Bibliography for the matul (as of May 28, 2007)

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Bibliography for the MATUL (as of March 28, 2010)

As you develop courses please use the APA 5 format (See handbook)

Those marked with a * are books that are essential and should be included in the library
Overall Program

*Bessenecker, Scott. (2005). Quest for Hope in the Slum Community. Waynesborough, GA: Authentic.

*Davey, Cyril. (2000). Saint in the Slums: Kagawa of Japan. Jersey City: Parkwest Publications. (Avaiable from Betty Sue Brewster, Fuller Seminary)

*Grigg, Viv. (2004). Companion to the Poor. Monrovia, CA: Authentic Media.

*Myers, Bryant. (1999). Walking with the Poor. Monrovia: Orbis.

Pierli, Franceso & Abeledo, Yago (Eds.). (2002). The Slums: A Challenge to Evangelization. Daughters of St Paul, P O Box 49026, Nairobi 00100, Kenya: Paulinas Productions.

Neuwirth, R. (2005). Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, A New Urban World. New York and Oxon, UK, Routledge.

UN-HABITAT (2003). The Challenge of the Slums: Global Report on Human Settlements. Nairobi, Earthscan.

TUL500 Writings, Reign and Realities

*Glasser, Arthur, Charles van Engen & Gilliland, Dean. (2003). Announcing the Kingdom. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic.

*Hanks, Thomas. (1983). God So Loved the Third World: The Biblical Vocabulary of Oppression. Maryknoll: Orbis.

Kraybill, Donald B. (1978). The Upside Down Kingdom. Scottsdale, PA: Herald Press.

La Sor, William Sanford, David Allan Hubbard & Frederic William Bush (Eds.). (1987). Old Testament Survey: The Message, Form and Background of the Old Testament. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans.

Ladd, George Eldon. (1959). The Gospel of the Kingdom. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans.

---. (1974). A Theology of the New Testament. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans.

*Roberts, Vaughan. (2003). God's Big Picture: Teaching the Story-line of the Bible. Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press.

*Snyder, Howard. (1997). A Kingdom Manifesto. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers (1985 edn. by IVP).

Tamez, Elsa. (2006). Bible of the Oppressed. OR:Wipf and Stock.

*Van Engen, Charles. (1996). Mission on the Way: Issues in Mission Theology. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.
TUL505 Language and Culture Acquisition (to be edited into APA format)

*E. Thomas Brewster and Elizabeth S. Brewster, Language Acquisition Made Practical: A Comprehensive “How-To” Book for Learning Any Language. Pasadena: Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1976.

*Donald N. Larson, Guideline for Barefoot Language Learning – An Approach Through Involvement and Independence. Fresno, CA: Link Care Publications, 1984.

Peter Cotterell, Language and the Christian – A Guide to Communication and Understanding. London: Samuel Bagster & Sons Ltd, 1978.

Soundararajan G. Immanuel, Indian Culture and Christianity. Secunderabad: OM Books, 2000.

*Eugene A. Nida, Customs and Culture – Anthropology for Christian Missions. Pasadena: William Carey Library, 1976.

*Luzbetak, Louis J. S.V.D. (1989). The Church and Cultures. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books.

*Myron Loss, Culture Shock – Dealing with Stress in Cross-Cultural Living. Indiana: Light and Life Press, 1983.

TUL510 Academic English Development
TUL520 Urban Spirituality

*Neuwirth, R. (2005). Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, A New Urban World. New York and Oxon, UK, Routledge.

UN-HABITAT (2003). The Challenge of the Slums: Global Report on Human Settlements. Nairobi, Earthscan.

Weber, M. (1921/1958). The City. New York, NY, The Free Press. Urban, Culture, Transformation,Poverty,Reality

TUL530 Urban Poor Church Planting

*Grigg, Viv. (1984/2004). Companion to the Poor. Monrovia, CA: Authentic Media (revised and updated), originally Abatross: Sydney (1984), revised MARC: Monrovia (1990)).

---. (1992/2004). Cry of the Urban Poor. London: Authentic Press.

Mavrodes, George. (1976). The Salvation of Zachary Baumkletterer. The Other Side (Feb 1976).

*McGavran, Donald. (1970). Understanding Church Growth. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans.

Neighbour, Ralph Jr. (1988). The Shepherd's Guidebook. P.O. Box 19888, Houston, Texas 77224: Touch Outreach Ministries Inc.

Wolf, Tom. (1980). Oikos Evangelism: Key to the Future. In Jr Ralph Neighbor (Ed.), Future Church. Nashville: Broadman Press.
**Readings on the course CD
Bessenecker, Scott, (2004) The New Friars: Evangelical Youth Living Among the Poor, unpublished

Breen, M. (2002). Fivefold Ministries. In The Apostle's Notebook. Eastbourne, England.

