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Waubonsie Valley Diamond Steppers

Tryout Application


Mandatory Pre Audition meeting on Tuesday, April 14th 6:00 PM in room 154

(Parents/Guardian must attend with student)

Workshop Days – April 28th and 29th (Mandatory)

Audition Day – April 30th

Applications Due Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at auditions

Turn in completed applications to Alexandria McCain (Ms. Alyx), Coach

Waubonsie Valley Step Team Responsibilities
An effective Step Team member not only shows talent and performs routines at athletic events or competitions, but demonstrates responsibility, respect, dedication, enthusiasm, and school spirit. A step team member is cooperative with others at school and community events and relates well with peers and adults.
Specific responsibilities are:

1. To be aware of, understand, and follow the rules and regulations that govern the Waubonsie Valley Step Team. We are governed by our school’s athletic department code which is aligned with IHSA (Illinois High School Association). We also follow rules from IDTA during the competition season.

2. Attend and be punctual at all practices, competitions or special events for the season. A schedule will be provided upon making the team. (These are NOT optional).
3. Be an outstanding representative for our school, team, and families.
4. Members of the team may NOT participate in any other athletic sports or competitive dance organizations while in the fall and winter season. Please understand jobs, club sports, dance troupe, dance classes or dance company practices or competitions may not come before your Waubonsie Valley Step Team commitment.
5. It is essential for steppers and their parents to keep open communication with the coach and teammates so that we may work collaboratively in a positive and respectful manner.
6. Be an excellent student as well as an excellent team member. Step team members must be passing 5 academic classes to be eligible to compete and perform.
7. This activity/group competes and the school’s yearly athletic/participation fees are assessed. Each eligible member must pay the assessed athletic fees in order to compete. A payment plan is available through the Financial Secretary. Nonpayment of this fee will result in your student not being able to compete during the season and said student will not be considered for next year’s team.
Any infractions of the responsibilities will result in a meeting with the coaches and the stepper to discuss a remedy to any challenges that may occur. The coaches will reserve the right to remove a stepper for infractions of rules. A contract of conduct will be given upon making the team.
Team Costs

New this year, each stepper will be assessed a set amount to pay for items needed throughout the season. This amount changes every year and is determined by competition theme, funds available and team size. Items may include but are not limited to, costumes, warm ups and transportation. Steppers will be able and encouraged to fundraise to pay for these items. There will be some mandatory team fundraisers in which all steppers must participate. However, if a stepper chooses not to participate in the fundraising or does not reach the fundraising goal, he or she will be financially responsible to make up the difference. There will be a detailed cost list provided for you upon making the team.

Waubonsie Valley Commitment and Responsibilities

Candidate Name: _______________________________________________________

I/We, the parent(s) of the above-named, have read the tryout responsibilities and understand all the requirements. We understand the rules, dedication, costs, and the commitment. We understand the coaches have the final say in whether your son/daughter remains on the team. We also realize this is a team effort. Parent communication and involvement is greatly encouraged throughout the season.
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Signature: ___________________________________________
Date: _____________________

As a potential member of the Waubonsie Valley Step Team, I have fully read the tryout responsibilities and understand what is expected of me to be a team member. I agree to follow the rules and responsibilities. I will do all I can to uphold the honor and tradition of the Waubonsie Valley Step Team and respect my team members, my coach, my school, and all persons associated with school spirit at all times.

Potential Team Member’s Signature: _______________________________________________
Date: _____________________

Applications Due Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at auditions

Turn in completed applications to Alexandria McCain (Ms. Alyx), Coach
Tryout # __________

Waubonsie Valley Step Team Application

Student Information:

Name ______________________________________________________ Grade (for 15/16) __________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone ________________________________ Cell Phone ___________________________

E-mail _______________________________ T-Shirt Size____________

Parent/Guardian Information:

Parent’s Name _______________________________________ Parent’s Work # ___________________

E-mail ____________________________________________ Cell Phone # ______________________

Please list any medical conditions/allergies we should be aware of: _____________________________________________________________________________________

CHECKLIST: (Please make sure all documents are completed and turned in)

______ Waubonsie Valley Step Team Tryout Application

______ Waubonsie Valley Commitment/Responsibilities Signature Page
*****Auditions will begin promptly at 3:45 PM. Warm up time and registration will begin at 2:45 PM. In order to be scored properly, you must attend both tryout days. April 28th and 29th. Please wear comfortable clothing including gym shoes, (no boots, no sandals and no jewelry) *****

Applications Due Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at auditions

Turn in completed applications to Alexandria McCain (Ms. Alyx), Coach

Waubonsie Valley Step Team Application
The Waubonsie Valley Step Team is both a fall and winter sport. Our season can possibly carry into the spring season due to the State Championships and community performances. We will be a competition team. This will involve several competitions as well as our commitment to school and community service events and assembly performances.
Rules for Tryouts:

  1. Each candidate must attend both tryout dates. We will use the Cafeteria at Waubonsie Valley High School and will begin at 3:45 PM and end promptly at 5 PM each day. Warm up time and registration will begin at 2:45 PM. Please arrange to be picked up from Waubonsie at 5 PM.

  1. Each candidate and a parent/guardian must attend the mandatory pre audition meeting on Tuesday, April 14 at 6:00 PM in room 154 (enter at door 16 by the pool)

Important information will be given regarding the tentative calendar of events and deadlines, rules of conduct, team costs and fundraisers. If you are not able to attend this meeting, please contact Ms. Alyx, team coach, for information so your student can audition.
3. Each candidate must turn in a competed application and the responsibilities form, signed by both applicant and the parent/guardian at the first day of auditions.
4. Candidate will wear comfortable clothing. NO JEANS, NO JEWELRY, NO FLIP FLOPS, NO BOOTS OR SANDLES. YOU MUST WEAR GYM SHOES.
5. The candidate must be on time and attend both tryout dates in order to audition for the team. Workshop Dates - April 28th and April 29th

Audition - April 30th

Attention Scullen and Still Middle School Students

Reservations to be picked up from Scullen and Still and brought to WVHS are available. This is on a first come first serve basis. Reservations must be received by Friday, April 24 at 630-375-3300 x 4223. Please give child’s name and school and a phone number where you can be reached or a message can be left. Also, verbally give your permission for your child to be picked up by shuttle bus and brought to WVHS.

I __________ (your name), give my permission for my child, ___________ to be picked up by WV staff via shuttle bus from ___________ (school name) for step team auditions. I understand I will have to make arrangements to pick my child up from WV at 5PM each day.” You will receive a confirmation phone call that same day.

Being on the Waubonsie Valley Step Team is a lot of FUN! In order to present an outstanding team it does require your time, hard-work, cooperation, teamwork, and dedication. Please understand when you are completing this application you are committing to bring your best self to school spirit, a team approach, and high standard. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and commitment to a successful season. If you have any further questions before or during tryouts, please talk to Alexandria McCain (Ms. Alyx) at 630-375-3300 x4223 or
Step Team Staff:

Alexandria McCain (Ms. Alyx) - Team Coach

Chris Owens – Team Choreographer and Assistant Coach

Tonia Lewis-Rogers - Parent Liaison

Kennedi Page – Team Manager
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