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This Book is divided into four sections. Section one comprises of 2 parts. Part A 2000 commonly used words and their uses through a sentence. Part B 700 commonly used idioms their origins and uses through the examples of sentence. We would advise the students to make it a habit of reading extensively and should try framing sentence on the difficult words so that they are aware about the proper English usage. This will be of immense help in solving comprehensions, closet test and other questions, if you do this exercise on a regular basis rest assured that you will read, write and speak excellent English. We would also want to make it clear that many of the sentences has been taken from the articles and journals of newspaper and we in no way are trying to endorse or opposes any views/outfits/affiliations, etc. This was the process adopted by me during my preparation days hence you will find many sentences which were a part of the newspaper articles twelve-thirteen years back. Still if it hurts the sentiments of any person living or dead, we are tendering our apology in advance and we vouch that we have no intentions of hurting or maligning any one.

Section two comprises of English grammar basics and explanations with examples based on it. To make the students understand better in this section many things have been repeated in this book.

Section three consists of exercises on all the commonly asked topic of English, which are included in the competitive examinations.

And finally in section four we have provided you with the practices set to gey yourself equipped with the examination pattern and environment

Note: for the sake of students interest at large we have also incorporated a section on computer awareness; to give them the hands on experience on the computer basics and fundamentals. Please note that this portion is only indicative and not exhaustive.

The book is a part of coaching material of banking Wizard exclusively to be used by and distributed to our in-house students and not to be sold over the counter for any commercial activities.

We once again put our disclaimer that the sentences taken from the journal, articles, print and electronic media, etc are in no way endorsed by us. These are not our opinions or views, we are using those sentences only as a tool to teach our students on how to use the words in a sentence to enhance their vocabulary usage so that they could read, write and speak English at par with any other English speaking person.


  1. Aeon: an immeasurably long period of time. (‘YUG’)

After dominating the World Cricket for aeons, Sachin Tendulkar finally retired yesterday.

  1. PLUNGE: To (cause to) move or be thrown suddenly forwards and/or downwards; (of the neck of a woman’s garments) to have a low curve or v-shape that shows quite a large area of chest.

  2. Plunge Into: to push or rush suddenly or violently into the depths or thickness; to be completely darken. (‘ANDHERE ME DOOB JANA’)

Many parts of the city were plunged into darkness for four hours.

  1. Smother: To die or kill from lack of air; suffocate; to cover thickly.

Fog smothered the City/ disrupts air and rail traffic.

  1. Chugs: Sound of an engine.

  2. Palpable: easily and clearly known by the sense or the mind; obvious.

Tears and anxiety ‘palpable’ as the last train to Pakistan ‘chugs’ off.

  1. Yokel, lout, bumpkin: rustic person lacking knowledge of urban mannerism.

  2. Upshot: result or outcome

  3. Dainty: small sized

  4. Symbiosis: close association

  5. Demarche: giving a boundary or limit (demarcation)

India issued a fresh demarche to Pakistan asking it to hand over the 20 criminals and terrorist sought by India.

  1. Ponder: to spend time in considering ( a fact, difficulties, etc)

  2. Absconding: to go away suddenly and secretly because one has done wrong.

He absconded from the bank with all the money.

  1. Disembarked: to go on shore from a ship

  2. Outrage: a very cruel/ wrong act, outraged, offends.

  3. Aide: a person who helps or assists

  4. Annuls: to cause agreement; to cease to exist

HDFC may lose 8 crore if NSE annuls cyberspace deals.

  1. Rake: to remember and talk about (something that should be forgotten)

  2. Foment: arouse or increase (trouble or discontent); apply warmth or moisture to (a part of the body) to lessen pain or discomfort.

  3. Insurrection: the act or occasion of rising against the people who have power such as the government.

Pakistan has for years used such a formulation as a cover to foment and supply the Kashmir insurrection.

  1. Shield: to protect or hide from harm or danger

  2. Substantiate: to prove the truth

The PM accused opposition of failing to provide any evidence to substantiate their allegations.

  1. Heaven: place of calm and safety.

Evidence that the Taliban are using Pakistan as a safe heaven is mounting.

