhai, K. H. Oh, P. G. Im, D. J. Kim,

Samsumg Electronics Co. ltd, Korea
Session D5l: Control of ac machines - Control and implementation

Session Chairman:

Jouko Niiranen, ABB Industry Oy, Finland

Implementation of Indirect Vector Control on an Integrated

Digital Signal Processor - Based System (St. 142) 3.782

Ali Keyhani, Mohammad N Marwali, Willy Tjanaka,

Ohio State University, USA

Pseudo Torque Control (PTC) A New Control Concept

for Induction Motors (St. 143) 3.788

C. Tuttas, Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany

System Performance of Fieldbus Linked Electric Drives

(St. 144) 3.794

M. Franke, G.-H. Geitner, Technical University Dresden,


Improvement of the Operation Limit of a Field-Weakening

Speed Control System for a Self-Controlled Synchronous

Motor (St. 145) 3.801

Shoji Nishikata, Toshitaka Namba, Tokyo Denki University,


Converter control of asynchronous motor drive with

minimum current consumption (St. 146) 3.807

Zdenek Cerovsky, Jiri Javurek, Czech Technical University,

Czech Republic

Filtered PWM-inverter output waveforms in a medium

speed (<30000 rpm) solid-rotor induction motor drive

(St. 147) 3.813

Jussi Huppunen, Juha Pyrhönen, Lappeenranta University of

Technology, Finland

Dynamic modeling and model based control of an

induction machine (St. 148) 3.819

Lutz Krüger, D. Naunin, TU Berlin, Germany

Feedback linearisation and multivariable cascaded

predictive structure control of induction machine (St. 149) 3.825

P. Boucher, A. Benyahia, D. Dumur, SUPELEC, France

R-S-T regulators for an induction motor drive:

comparative study (St. 150) 3.831

B. de Fornel, L.E.E.I.-I.N.P.T., France, I. Slama-Belkhodja,

L.S.E.-E.N.I.T., Tunisie

Anti-Windup of Current Regulators Considering Inverter

Saturation (St. 151) 3.836

Dong-Choon Lee, G-Myoung Lee, Yeungnam University, Korea

The new CSI control strategy for avoiding slow response

in vector controlled induction motor drive (St. 152) 3.842

Aleksandar Nikolic, Paper Mill Belgrade,

Borislav Jeftenic, Electrotechnical Faculty Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Perodic Responses of a Nonlinear Current Controlled

IM Drive (St. 153) 3.847

Zoltán Sütö, István Nagy, Jákó Zoltán,

Technical University of Budapest, Hungary

Control System for the Voltage Source DC Link Converter

in the Rotor Circuit of a Slip Ring Induction Machine

(St. 154) 3.853

Helmut Weiss, Markus Lampersberger,

University of Leoben, Austria

A new control method of active torque ripples filter in

high power electrical machines (St. 155) 3.859

B. Davat, A. Khezzar, GREEN, France
Session D6a: Servo drives and actuators

Session Chairman:

Prof. A. Vandenput, T. U. Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Current Control and Magnet Configurations for High

Torque to Current Ratio in Surface Mounted Permanent

Magnet Synchronous Motors (St. 156) 3.865

Katsuji Shinohara, Kagoshima University,

Yasuo Mieno, Kagoshima National College of Technology,


High Performance Vector Position Control of a Helical

Reluctance Motor for an Ultra Precision Lathe (St. 157) 3.870

S. Brückl, Technische Universität München, Germany

A DSP based Robust Optimal Servo Motor controller

(St. 158) 3.876

P. Kettle, A. Murray, Analog Devices,

A. Holohan, Dublin City University

A Learning-Based Speed Control of Servomotors with

Its Application to VCR (St. 159) 3.882

Young-Hoon Kim, In-Joong Ha, Seoul National University,

Jeong-Tae Kim, Goan-Soo Seong,

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, Korea

Comparative analysis of doubly-salient reluctance and

permanent-magnet actuators (St. 160) 3.888

M.M. Radulescu, C. Martis, K. Biro, T. U. of Cluj-Napoca,


A Novel Electronically-operated, Linear,

Variable-reluctance, Actuator (St. 161) 3.892

M. York, J.M. Stephenson, A. Hughes,

The University of Leeds, U. K.

