Adhan: The Call to Prayer Qari Imran Khan

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Adhan: The Call to Prayer

  • Qari Imran Khan

  • & Dr. Abdulazeez Abdurraheem


  • There are three objectives of this workshop:

  • To introduce people the importance of Adhan;

  • To explain the meanings and implications of the words of Adhan; and

  • Teach people how to deliver it.

Why should it be beautiful?

    • Allah has made our ears a source of either attraction or repulsion of what we hear.
    • We love to hear soothing, relaxing, and beautiful tones. This is the law that Allah has created us with, if there is a displeasing sound that is heard in our ear, we will suddenly try to avoid listening to it or if we have to listen to it whether we like it or not, it will not go beyond the ears.
    • The reason behind Adhan as has been stated earlier is to invite the Muslims towards worshipping Allah S.W.T.
    • If the Adhan is beautiful, the person who rarely goes to the masjid will try to run towards it seeking the beauty of Adhan thereby getting an opportunity to get closer to other acts of Ibadah Inshallah.

Rules for the Mu’adhin

    • Preferable to have Wudhu (not compulsory)
    • Face towards Qiblah
    • Turn the face towards right while saying “Hayya alas-Salaah” and left while saying “Hayya alal-falaah”.
    • To say the words at slow intervals.
    • To say it with loud voice even if you are alone

Consequences/Result of an ‘improper’ Adhaan

Why no enthusiasm among the educated youth?

  • Role models missing (no professors, engineers, or doctors giving Adhan!!!)

  • Home Work: All of us should give Adhan in our masajid backhome, here, in offices, and everywhere. You may inspire many!

  • Do not wait, ask for it!

  • Spread workshops on Adhan

Numerous Benefits of good Adhan for Muslims

Numerous Benefits of good Adhan for Muslims cont’d..

  • All of us study to get an excellent education that will get us excellent job Inshallah..

  • We spend hours, days, weeks, months, & even years to decorate our life by gaining excellent education.

  • Everything in life has importance hence we invest time and effort to decorate it and make it better and beautiful, why not then Adhan???

  • Excellent Adhan penetrates the hearts by which Muslim can have more interest in their prayers.

  • One of the best characteristic of a Mu’min is that their hearts are attached to the masjid.

Numerous Benefits of good Adhan for Non-Muslims

  • It is a source of Dawah.

  • First impression about Islam & Muslims. “First impression is the best impression.”

  • Just imagine if a very beautiful Adhan is heard, they will not just appreciate it but slowly feel inclined towards it.

  • Removes misconception about Muslims if any in the mind and attracts them to Islam.

  • Open & automatic Dawah to all!!!

Feedback from Muslims

    • Reminds you of Makkah/Madinah.
    • Sometimes it brings back golden memories and brings tears to the eyes.
    • It has touched many people’s hearts across the world.
    • Who does not want to respond to this beautiful invitation?
    • People have come closer to Islam by beautiful Adhan.

Feedback from non-Muslims

    • “Beautiful call to prayer” (Halifax, Canada)
    • “A very lovely way to invite Muslims to their Church” (Halifax, Canada)
    • “Your call to prayer brings in extra energy”( Toronto, Canada)
    • “What is the name of the band? How many members are in there? Only 1 person!, wow, truly inspiring voice, God gifted talent, you have touched me with the call to prayer of Islam". (Wonderland Manager, Toronto, Canada).

Session II: Types of Adhan

    • Most Common types

Names of Famous Mu’azzin

    • Shaikh Ali Mulla (Makkah)
    • Shaikh Esam Bukhari (Madinah – knows 70 styles)
    • Hussain Rajab(Makkah)
    • Abdul Baset Abdus Samad
    • Ahmad Al-Imadee(Qatar)
    • Mustafa Ghalwesh(Egypt)
    • Abdul Fattah Sha’shaee(Egypt) and many others….

Adhan: How to deliver?

Before you start Adhan

    • Keep your stomach empty!
    • Don’t use Nasal sounds
    • Drink some water
    • Don’t clear your throat excessively – it may lead to damage
    • Don’t strain yourself

Use of Proper System / Basic Requirements

Tips for a Muazzin

Improving Your Voice

Common Tajweed Mistakes in Adhan

Maqaamaat (voice levels)

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