  1. Torment: a cause of very great pain or suffering

Freezing February continue to torment Delhiites.

  1. Embroiled: to cause (oneself or another) to join in something trouble some

  2. Odyssey: a sort of biodata; list of activities; long adventurous journey.

  3. Abduction: to take away (a person) unlawfully often by force.

  4. Injunction: law; a command or official order to do or not to do something; to control/prevent from doing something.

The Delhi High Court dismissed an application filed by archies seeking an injunction to restrain the Shivsena, VHP and Bajrang Dal from interfering in Valentine’s Day celebrations.

  1. Hostile: unfriendly; showing dislike; belonging to an enemy.

Many a time the eye witness turn hostile and judiciary becomes a mockery.

  1. Screaming: to cry out loudly on a high note (‘chillana’)

  2. Blunt: not sharp

  3. Glue: to paste (‘çhipkana’)

  4. Perseverance: to continue firmly in spite of difficulties (‘jeevat’)

  5. Dogged: having or showing a character which refuses to yield or give up the face of difficulty or opposition (‘jeevat’)

  6. Obtuse: stupid (‘murkh’)

  7. Saga: a long story about the brave and exciting actions of a distance time in history (‘gaatha’)

  8. Veneration: to treat with great respect and honor and sometimes worship (áadar’)

  9. Vilification: to say bad things about something, abuse (‘kalankit karna’)

Valentine is for veneration not vilification

  1. Hail: to recognize as something good (‘abhivadan karna’) hailstone: ola, hailstorm: ola vristi i.e falling of stones from the sky along with water during rainfall

  2. Connotation: an idea suggested by a word in addition to the formal meaning of the word.

  3. Emanate: to come out from (‘nikalna’)

  4. Bizarre: strange, peculiar, odd (‘vichitra’)

A 62 year old man died under bizarre circumstances

  1. Ransack: to search through and rob( ‘chaan dalna’; ‘loot lena’)

Shivsainik ransack a shop in Delhi on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

  1. Congressional: to exchange information and opinion (‘sammelan’)

A congressional research service study has said, a Chinese company delivered 12 shipments of components for missiles.

  1. Stir: public excitement (‘sansani failana’; ‘hulchul macha dena’)

President Musharraf created a stir by suggesting, India may have conducted a nuclear test)

  1. Startle: to cause to jump by sudden surprise (‘chakit/ bhauchakka kar dena’)

The actor startled the audience.

  1. Blitz: sudden heavy attack especially from the air (‘hawai aakraman’; ‘aasmani hamla’)

Diplomatic blitz preferred to guns. (kutneeti ko bandook se jyada variyata dena)

  1. Skeptical: unwilling to believe; doubtful (‘sansay’)

  2. Rout: to defeat completely and drive away (‘ghor parajay’; ‘khader dena’)

The ruling combine has been routed in all the three regions

  1. Ad-hoc: made arrangements for a particular purpose (‘a-asthayi’)

The government warned the employees that if they do not withdraw their strike then it would start making ad-hoc appointments.

  1. Hitchhike: to go on a journey by getting rides in other people’s car. (‘doosre ke wahan par muft sair karna’)

Hitchhikers held for stealing car.

  1. Intercept: to stop and usually seize. (‘raaste me rok dena’)

The PCR Van acted swiftly and intercepted the trio.

  1. Menace: something which suggests a threat or brings danger. (‘ghatak’)

Plan ready to combat monkey menace.

  1. Culpable: deserving blame (‘doshi’; ‘mujrim’)

  2. Bane: a cause of continual trouble( ‘galle ki haddi’)

  3. Beheaded: cut off the head especially as a punishment (‘sar dhar se alag kar dena’)

Kidnapped and beheaded by terrorist.

  1. Stray: met or happening by chance; animal who has lost its way (‘ikka-dukka’; ‘chitput’; bhatka janwar eg stray dogs)

Stray incidence of violence

  1. Hitherto: up until now (a hitherto unknown) (‘abhi tak’)

  2. Quarantine: a period of time when a person or animal that may be carrying disease is kept separate from others so that the disease cannot spread (‘sangrodh’)

Ten more people with similar infections have been put under quarantine.

