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Amit Kumar

Home address: Permanent address:

House No. 42 Mojzisova 5

Sultanpur Extn, Brno 61200

M. G Road Czech Republic

Mehrauli, 110030 New Delhi


GSM: +420 734420558

  1. Personal Details

  2. Sex : Male

  3. Joining Time : 2 Month/Negotiable

  4. Languages : English (U.S) & Hindi


Total Experience 10+ years comprising roles such as:

Infrastructure Architect:

Datacenter Engineering/System Engineering

System Executive (DC Support)

Datacenter operations included:

  • HP-Ux Systems (Hp L-Class, N-Class 8400 Series Severs)

  • Backup Solution administration

  • HP OpenView Storage Data Protector Version 5.0,

  • Sun Solaris administration (Netra 1404, E2900, V240 servers)

  • Backup Operator with Vertias Backup solution for Solaris environment in DC

  • AIX 5/6 /7 system administrator (Power Systems)

  • Virutal I/O Build/Manage/Troubleshoot

  • HACMP Administration/Managing

  • RHEL/SLES system support.

  • Basics of Oracle Database.

  • Tivoli Endpoint management.

  • Virtualization technology Implementation and administration on AIX/RHEL (KVM)

  • Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1 and High Availability.

Network LAN/WAN Support Included

  • CISCO Routers/switches (2600/2900 series routers)

  • CISCO 4006-sup3 module (layer 3 switch) and Firewall Support (Net Screen ns208) in Production Environment

  • and day-to-day basic support of Oracle Databases.


AIX Mainly/Linux/Solaris9-10/HPux with Knowledge of SLES 9/10 and Win2K3/2K8

Software Tools/Technologies:

TSM/TLM/LPAR/VIO/HACMP/TUAM and Superdome/HPOpenView Backup tool/Veritas NetBackup/Veritas Storage Solution support. IBM Cloud Orchestrator/IBM Cloud Deployment, OpenStack/DevOPs, ESXi v5.

NetBackup/Veritas Storage Solution support. Chef and Docker in Test Environment

Middleware components:

Apache/WebSphere/net cool/Database activity monitoring tool (DAM)/ TADDM ( Tivoli device Discovery )

  1. Educational qualifications:

  2. Higher Senior Secondary with 1st Division (PCM) -2003-CBSE

  3. Diploma in Hardware & Networking from IIHT ( Indian Institute of Hardware &Technology)

  4. B.Sc. (IT) from Sikkim Manipal University

  5. M.Sc. (IT) from Sikkim Manipal University (pursuing)

Self-Completed training's/Courses

  • CCNA from Indian Institute of Hardware and Technology Course

  • MCSE from Indian Institute of Hardware and Technology

  • RHCE version 4.0 from Indian Institute of Hardware and Technology.

Trainings by IBM:

  • Solaris System Administration and Veritas SFHA administration

  • AIX HACMP version 5.4 (IBM)

  • AIX 6.1 Administrator

  • WPAR 6.1 Administration/Performance/troubleshooting

  • IBM Power I/O Servers-Administration

  • IBM Power I/O Servers-Troubleshooting

  • IBM Power I/O Servers-Performance tuning.

  • IBM Power I/O Server-Shared Storage Pool

  • ITIL Foundation Version 3

  • Implementing PowerVM Live Partition Mobility.

  • Architectural Thinking

  • Team Solution Design Methodology

  • TOGAF Foundation from Open CA community

  • Agile Framework industry insight in Banking Domain


  • Sun certified System administrator –SA1(OE9)

  • Sun certified System administrator -SA2(OE9)

  • IBM certified AIX 6.1 System Administrator -000-104

  • 000-102 High Availability for AIX -Technical support and Administration

  • 000-109 Virtualization and Linux

  • Certified IT-Specialist Master

  • Certified IBM Cloud Infrastructure Architect

  • Certified Open CA- IT-Architect

Extra-curriculum activities:

  • Consecutive Employee of the month for 3 years.

  • Mentored numerous Colleagues. Renowned for Mentoring skills and as part of giveback program.

  • Represented IBM on Power Systems trends in Central European Technical Conference 2015- Prague

  • Participated in variety of Project lead by NGOs as Volunteering program.

  • Have Gained various expertise badges as open Badges program.

Employment History

July 2013 – Present

Company : IBM, Global Service Center

Location : Brno,Czech Republic

Designation : Infrastructure Architect


  • Developed Information Technology Architecture Baseline (ITAB) for one of the financial giant to establish best standards.

  • Designed and governed the infrastructure architecture for implementation of 500 server refresh & virtualization (CSR & V) project.

  • created and Completed Implementation design for the 100 lotus Domino Servers to upgrade to the latest.

  • Initiated the AMR4V project. Access minimal Rights, It allowed Client to grant access to the system administrator according to their job requirement only.

  • Completed the Implementation of Ballabit solutions in Client environment for the one solution device for session monitoring, Log servers and SLA tokens.

  • Successfully transformed the UAT Netcool environment to be highly available.

  • Taken part in all newly architectural projects

  • Improvement of Technical parameters sheets.

  • Adaption of Agile framework in projects deliveries.

  • Driving and leading the Project for Power System consolidation from P4/P5 to P6/P7

Jan 2008- July 2013

Company : IBM, Global Service Center

Location : Brno,Czech Republic

Designation : Engineering of Unix .


