Aaron Saarela

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Aaron Saarela

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I am a software engineer with 8+ years of software design and implementation experience on a wide range of hardware and software platforms. I have experience with transnational development teams.


Languages: C++, C, Java, Perl, XML, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML


Operation Systems: Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux

Development Tools: Visual Studio, Sun Workshop, Eclipse, gcc, Ant, CVS, JUnit, Cognos

Methodologies: SDLC, SCRUM, CMM, OO, client/server


Symantec Corporation, Durham, NC

Veritas Data Center Division – Veritas Command Central Storage

Principle Software Engineer, 2000 – Present
I worked on several areas of Veritas Command Central Storage, an industry-leading enterprise and storage management product. I contributed to this product over several release cycles and interacted with development, sales, and QA teams in the United States, Europe, and India.
After the release of 5.0 I developed for the Command Central Storage Enterprise Reporter (ER) product - a data warehouse that rolls up information from multiple Veritas servers into an Oracle database. Using Framework Manager I designed and implemented the Cognos metamodel used for reporting. From the Cognos Report Studio, I designed SRM tabular and graphical reports. Using Perl and the DBI module I created several modules that gathered data from the Oracle database, manage users, and dynamically updated the Cognos metamodel. I created XSLT transforms to convert the XML files from a previous Veritas product into CSV files that were imported into ER Oracle database. I worked closely with technical sales to demonstrate the product to customers.
In the 5.0 timeframe I designed and developed a storage resource management (SRM) subsystem. Using C++ and Java, I developed remote SRM agents. I used NFS, NIS, and the Windows APIs to scan local disks, NetApp storage arrays, and Exchange mail servers to gather file, user, and directory statistics.

I designed and developed the CORBA API used to link the web-based front end to these agents.

In the 4.0 timeframe I used C++ and Java to create a network monitoring and alerting subsystem across multiple Unix and Windows platforms. I created Perl and C++ agents that discovered and monitored remote hosts, arrays, and switches. Using SQL and stored procedures, I developed Sybase ASA database components that stored and retrieved monitoring information. Using JDBC, Servlets, and JSPs, I wrote web-based user interface components for these monitoring agents. In collaboration with the sales, technical support, and sustaining teams, I created product hot fixes and quickly resolved customer issues.
Motorola, Boynton Beach, FL

Cellular Design Team

Software Engineer, 1998 – 2000
At Motorola, I developed embedded user interface components using C and C++ for use in all Motorola ARM-processor based cell phones. I designed and wrote embedded code that managed multiple language font sets, including support for Unicode bi-directional character sets. I led the coding inspection process deployment team to improve our CMM development processes. I created software inspection policies and procedures, and held developer training sessions to roll out these processes.

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Highly Interactive Computing in Education

Software Developer, 1997 – 1998
At the University of Michigan I used Java, JDBC, and Oracle SQL to create interactive software for use in high school science classrooms. I transformed and loaded CDC and EPA environmental quality data into our local Oracle database. Using JDBC and BEA Web Logic, I created classes to support SQL queries against this Oracle database. I designed and wrote visualization tools run that displayed this information to students. I organized and managed user interface focus groups at several high schools. I evaluated employee candidates and recommended new hires.
Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Satellite Image Processing Group

Software Engineering Intern, 1996- 1997
As a software engineering intern at the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, I worked directly with senior software engineers to develop satellite image processing applications. Using C, I created software to de-mosaic and stitch adjacent satellite images into a unified image. I administered several local Oracle databases, installed new Oracle instances, and loaded satellite image data into these databases. I designed and developed regression scripts to test new and existing code.

Hiroshima University, Higashi-hiroshima, Japan

Software Fellowship, Oct 1995 – April 1996

I was granted a Japanese government fellowship to study software engineering at Hiroshima University. I researched the correlation between the perception of a products quality and the characteristics of that product. Using HTML, Perl, and Java, I created web-based surveys that gathered consumer emotional responses to different product characteristics. Using algorithms designed at the university, I wrote code that analyzed this data to identify product attributes that contributed to specific emotional responses.

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

B.S., Computer Science, 1998

Association of Computational Machinery

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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