  1. Spurt: a sudden pouring out of liquid or gas. (‘phuhara’; ‘dhara’; ‘tej dhar’)

  2. Allay: to make (fear, anger, doubt, etc) less ( ‘dabana’; ‘kam karna’; ‘shaant karna’)

  3. Panic: feeling of fear and anxiety (‘afratafri’)

Administration tried to allay fear and prevent people from panic.

  1. Onset: the first attack or beginning of something (bad) (‘shuruwat’; ‘aakraman’)

Those affected had gone hunting just before the onset of the disease.

  1. Contain: to hold back, keep under control. (‘thamna’’ ; ‘rokna’; ‘sammilit karna’)

Eight persons died before the disease could be contained.

  1. Scathing: bitterly cruel in judgement (scathing remark) (‘katu aalochnapurna’; ‘kathortapurwak’)

  2. Consignment: to put into the care of another; handover. (‘maal preshan’ eg: courier)

A consignment containing parts of mirage aircraft went missing

  1. Proclaim: to make known publicly; declare officially( ‘ghosit/elan karna’)

He is a self proclaimed super star.

  1. Slug: to strike with a heavy blow (‘ghunsa marna’; ‘andha dhundh maarna’)

  2. Sluggish: slow moving; not very active or quick (‘aalsi’; ‘sust’)

  3. Humility: the quality of being humble (‘vinamrata’)

These women slug it out, but with humility.

  1. Coerce: to make (an unwilling person or group of people) do something. (‘majboor karna’; ‘zabardasti karna’)

  2. Prostrate: lying flat with the face on the ground (‘stabdh’; ‘shaastaang’; ‘aaundhe muh gira hua’)

  3. Jolt: shake or be shocked (‘jhatka’)

Jolt to BJP in Delhi.

  1. Herald: a person who carried messages from a ruler and gave important news to the people; to be a sign of something coming. (‘sandeshwahak’; ‘doot’)

  2. Lubricate: to make able to move easily by adding a lubricant. (‘chikna karna’)

  3. Christened: naming someone; to use for the first time (‘naamkaran karna’; ‘pehli baar istemaal karna’)

The clone kitten, christened cc, heralds the possible beginning of a lucrative industry to bring beloved pets back from beyond.

  1. Lynch: (a crowd of people) to attack and kill (someone thought to be guilty of a crime), without a lawful trial. (gair kanooni dhang se samuh dwara jaan le lena)

Haj pilgrims lynch minister in Kabul.

  1. Underscore: underline (rekhankit)

  2. Inhibits: to prevent (‘rokna’; ‘badha dalna’)

  3. Hamlet: a small village

Panic swept through the tinu hamlets.

  1. Fumigating: to clear of disease, bacteria or harmful insects by means of chemical smoke or gas.(‘dhuan dena’)

They are also fumigating vehicles in which patients were taken to hospital.

  1. Intragent: showing strong ideas which cannot be changed by other’s wishes. (

  2. Prop: support to keep in position (‘tek’; ‘’ sahara’)

BJP would not prop up a government headed by Mayawati.

  1. Lament: a strong expression of grief or sorrow. (‘shok’; ‘vilap’)

  2. Cumbersome: heavy and awkward to carry. (‘bhari bhrkam’; ‘jatil’)

But he also lamented the fact that corrupt judges could not be removed because of the cumbersome procedures relating to their dismissals.

  1. Plea: demand ; explanation; logic (‘safai dena’; ‘nivedan’; ‘tark’)

  2. Stalemate: a condition in which neither side in a quarrel, argument, etc seems unable to move or gain advantage(‘gatirodh’)

  3. Orator: a good public speaker (‘vakta’)

  4. Outbreak: a sudden appearance or beginning of something bad(‘prakop’)

It would not be surprising if it turns out to be another outbreak of plague.