Tracking control of a two degrees of freedom robot

using disturbance observer (St. 162) 3.898

Stefan Dumbrava, “Gh. Asachi” Technical University of Iasi,


Switching Flux Permanent Magnet Polyphased

Synchronous Machine (St. 163) 3.903

Emmanuel Hoang, Hamid Ben Ahmed, Jean Lucidarme,

LESiR - ENS de Cachan, France

Optimized control on a two axis - robot by means of

Evolution Strategies (St. 164) 3.909

R. Richter, W. Hofmann, TU Chemnitz, Germany

Some applications of the ultrasonic microactuators in

robotic miniaturization (St. 165) 3.912

Mircea Ignat, Research and Development Inst. for

Electrical Engineering, Gheorghe Amza,

Politehnical University of Bucharest, Romania

Intelligent Motion: The new challenge for electrical drives 3.918

Pacas J.M., University of Siegen,

A. John, Micromatik Siegen, Germany (St. 166)

Field magnitude adaptation in induction motors (St. 167) 3.922

H. Rasmussen, Aalborg University, Denmark

On line Idenfication and Compensation of Friction

Influence of Feed Drives of Machine Tools (St. 168) 3.927

Thomas Frenz, Dierk Schröder, T. U. of München, Germany
Session D8a-1 Facts 1

Session Chairman:

Prof. H. Akagi, Okayama Univ., Japan

Iterative harmonic simulation between a TCR,

transformer saturation and the power system (St. 169) 3.933

J. Arrillaga, University of Canterbury, New Zealand,

J. Gonzalez, Universidad de Las Palmas, Spain,

J. Cidras, Universidad de Vigo, Spain

Implementation of a Robust H∞ Controller for a

Unified Power Flow Controller (St. 170) 3.939

S.D. Round, University of Canterbury, New Zealand,

Q. Yu, L.E. Norum, T.M. Undeland,

Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology, Norway

Analog real-time model of an unified power flow controller 3.944

Marcio Magalhães de Oliveira, Åke Ekström,

Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (St. 171)

Application of Flexible AC Transmission System Devices

for the Maximum Loadability Improvement in Transmission

Lines (St. 172) 3.950

S.M. Sadeghzadeh, Laboratoire d’Electrotechnique de Grenoble,

France, M. Ehsan, Sharif University of Technology, Iran,

Said N. Hadj, R. Feuillet, Laboratoire d’Electrotechnique

de Grenoble, France

Static Electronic Tap-Changer for fast phase voltage

control (St. 173) 3.956

Tommy Larsson, ABB Components, Reijo Innanen,

Fundia Steel AB, Gunnar Norström, VB Elnät, Sweden

On using FACTS and power system stabilizers to damp

low frequency oscillations (St. 174) 3.959

J-C Passelergue, N. Hadjsaid, Y. Besanger,

R. Feuillet, INPG - LEG, France

Forced Sharing of dc Capacitor Voltages in a Multi-Level

GTO Static Var Compensator (SVC) (St. 175) 3.965

S B Tennakoon, D. Scheidecker, Staffordshire University,

United Kingdom

Influence of AC network impedance on the control

performance of a VSC operating at different switching

frequencies (St. 176) 3.971

Anders Lindberg, Marcio M. de Oliveira, Ying Jiang,

Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Multivariable feedback current control of a PWM Voltage

Source Converter connected to an AC system with

variable AC network impedance (St. 177) 3.977

Anders Lindberg, Marcio M. de Oliveira, Ying Jiang,

Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

UPFC application to suppress flicker in arc furnace

supply system (St. 178) 3.983

M. Zouiti, S. Saadate, GREEN - UHP, X. Lombard,

P.G. Therond, C. Poumarede, Electricité de France, France
Session D8a-2 Facts 2

Session Chairman:

K. Uhlen, EFI, Norway

Pseudo-resonant Compensator for Full Control of Real

and Reactive Power (St. 179) 3.988

George G. Karady, Pramod Parihar,

Arizona State University, USA

Power modulation capability of shunt and series

compensators and phase shifters (St. 180) 3.994

D.A. Pastos, G.B. Giannakopoulos, N.A. Vovos,

University of Patras, Greece

Static VAR compensation for flicker reduction (St. 181) 3.1000

B. Gollentz, CREEBEL, G. de Preville, J.L. Pouliquen,


Solid-state power factor correction using voltage-source

inverter self-controlled DC bus (St. 182) 3.1005

A.M. Zaki, A.A. Mansour, Electronics Research Institute,

O.A. Mahgoub, E.E. Abu-Elzahab, Cairo University, Egypt

Electronic Tap Changer for 10 kV Distribution Transformer 3.1010

P. Bauer, S. W. de Haan, G. C. Paap, TU Delft,

The Netherlands (St. 183)

Using a PWM modulated Voltage Source Converter

for flicker mitigation (St. 184) 3.1016

Tomas Larsson, Åke Ekström, Royal Institute of Technology,


DSP Control of an Active Power Line Conditioning System 3.1021

J.M. Carrasco, M. Perales, B. Ruiz, E. Galván,

L. G. Franquelo, Universidad de Sevilla,

S. Gutiérrez, E.G. de Mendícil, LOOIBAI s.a., Spain (St. 185)

MPTC: an economical alternative to universal power

flow controllers (St. 186) 3.1027

Ned Mohan, University of Minnesota, USA

Application of Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor

(TCSC) for Damping of Electromechanical Oscillations 3.1033

Ole Johan Hjemås, Statnett SF, Norway,

Motjaba Noroozian, ABB Power Systems, Sweden (St. 187)
Session D8b: HVDC

Session chairman:

