7th European Conference

Sensorless DSP Control of a Trapezoidal Brushless DC

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Sensorless DSP Control of a Trapezoidal Brushless DC

Motor (St. 100) 4.557

S. Grainger, M. Allan, T. Westwood, R. Champaneri,

Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom

Sensorless Control of a Switched Reluctance Motor Using `

a Kalman Filter (ST. 101) 4.561

A. Brösse, G. Henneberger, Institut of Electrical Machines,


Kalman-Filter Based Sensorless Control of an IPM Motor

Drive (St. 102) 4.567

Razvan C. Panaitescu, Transilvania University of Brasov,

Romania, Lars Norum, Norwegian University of Technology,


Present and future of drives sensorless and artificial

intelligence applications (St. 103) 4.573

P. Vas, University of Aberdeen, W. Drury, Control

Techniques plc, United Kingdom

Direct torque control: application to crane drives (St. 104) 4.579

R. Belmans, KULeuven, F. Busschots, ASEA Brown Boveri

Belgium, B. Renier, KULeuven, Belgium
Session D5m: Estimation and parameters analysis

Session Chairman:

W. Wymeersch, Sidmar, Belgium

Robust Kalman Filtering in Direct Torque Control (St. 105) 4.585

Ian R. Petersen, Duco W.J. Pulle, Australian Defence

Force Academy, Australia

Parameters Estimations from Step Excitation Tests on

a Stationary Induction Motor (St. 106) 4.591

K.R. Thompson, P.P. Acarnley, University of Newcastle,

United Kingdom

Modern experimental tools for parameter identification

and field-oriented control design of a small power induction

machine (St. 107) 4.597

C. Millet, D. Leroux, Y. Li, B. Feuvrie,

C. Bergmann, IUT de Nantes, France

A Digital Parameter Identification for a Vector Controlled

Induction Motor (St. 108) 4.603

Marco Tursini, University of L’Aquila, Italy, M. Tsuji,

Nagasaki University, E. Yamada, Nagasaki University, Japan,

F. Parasiliti, University of l’Aquila, Italy

On Line Parameter Estimation of the Induction Machine

Model using Active and Reactive Power Balance for Spatial

Vectors of Field Oriented Drives (St. 109) 4.609

J M A Castro, A Bueno Montilla, Universidad Simon Bolivar,


Identification of rotor parameters and speed estimation in

induction motor drives (St. 110) 4.615

Ignazio Marongiu, Università di Cagliari,

Ciro Attaianese, Università di Cassino,

Alfonso Damiano, Università di Cagliari,

Aldo Perfetto, Università di Napoli, Italy

Experimental Identification of Asynchronous Machine 4.620

P. Ph. Robet, M. Gautier, C. Bergmann, B. Feuvrie,

C. Millet, IUT de Nantes, France (St. 111)

A microprocessor-based speed regulator using state and

disturbance observer (St. 112) 4.626

Maciej Tondos, University of Mining & Metallurgy,

Wojciech Mysinski, Technical University of Cracow, Poland

Automatic Input/Output Modeling of a Squirrel-Cage

Induction Motor Drive System Using Neural Network 4.632

J. F. Martins, A. J. Pires, Instituto Politécnico de Setubal,

J. A. Dente, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal (St. 113)
Session D7a: Drives, control of drives

Session Chairman:

Prof. G. Maggetto, VUB, Belgium

A multi-motor drive-system for ecomobils (St. 114) 4.638

K. Hofer, Technical College and University of Bielefeld,


Controls of a brushless motor integrated in the

wheelhub for an electrical bike (St. 115) 4.643

Mohamed Karmous, D. Vaucher, Ecole d’Ingénieurs du

canton de Neuchâtel, C. Espanet, J.M. Kauffmann,

Institut de Génie Energétique, Switzerland

Vector control of dual rotor induction motors (St. 116) 4.648

Joong-Ho Song, Ick Choy, Kim Kwang-Bae, Korea Institute

of Science & Technology, Korea

Test and measurement of electric vehicle drives (St. 117) 4.653

Bernhard Hauck, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

Torque control on electric vehicles with seperate wheel 4.659

B. Arnet, M. Jufer, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,

Switzerland (St. 118)

Induction motor neural estimator in high efficient (St. 119) 4.665

J. Jelonkiewicz, University of Czestochowa, S. Linnman,

Permobil AB, Poland

Utilization of ultracapacitors as an auxilliary power source

in electric vehicles (St. 120) 4.670

Stephan Astier, P. Mestre, ENSEEIHT, France

More sophisticated battery drive wheels and wheels mutial

motion control system for electric vehicle application 4.674

Dmitry B. Izosimov, Russian Academy of Science,

Yuri P. Bogachev, Mechatronics Industrial Group,

Evgeny B. Kulakov, Alternative Energetics,

Vladimirl Sagalovsky, Aeroelectric,

Anatoly A. Eidinov, NAMI, Russia (St. 121)
Session D7b: Battery charger, battery management, test bench