  1. Slog: (a time or course of) hard dull work; walking by pulling one’s legs, hitting hard. (‘pair ghasit kar chalna’; ‘kari mehnat karna’; ‘jor se marna’ like slog overs in cricket)

A few good men who first worked on konkan railway and are now slogging to make the Delhi metro a reality)

  1. Spur: without preparation or planning; motivation; small path.

  2. Via-duets: a long high bridge which carries a road or railways across a valley

  3. Emanate: to come out from(‘nikalna’; úttpan hona’)

The media report emanating from shimla

  1. Nabbed: to catch (ékaek pakar/jhapat lena’)

  2. Recourse: a means of help; resort (‘sahara’; ‘sharan’)

  3. Stiff: not easily bent, painful, unfriendly(‘kathor’; ‘kara’)

  4. Burglars: a thief who leaks into house (‘sendhmar’; çhor’) burglars arrested.

  5. Dire: very great; terrible; in dire need of food, causing great fear for the future. (‘bhisan’; ‘bekar’) dire consequence, a dire warning

  6. Dexterity: appreciate the quality of cleverness and skill (‘nipunta’; ‘dakshta’)

Few Indian politicians can match parvez musharraf verbal dexterity.

  1. Fascinate: to charm powerfully; be very interesting to (‘moh lena’; ‘mantramugdha kar dena’)

  2. Pragmatic: dealing with matters in the way that seems best under the actual conditions(‘tathyatmak’; ‘vyavharik’)

  3. Dodgy: not safe; risky; dangerous

He ran a dodgy single

  1. Evil-doer: a person who does evil (‘paapi’); sinner

  2. Neuter: not male or female (‘hijra’)

  3. Eunuch: a man who has been castrated (had part of his sexual organs removed) (‘badhiya kiya hona’)

  4. Euphoria: a feeling of happiness or cheerful excitement(‘param such bodh’)

  5. Hackneyed: meaningless because used and repeated too often

  6. Grim: cruel; hard; or causing fear(‘kathor’; ‘bhayanak’; ‘manhoos’)

  7. Malingerer: to avoid work by pretending to be ill (‘jee churane wala’; ‘kaamchor’)

  8. Malice: a wish to hurt another people(‘dwesh’; ‘ranjish’; durbhawna)

  9. Unabashed: not ashamed; esp when something unusual or embarrassing happens (‘beparwah’; ‘nisankochpurvak’)

  10. Discord: (a case of) disagreement between people (‘matbhed’; ásahmati’)

  11. Scant: hardly enough(áparyapt’; ‘naam matra ka’)

He shows scant respect for his own parents.

  1. Aghast: suddenly filled with surprise, fear and shock.(‘hakka bakka’; ‘bhauchakka’; ‘bhayakrant’)

V.K. Krishna Menon or Indira Gandhi would have been aghast at reading what Khushwant Singh had to say of them.

  1. Squeals: a long very hard sound or cry (‘kilkari’; çhillana’;çhikhna’)

The mark of a true gentleman is that he never squeals on his friends.

  1. Tact: the ability to do or say the right thing at the right time, and to avoid offending people; skill in dealing with people.(‘samajh bookh’; çhaturya’)

Tact, it is clear, is not one of his strong points.

  1. Tactic: a means of getting a desired result(clever tactics) (‘ran neeti’; ;yukti’; ‘tikram’)

  2. Forte: a strong point in a person’s character or abilities(‘visishta’; ‘uch koti’)

  3. Grate: to make sharp sound, unpleasant to the hearer(çharcharana’)

  4. Slay: to kill violently; murder (slew is the past tense)(‘maar dalna’; ‘vadh’)

  5. Slew: to cause to turn violently.

  6. Lecherous: (usually of a man) having desire for continual sexual pleasure(‘kamuk’)

  7. Womanizer: (of men) to habitually spend time with many women in order to have sexual relationship.(‘vyabhichari’)

Singh, it seems, lived largely in a world of crooks, lecherous, womanizers and drunks- all beyond any hope of salvation.

