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Press Release 2: European Universities Regatta 2005

“ A tremendous and pleasing response by rowers” was the verdict of EUSA President Enno Harms to the entry list for the 1st EUSA Rowing Regatta in Cardiff on July 22-24.

The EUSA Rowing Regatta will now feature more athletes than any other 2005 EUSA Championships, with 350 athletes from 11 countries now entered in the 14 events.

“British Universities Rowing, with only a six month lead-in, have worked really hard on delivery, both on the event and the GB Team” said Event Director Geoff Holloway. “The new course across Cardiff Bay looks ideal to launch this event, and with the Finish Line in a natural amphitheatre including several restaurants this will help attract the crowds”

Combining EUSA with the Home Countries International Regatta and the Welsh Schools Rowing Challenge, the Cardiff Festival of Rowing will provide an excellent spectacle to celebrate Cardiff 2005, with Local, National and International talent all sharing the water.
British Universities Rowing have included most of their British Champions, chosen from nine universities, in their Great Britain squad, but strong challenges will come from large Dutch, German and French squads, as well as the Henley-winning Dublin Ladies eight.

Entry List (as of 7/7/5)

M8 (8) GREAT BRITAIN Oxford Brookes) GERMANY (Mannheim) WALES (Cardiff) CROATIA, FRANCE (Reims), plus Domestic entries Bournemouth, London and Bristol

W8 (8) GREAT BRITAIN (Durham), IRELAND (Dublin), WALES (Cardiff) FRANCE (Nantes), GERMANY (Hanover) CROATIA (Zagreb) , plus GB Domestic Oxford and Nottingham

M4-(11) GREAT BRITAIN (London) SERBIA & MONT (Belgrade), SPAIN (Girona), CROATIA, FRANCE 1 (Clemont Ferrand), GERMANY (Karlsruhe), FRANCE 2 (Paris 2), HOLLAND (Delft) SCOTLAND (Glasgow), plus Birmingham and Bristol

W4- (7) GREAT BRITAIN (Nottingham) HOLLAND (Rotterdam) EIRE 1 (Dublin1) EIRE2 (Dublin2) EIRE3 (Galway) plus Oxford and West of England

M2- (5) GREAT BRITIAN (Imperial) HOLLAND (Utrecht) GERMANY (Konstanz) SERBIA & MONT, SCOTLAND (Strathclyde)

W2- (3) GREAT BRITAIN (Oxford) SCOTLAND (Glasgow Caledonian plus West of England

M4x (4) GREAT BRITAIN (Bath) GERMANY (Kassel) FRANCE 1 (Paris2) FRANCE 2 (INSA Lyon)

W4X (4) GREAT BRITAIN 1 (West of England) GREAT BRITAIN 2 (Loughborough), GERMANY (Hanover), FRANCE (PS Toulouse)

M2x (7) GREAT BRITAIN (Glasgow) GERMANY (Karlsruhe), SPAIN (Girona) CROATIA, FRANCE1 (Paris2) FRANCE2 (Le Creusot) plus Birmingham

W2x (9) GREAT BRITAIN (London) GERMANY (Freiburg) CROATIA FRANCE (Paris2) plus Oxford Brookes, Loughborough, West of England, Sheffield Hallam and Leeds

MLwt4- (5) GREAT BRITAIN (Durham) SERBIA & MONT, HOLLAND (Utrecht) SCOTLAND (Strathclyde), GERMANY (Mannheim)

WLwt4- (3) GREAT BRITAIN (Glasgow) plus Nottingham and Durham

MLwt2x (6) GREAT BRITAIN (Reading) HOLLAND1 (Maastricht) HOLLAND 2 (Amsterdam)


WLwt2x (5) GREAT BRITAIN1 (Loughborough) GERMANY (Bochum) SPAIN (Girona)

POLAND (Poznan) GREAT BRITAIN 2 (West of England)

Further Information on BUR & EUSA Rowing; 0115 951 5516
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