Session Chairman:

Prof. D. Naunin, T. U. Berlin, Germany

Battery management system with a two wire bus:

realization and practical experiences (St. 122) 4.679

Hans Kahlen, Berhnard Hauck, University of Kaiserslautern,


Battery testing with a current controlled high load resistor 4.684

Hans Kahlen, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany (St. 123)

Efficiency of Off-Board High Power Electric Vehicle Battery

Charger with Active Power Line Conditioning Capabilities 4.688

Per Karlsson, Martin Bojrup, Mats Alaküla, Lars Gertmar,

Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden (St. 124)

Contactless power transmission: frequency tuning by a

maximum power tracking method (St. 125) 4.693

P. Germano, M. Jufer, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,


An original state of charge gauge for Nickel-Cadmium

traction batteries associating a coulometric

measurement with impedancemetry (St. 126) 4.698

S. Nugues, E. Rullière, E. Toutain, Laboratoire

d’Electrotechnique de Grenoble, France

Charge Equalization Using a Non-Dissipative Current Diverter

with a Centralized Multi-Winding Transformer (St. 127) 4.702

Nasser H. Kutkut, Soft Switching Technologies Corp., USA

Three-phase ZVT inverter with inductor feedback (St. 128) 4.708

Dimos Katsis, Scott Frame, Dong Ho Lee, Dusan Boroyevich,

Fred C. Lee, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,


Development of a Brushless DC Drive for Electric Vehicles 4.712

P. Van Tichelen, P. Coenen, F. Vermeulen, VITO,

D. Blight, Nelco Systems Ltd, Belgium (St. 129)
Session D7c: Hybrid vehicles, simulation

Session Chairman:

Prof. G. Ollson, IEA, Lund, Sweden

A 40 kW Switched Reluctance Engine Starter/Generator

System For An Electric Hybrid Vehicle (St. 130) 4.717

Mats Alaküla, Lars Sjöberg, Lund Institute of Technology,


Integrated energy transducer drive for hybrid electric

vehicles (St. 131) 4.721

Thomas Bäckström, Stefan Östlund, Chandur Sadarangani,

The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Comparison of Electromechanical Transducers for an

Autonomous Hybrid Vehicle (St. 132) 4.727

Bernhard Kraßer, H-W Lorenzen, Technical University of Munich,


Combi-road: an unmanned hybrid vehicle on an

intelligent track (St. 133) 4.733

A. Duym, Holec Machines en Apparaten B.V.,

A.W. Benschop, TNO-Institute for Applied Physics,

The Netherlands

A Hybrid City Bus using an Electro-Mechanical

Accumulator for Power Demand Smoothing (St. 134) 4.739

H. Huisman, E.J.F.M. Smits, F.J.M. Thoolen,

Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij CCM B.V., The Netherlands

Design and implementation of a power controller for

a series hybrid vehicle drive (St. 135) 4.745

L. Pelkmans, P. Coenen, F. Vermeulen, VITO, Belgium

Development of a Drive Train for a Hybrid Delivery Van 4.750

F. Vermeulen, VITO,

J. De Temmerman, Inverto,

L. Gijsels, Van Hool,

R. Belmans, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven,

A. Van den Bossche, Universiteit Gent,

G. Maggetto, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium (St. 136)

AC Motors’ Measurements Based Static Models for

Electric Vehicles Simulation Programs (St. 137) 4.755

K.B. Beya, J. Van Mierlo, G. Maggetto, Vrije Universiteit Brussel,


How to compare and evaluate Electric and Thermal

Vehicles? (St. 138) 4.760

J. Van Mierlo, G. Maggetto, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Session D8c: Harmonics and active filters - analysis and design

Session Chairman:

Prof. J. D. van Wyk, R. A. U., South Africa

Power source with programmable harmonic contents 4.763

J. Balcells, D. Gonzalez, M. Lamich, Universitat Politècnica de

Catalunya, Spain (St. 139)

An Evaluation of Techniques for Determining Active

Filter Compensating Currents in Unbalanced Systems 4.767

Simon D. Round, D.M.E. Ingram, University of Canterbury,

New Zealand (St. 140)

Static converter design for high frequency signal injection

in an electromagnetic device connected to the network 4.773

Bertrand Cassoret, Jean-François Brudny, Daniel Roger,

Université d'Artois, France (St. 141)

Analysis and design of a novel active power filter (St. 142) 4.779

Ching-Tsai Pan, National Tsing Hua University,

Maoh-Chin Jiang, National I-Lan Institute of Agriculture

and Technology, Taiwan R.O.C.