Brewster, E. T. B. E. S. (1982). Bonding and the Missionary Task. Pasadena, CA, Lingua House.

Craig, J. M. (1997).  Light, Water and a Basketball Court. Servants Among the Poor. Wellington, SERVANTS to Asia's Urban Poor: 124-146.

Davey, C. J. (1960). Kagawa of Japan. 'Across the Death-Line'. London, Camelot Press: 56-69.

Foster, G. (1998). HIV and AIDS: Orphans and Sexual Vulnerability. Sexually Exploited Children; Working to Protect and Heal. P. K. M. McDermid. Monrovia, CA, MARC: 216-232.

Garrison, D. (2004). What Does the Bible Say? Church Planting Movements: How God is Redeeming a Lost World. Midlothian, VA, WIGTake Resources: 199-219.

Global, Geneva. (2004). Urban Slums Worldwide. Philadelphia, Geneva Global.

Eding, G. F. (1988). Drug Addiction and Prostitution, Urban Ministry in Asia (Vol. 198-207): Asia Theological Association

Grigg, V. (1984). The Lifestyle and Value System of SERVANTS. Auckland, New Zealand, Urban Leadership Foundation.

Grigg, V. (1992) Church of the Poor. Discipling the City, Roger Greenway, ed.

Grigg, V. (2004). Companion to the Poor. GA, USA, Authentic Media in partnership with World Vision.

Grigg, V. (2005). Cry of the Urban Poor. GA, USA, Authentic Media in partnership with World Vision.

Grigg, V. Of Barefoot Dentists ... And Rich Young Rulers

Grigg, V. The Poor Wise Man of Calcutta

Hanks, T. (1984). Basic Old Testament Vocabulary of Oppression. God So Loved the Third World. Maryknoll, Orbis Books.

Hesselgrave, D. J. (1980). Planting Churches Cross-Culturally; A Guide for Home and Foreign Missions. The Believers Congregated. Grand Rapids, Michigan, Baker Books: 269-301.

Jenkins, L. (2003). Kingdom Building In a Diversified Urban Community. Nyack, New York, Alliance Theological Seminary.

Jocano, F. L. (1975). Round-the-Clock Activities. Slum as a Way of Life. Quezon City, New Day Publishers: 33-50.

Myers, Bryant (1999) Walking with the Poor, New York, NY: Orbis Books, Maryknoll pp. 46-56

Miller, R. "Building Homes and Hopes in a Brazilian Slum."

Phillips, K. (1996). Out of Ashes. The Middle Years: Christian Nurture. Los Angeles, World Impact Press: 87-94.

Snyder, Howard. (1985). The Age of Jubilee. A Kingdom Manifesto: 67-76

Van Engen, Charles (1996). Mission on the Way; Issues in Mission Theology. Introduction; What is Mission Theology? Grand Rapids, Michigan, Baker Books: 17-31.

Wilson, L. (1997). "Virtues of a Woman." World Vision April-May.

TUL540 Urban Reality & Theology
540a Urban Theological Perspectives

Tamez, Elsa. (1982). Bible of the Oppressed. Maryknoll: Orbis.

Libanio, Joao Batista. (2001). As Lógicas da Cidade: O Impacto Sobre a Fé e Sob o Impacto da Fé. São Paulo: Edições Loyola.
Urban Contextual Theology

*Van Engen, Charles. (1996). Mission on the Way: Issues in Mission Theology. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.

* Grigg, Viv. (1999). Transformational Conversations: Hermeneutic for the Postmodern City. pcbc journal. (on CD for Citywide Leadership).
540b Urban Realities

Urban Economics

*de Soto, Hernando. (1989). The Other Path (June Abbott, Trans.). New York: Harper & Row.

Jacobs, Jane. (1984). Cities and the Wealth of Nations. The Atlantic Monthly (Mar/Apr 1984).
Urban Religious Movements

*Martin, David. (1990). Tongues of Fire: The Explosion of Protestantism in Latin America. Cambridge, MA: Basil Blackwell.

---. (2002). Pentecostalism: The World Their Parish. Oxford: Blackwell.
Anthropology and Sociology of Poverty

Jocano, F. Landa. (1975). Slum As a Way of Life. Manila: New Day Publishers, Box 167, Quezon City 3008.

Myrdal, Gunnar. (1968). Asian Drama: An Inquiry into the Poverty of the Nations.

*Lewis, Oscar. (1966). "The Culture of Poverty." Scientific American, 215 (4), 3-9.

de Jesus, Carolina Maria. (2003). Child of the Dark. New York, London, Auckland: Penguin.
Sociology of the Slums

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