  • Monitoring and Administrating the IBM internal servers running on AIX and Linux located in Germany, Switzerland and Hungary

  • Implementing and monitoring the Application running on those servers like ASO, Manage Now, TSM, ITIM, TLM, ITM , Db2, Ldap and Cepplus

  • Troubleshooting and doing the change management for Patch implementation, fixing security bugs, Apar issues and upgrading the existing software to its latest version.

  • Deactivation of running servers, moving the application and OS from all specific databases

  • Creating the logical volume for new attached servers and file system management

  • Checking the process and memory utilization.

  • Managing APAR issue and vulnerability scans

  • Fixing and resolving all system related tickets within defined SLA

  • User account creation, Os upgrades, OS hardening, local system storage maintenance and other advanced system tasks

  • VIO installation, configuration and administration

  • SAS/SLS servers Configuration and administration

  • SOBOXES administration

  • Disk mapping/VIO updates/troubleshooting and incident/change management with ISM Maximo.

  • Creating new connection and updating/managing SLS/SAS servers for secure logging to the production environment for users

  • Actively taking part for the corporate Audits for the Unix Servers

  • LPM activity from the VIOs side/on boarding

  • Configuring the TSM client for the TSM backup for the systems backup.

  • Creating Mksysb for system backup and creating source on NIM.

  • Creating/Managing/Installing LPARS for customer

  • DLPAR operation/Live Partition Mobility for movement of LPARs

  • Handling Day-2day tickets and Performing Changes using Maximo/Manage now/GCM incident/Change tools/Service Now

  • configured Veritas Volume manager and High Availability for IBM's One of the big customer in banking on Solaris Env.

  • User/Space management to overcome daily issues with operation on Solaris9/10

  • Creation/Administration and troubleshooting of Zones/LDOM on solaris10

  • Last level support for All Solaris and Veritas SFHA issues.

  • Mentoring colleagues on AIX/Solaris and Vertias foundation.

  • Accepting the incoming Request for Services from Customers and Creating Implementation designs for System Build.

  • Improving the Parameters sheets for Different system components i.e apache services.

June 2007 – Jan 2008

Company: HCL Comnet Ltd.

Designation: UNIX/Solaris System Engineer


  • Providing system/network support for the client, CONCOR Datacenter (Container Authority of India)

  • Solaris 8/9 installation, troubleshooting and administration

  • Day-to-day system health check, monitoring and report preparation

  • Monitoring and administration Veritas Volume manager

  • Daily backup/Cold backup/Veritas NetBackup management/media and policy management

  • Supporting customers with network problems

  • Monitoring H/W like Sun fire 3800/4800/V480/280R/V220 servers, A1000/T3/T3+ arrays/ 3500 FC storage

  • Ensuring the maximum uptime of the servers and coordination with the principal vendors if needed

  • Monitoring of VSAT and ISDN/leased line and troubleshooting of it

  • Taking backup with the use of Veritas Net Backup for its production servers

  • Creating policies on PIX and checkpoint

  • Configuring users in NIS/LDAP environment

  • Monitoring of internal security scan server

  • Providing Solaris administration on Solaris 9 OE with sun high end severs

  • Creating and managing e-mail account on IPLANET messaging server 5

  • Taking web logic backup and monitoring it

  • Installing latest security patches on Solaris server

June 2006-June 2007

Company: Softenger Pvt Ltd

Designation: System administrator (Data Center) with IBM and Idea Cellular Ltd

Formerly Birla TATA /AT& T LTD


  • Installation, configuration, and operation of HP UX Systems (L-Class N-Class Superdome Series) and Solaris on midrange enterprises server

  • OS upgrades, Kernel tuning, Patch management and dynamic system monitoring on HP-UX and Sun Solaris operating system

  • Installing, maintaining and operating several Backup solutions like HP OpenView Storage Data Protector version 5.0

  • Maintaining and performing system backups and data recovery

  • Configuring and maintaining Cisco Routers 2600/2900 series

  • Managing and operating Cisco L3 switches 4008

  • Managing Net screen (ns 208) and checkpoint firewall FW1 FP3.

  • Coordinating with all the vendors for implementation during the project-phase

  • Liaison of the WAN gateways and coordinating for end-to-end connectivity for IDea Cellular Ltd

  • Becoming familiar with Logical Volume Manager Familiar with HPUX Ignite

  • Advanced administration of sun Solaris operating system

  • Various server and communications equipment in both development and production environments

  • Providing 24 x 7 client/server, system hardware/software and network support for the operations center based in New Delhi, India

  • Performing system analysis, troubleshooting task, enhancing the functionality of hardware and software components including networks, servers, upgrades, repairs, backups and restores

  • Microsoft exchange 5.5 user administration and management

June 2005-Feb2006

Company: Ernst & Young

Designation: System Executive


  • Attending day-to-day problems (network, hardware, cabling, network operating system and server)

  • Network planning, design and implementation selecting network topology, various active and passive components.

  • Managing major installation of the Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Server, Lotus Notes Domino 5.0 and Novell NetWare 5.1 configuration and administration

  • Installation and troubleshooting of Desktop IBM PCs, Notebook ,IBM Netfinity and xSeries all types of Servers and Hardware RAID configuration, ranging from entry level server to higher level server at various locations

  • Installation and troubleshooting of Desktop Compaq PCs and Compaq PL and ML Series servers with different levels of RAID configuration

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