Feedforward Voltage Compensation for Digital Active Filter

using Frequency Domain Decomposition (St. 143) 4.786

Kenji Kubo, Keijiro Sakai, Hitachi Ltd,Japan

Harmonic Elimination in a PWM Inverter using Genetic

Algorithms (St. 144) 4.792

Pascal Maussion, Laurent Magne, Institut National

Polytechnique de Toulouse, France

The generalized optimization criterion for filters (St. 145) 4.798

Leszek Frackowiak, Roman Muszynski, Poznan University

of Technology, Ryszard Strzelecki, Zielona Gora University

of Technology, Poland

Analysis of active power filters in frequency domain using

the fast fourier transform (St. 146) 4.804

V. Soares, Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa,

P. Verdelho, Instituto Superior Técnico, V. Soares, Instituto

Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, Portugal

An adaptive hopfield neural network for frequency and

harmonic determination (St. 147) 4.810

L. L. Lai, City University London, United Kingdom,

W. L. Chan, Hong Kong Polytechnic University,

A. T. P. So, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Session D8d: Harmonics and active filters - control

Session Chairman:

Prof. W. Koczara, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

A New Synchronization Method of a Parallel Active

Power Filter (St. 148) 4.815

David Nedeljkovic, Vanja Ambrozic, Janko Nastran,

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Simplified Control Method for Shunt Active Harmonics

Filter (St. 149) 4.819

Yanzhen Liu, Peter J Unsworth, University of Sussex,

United Kingdom

Searching for the better topology and control strategy

in hybrid power filters (St. 150) 4.825

Angel A. Bayod Rujula, Jesus Sallan Arasanz,

Mariano Sanz Badia, Andrés Llombart Estopiñan,

Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain

PWM rectifier and active filter with sliding-mode control 4.831

Stanislaw Pirog, University of Mining & Metallurgy, Poland (St. 151)

A Shunt active filter with a sliding mode control circuit 4.837

Kamel Sahnouni, CREEBEL, Olivier Lapierre,

Simon Jones, CEGELEC, Alain Berthon, IGE - CREEBEL,

France (St. 152)

New Control Method of Harmonic Current

Compensation Using Individual Rotating

P-Q Frame of Corresponding Frequency (St. 153) 4.842

Masao Yano, Akira Kuramochi, Noriyuki Nanaumi,

Toyo University, Japan

Vector Control Strategy of an Harmonic and

Reactive Power Compensator (St. 154) 4.848

R Peña, R. Cardenas, Universidad de Magallanes, Chile,

G.M. Asher, J.C. Clare, University of Nottingham, U.K.

Variable Structure Control in Current Controlled

Voltage Sourced Rectifier (St. 155) 4.854

C. W. Lu, A. C. Renfrew, UMIST, United Kingdom

An Active Power Filter And Zero Sequence Harmonics

Components Compensator Control Circuit (St. 156) 4.859

P. Verdelho, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa - IST, Portugal

A space vector-based deadbeat controller for shunt

active power filters (St. 157) 4.864

Li Zhang, L J Xiao, University of Bradford, United Kingdom
Session D8e: Harmonics and active filters - network studies and harmonics

Session Chairman:

Prof. R. J. Arnold, Siemens, UK

Dynamic Behavior of a parallel single phase active line

power line conditioner (St. 158) 4.870

David Gonzalez Diez, J. Balcells, A. Arias,

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

Active power filter for suppression of line current

harmonics (St. 159) 4.874

Pavel Brandstetter, Tomas Bubela, VSB-

Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

A Space Vector Based Active Power Filter for the

Compensation of Harmonic Distortion and Fundamental

Reactive Power (St. 160) 4.879

A. Dell’Aquila, A. Di Lorenzo, P. Zanchetta, Politecnico di Bari,


Compensation of influence of receivers on power

network with application of power electronic current

source (St. 161) 4.886

Leszek Frackowiak, Michal Gwózdz, Ryszard Porada,

Poznan University of Technology, Poland

A New Configuration for Shunt Active filters (St. 162) 4.892

M. Elhabrouk, M. K. Darwish, P. Mehta, Brunel University,

United Kingdom

Improvements of parallel active power filter performances 4.898

I. Rasoanarivo, B. Davat, GREEN - INPL, P. Boos,

SOCOMEC, France (St. 163)