B. R. Anderson, GEC Alsthom, U.K.

Thyristor-Converters for Connecting 16 2/3 Hz and 50 Hz

AC Systems (St. 188) 3.1039

N. Christl, H. Huang, Siemens AG, Germany

Interactions between AC and DC transmission systems:

modelling for use in power system studies (St. 189) 3.1043

B. Delfino, G.B. Denegri, M. Invernizzi, A. Morini,

University of Genoa, Italy

Emergency replacement of a 500kV HVDC converter

at Sylmar East (St. 190) 3.1048

W. Braun, M. Fähnrich, K. Sadek, W. Fischer,

Siemens AG, Germany
Wednesday 10 September 1997
Session D1e: Characterization and Applications

D1e - 1:

Session Chairman:

P. Lindman, Ericsson Components, Sweden

Dynamics Behaviour of Punch-Through IGBT in

Hard-Switching Converters at High Temperature (St. 1) 4.001

S. Azzopardi, C. Jamet, J.-M. Vinassa, C. Zardini, Laboratoire I.X.L. - Université Bordeaux I, France

IGBT modules working at cryogenic temperature (St. 2) 4.007

F. Rosenbauer, H. W. Lorenzen, Technische Universität München,


Effect of the Physical Structure on the Recovery Softness

of PIN diodes: Experimental and Numerical Analysis (St. 3) 4.013

M. Pasqualetti, M. Portesine, R. Scicolone,

B. Zerbinati, Ansaldo Trasporti,

R. Menozzi, A. Bellini, University of Parma, Italy

Series and parallel operating of MOS controlled Thyristor 4.018

A. Merazga, J.M. Li, D. Lafore, Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs

de Marseille, France (St.4)

Comparison of PT and NPT Cell Concept for 600V IGBT’s 4.024

R. Siemieniec, M. Netzel, Technical University of Ilmenau,

R. Herzer, Semikron Elektronik GmbH, Germany (St. 5)

An Investigation of the Turn-Off Characteristics of an

IGBT Under Short Circuit Conditions (St. 6) 4.029

Patrick W. Wheeler, Chris Newton, University of

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Switching Balancement Of Series Connected Insulated

Gate Devices By Gate Control Strategy (St. 7) 4.034

M. Melito, G. Belverde, A. Galluzzo, S. Musumeci,

SGS-Thomson Microelectronics, Italy
D1e - 2:

Session Chairman:

L. Lorenz, Siemens, Germany

An easy method to estimate switch-off losses in your

application (St. 8) 4.039

D. Lafore, A. Merazga, J.M. Li, CEGEMA - Ecole Supérieure

d’Ingénieurs de Marseille, France

Active Voltage Clamping Techniques for Overvoltage

Protection of MOS-Controlled Power Transistors (St. 9) 4.043

Tobias Reimann, Robert Krümmer, Technical University

of Ilmenau, Jürgen Petzoldt, University of Rostock, Germany

Application dependent gate trigger requirements of gate

turn-off thyristors (St. 10) 4.049

F.J. Wakeman, Westcode Semiconductors,

M.S. Khanniche, University of Wales, United Kingdom

An Experimentally Validated Transient Thermal Impedance

Model for High Power Diodes and Thyristors With

Transient Junction Temperature Calculation (St. 11) 4.055

F. Profumo, A. Tenconi, S. Facelli, Politecnico di Torino,

B. Passerini, A. Guerra, International Rectifier Corporation Italiana, Italy

A systematic Approach for Testing Today’s Power

Semiconductors to Obtain a Generally Applicable

Characterization (St. 12) 4.060

Andreas Lindemann, IXYS Semiconductor GmbH, Germany

Evaluation and modelling of the power losses in the

horizontal deflection circuit in televisions - with focus on

the semiconductors (St. 13) 4.066

Leo Østergaard, Bang & Olufsen A/S, Uffe B. Jensen,

Aalborg University, Denmark

Evaluation and Comparison of Energy Loss in Regenerative

and Nonlinear Dissipative Snubbers for Bridge Legs (St. 14) 4.073

Deng Yan, Xiangnin He, Zhaoming Qian,

Zhejiang University, P.R. China

A New Fault Tolerant Semiconductor Laser Triggering

System for Light Trigger Thyristors (St. 15) 4.078

C. O. Nwankpa, George Rost, Robert Fischl, Drexel University,

Arye Rosen, Dean Gilbert, David Sarnoff Research Center,

David Richardson, Electric Power Research Institute, USA

Optimisation of the thermal metal spray process for the

manufacture of mass produced hybrid integrated power

electronic converters (St. 16) 4.082

J. D. van Wyk, P.A. Janse van Rensburg,

Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa
Session D1f: Modelling

Session Chairman:

Prof. G. Busatto, Univ. of Napoli, Italy

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