  1. Intimidate: to make(someone) fearful; esp: by threatening violence because one wants them to do something-intimidation.(‘dhamkana’; ‘bhaybheet karna’)

  2. Wary: careful (‘sawdhani baratna’)

  3. Unwary: careless( ásawdhan’; ‘bekhabar’)

  4. Chuckle: to laugh quietly (‘dabi hui hansi’)

One can almost hear singh chuckling behind the curtain

  1. Maniac: a wild thoughtless person(‘sanki’; ‘paagal’)

  2. Cynic: a person who thinks that people work only in their own interest (‘nindak’; ‘dosh darshi’)

  3. Appalling: causing fear (‘stambhit’)

  4. Hedonism: the idea that pleasure is the most important thing in the life(‘sukhwad’)

  5. Discern: to see, understand (‘dekhna’; ‘pata lagana’)

  6. Discerning: having or showing the power to decide or judge (‘kushagrabuddhi’)

  7. Damn: an expression of anger or disappointment, used in negatives, questions.(‘lanat’; ‘dhikkarna’; ‘raddi’)

There is no discernible purpose in this writing unless it be to damn everyone who comes in singh’s way.

  1. Sycophant: a person who tries too much to please (flatters) those in position of power, so as to gain advantage for himself. (çhaaplus’)

  2. Frivolous: not serious; silly- he has a frivolous nature (‘halka’; behuda’; ‘toochh’; ‘gambhirta se vichar na karne wala’)

“Do not frivolously use time that is yours to spend”)

  1. Vivacious: full of life and high spirits (‘joshpurn’; ‘furtila’)

Experience, vivacity and brains

  1. Kow-tow: to obey without question, be too humble(towards) (‘dandwat karna’)

  2. Infallible: never making mistake or doing anything bad(‘kabhi galti na karne wala’; áchook’)

None of them are as infallible as they are made out to be.

  1. Negligee: a woman’s light and usually fancy night dress.(‘dhila gown’)

  2. Blurting: saying without thinking

  3. Exude: to (cause to) flow out slowly and spread in all directions (‘pasigna’; tapakna’)

That sums up all the arrogance and charm she exudes.

  1. Promulgation: beginning; invoke (‘prachar’; ‘vigyapan’; ‘ghosna’; laagu karna)

  2. Toll: to cost in health, life, etc from something. Eg: the death toll. (‘kshati’)

  3. Converge: to come together towards a common point (convergence) (ék bindu ki or jaana’; ábhisarit hona’)

  4. Conversant: familiar with (‘jaankaar’; ‘vakif’)

  5. Abet: law or humor to help (someone) in a plan, especially a crime (úksana’; ápradh me sahyog karna’)

India believes the maoist are abetted by the ISI.

  1. Loggerheads: always disagreeing (ánban’; ‘vicharon ka na milmna’)

  2. Logistic: the way in which soldiers can be moved, supplied with food. (‘sambhar tantra’) U.S. has been providing Nepal with intelligence and logistics.

  3. Throng: making crowd; to go (as if) in a crowd. (‘bheed lagana’)

The monkey can be seen thronging the staircase.

  1. Putrefy: to decay (‘sadna’)

A putrefy body recently recovered from a drain

  1. Wrath:extreme anger(‘prachand kroadh’)

Congress leaders face ULFA wrath

  1. Fume: to show sign of great anger and restlessness (‘kroadh karna’)

Yadavs of Mainpuri have been reported to be fuming over the alleged neglect of the district by the SP chief)

  1. Withstand: to oppose without yielding; resist (yield means to give) (‘saamna karna’; ‘sahan karna’; ‘pratirodh karna’)

  2. At the hel of: in control of (‘niyantran me’)

Notwithstanding the fact that a BJP led government has been at the helm of affairs in Lucknow for the past five years.

  1. Wayside: the side of the road (‘sadak ke kinare’)

  2. Millstone: a persone or a thing that gives someone a great trouble, anxiety, etc.

The decision turned into millstones around lawmaker’s neck.

  1. Woo: to make efforts to gain (the support of) (‘samarthan mangna’)

Both parties are working hard to woo minority community voters.

  1. Consolidate: to make or become stronger of firm ; to (cause to) combine into fewer or one (mil jana’; ‘majboot banana’)

  2. ploy: a way of behaving in order to gain some advantage (‘vyuh’; ‘tikram’; çhaal’)

  3. hark back :to mention things which happened in the past (ýaad dilana’)

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