Numerical and experimental comparative study of voltage

source and current source active power filter (St. 164) 4.903

L. Benchaita, S. Saadate, GREEN-UHP,

A. Salem nia, GRREN - Power & Water Institute of Technology,


Analysis and reduction of common-mode disturbances

induced on the network by PWM rectifiers (St. 165) 4.909

P. Ladoux, LEEI - INPT Toulouse, P. Thalin,

J. Nuns, EDF-DER Les Renardières, France
Session D8f: Harmonics and active filters - applications

Session Chairman:

Prof. S. Round, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

A Study of Parallel Connected DC Active Filter for

Large Current Power Supplies Exciting Superconducting

Coils of Fusion Test Facility (St. 166) 4.913

Hirotaka Chikaraishi, National Institute for Fusion Science,

Yuji Yonenga, Chuo Seisakusho Ltd, Japan

Third Harmonic Current Compensator applicable for

large office buildings (St. 167) 4.917

J. B. Woudstra, S. W. H. de Haan, P. C. van der Sluijs,

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Active Filter reference Current Acquisition in Distorted

3-phase Supply Systems (St. 168) 4.923

C.W. Lu, A.C. Renfrew, UMIST, United Kingdom

Series compensator for voltage dips (St. 169) 4.929

R. Tounsi, P. Michalak, H. Pouliquen, EDF-DER,

H. Foch, LEEI, France

Control laws for MV active filters (St. 170) 4.935

P. Michalak, H. Pouliquen, EDF - DER, France
Session D8j: Modelling and simulation

Session Chairman:

Prof. R. Nilssen, NTNU, Norway

User defined block-oriented modeling of FACTS devices

for large power system stability studies (St. 171) 4.940

B. Gick, FGH E.V., I. Erlich, FhG Dresden,

T. Weber, FGH E.V., Germany

Measurements and simulation of dc drive harmonics

on an interconnected offshore system with long sub-sea

cables (St. 172) 4.946

K.S. Smith, Heriot-Watt University, I. Wilson,

Total Oil Marine, United Kingdom,

Brogan P., niversity College Cork, Ireland
Session D10a: Education

Session Chairman:

Prof. E. Masada, Tokyo University, Japan

Uncomplicated Inverter Drive for Research

Development and Teaching using standard PC (St. 173) 4.952

Ludwig Abraham, Wolfgang Frank, Federal Armed

Forces University Munich, Germany

Teaching and demonstration of power electronic circuit

analysis (St. 174) 4.958

O.W. Andersen, Norwegian Institute of Technology, Norway

A LabVIEW-based laboratory course on three-phase

electric machinery under unsymmetrical operating

conditions (St. 175) 4.961

A. Serri, S. Cincotti, M. Marchesi, Universita’ di Cagliari, Italy

A Software Package for Simulation of Electrical Drives

suitable for Computer Assisted Education (St. 176) 4.967

Marco Tursini, F. Parasiliti, University of L’Aquila, Italy

Soft start simulation program for squirrel cage

induction motor drive (St. 177) 4.973

Z. Andonov, T. Dimitrov, S. Mircevski,

Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering, Rep. of Macedonia

An integrated environment for modeling simulation

and control of DC motors (St. 178) 4.978

H.J. Valderrama, J. Maixé Altés, J.J. Crisol, A. Romero,

L. Martinez-Salamero, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain

Application of LabVIEW as measuring system in

field of power electronics (St. 179) 4.984

Eberhard Brenner, University of Technology &

Business Dresden, Germany

Interactive computer-based electrical machines and drives

tests in the undergraduate laboratory at the university of

Adelaide (St. 180) 4.990

Nesimi Ertugrul, Anthony M. Parker, Mike J. Gibbard,

The University of Adelaide, Australia

HARMONIX: A software package for teaching harmonics

in power systems (St. 181) 4.996

Jorge Pontt O., Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria,

César Pontt O., Fluor Daniel Chile S.A., Ennio Perelli,

Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile

Using simplorer as a power electronics circuit simulator

(St. 182) 4.1002

Hari Sree, Blix Viggs, University of Minnesota, USA,

Johann W. Kolar, Technical University of Vienna, Austria,

Ned Mohan, University of Minnesota, USA

Using a new interactive Matlab Toolbox for Control

Design and Teaching of Electrical Drives (St. 183) 4.1008

M. Riva, F. Castelli Dezza, A. Monti, Politecnico di Milano,


SEMDEM - educational software for bipolar power devices

(St. 184) 4.1014

Zbigniew Lisik, Marek Turowski, Technical University of Lódz,


Zenon J. Pudlowski, Monash University, Australia

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