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Amazing planet : explosive Earth. National Geographic Television, c1996.
Volcanoes oozing 2,000 - degree lava! Yellowstone's bubbling mud pots & geysers! Deep sea vents, home to creepy tube worms! California's earthquake "danger zone!" Tsunamis, giant killer waves that can rage as fast as a 500 mph jet plane!.

VC 909 Bet

Between the wars : The road to Pearl Harbor. Columbia River, 1998.
The Road to Pearl Harbor. 1. The Lost Peace. 2. The Price of Appeasement. 3. The Age of Giants. 4. Countdown to Pearl Harbor. It was the era of Lucky Lindy, bootlegging, Babe Ruth, Valentino, and assem-line Fords. Also the time of market collapse, Klan meetings, and the meteoric rise of Hitler and Nazism.

VC 909 His

History of the 80's : 1980. Home Video, 1991.
Iran hostage crisis - US hockey victory - Soviet invasion of Afghanistan - Mt. St. Helens, Love Canal, Movies of the year - Solidarity in Poland - Chrysler bailout.

VC 909 His

History of the 1980's : 1981. Home Video, 1991.
Hostages released - Reagan inqugurated - MTV - Reagan and Pope John Paul II assassination attempts - PCs & Videos - Charles & Diana's Wedding - AIDS - Sadat Assassination.

VC 909 His

History of the 1980's : 1982. Home Video, 1991.
Vietnam Memorial - Falkland Islands war - ERA defeat - Israeli invasion of Lebanon - Tylenol poisonings - Anti-nuclear protest - Artificial heart implanted - Poland.

VC 909 His

History of the 1980's : 1983. Home Video, 1991.
US deployment of nuclear weapons in Europe - Granada invasion - Education report - Star Wasrs - Aquino assassination - Firsts in America - US Embassy/Marine barracks bombed.

VC 909 His

History of the 1980's : 1984. Home Video, 1991.
Bhopal disaster - New patriotism - Central America - Presidential campaigns - Los Angeles Olympics - Bernard Goetz - Indira Gandhi assassination - Iran-Iraq war.

VC 909 His

History of the 1980's : 1985. Home Video, 1991.
Gorbachev comes to power - Live Aid/Farm Aid concerts - Terrorism - Apartheid in South Africa - Crack - Contras - AIDS - Pet Rose - Poland - US buyouts of corporations.

VC 909 His

History of the 1980's : 1986. Home Video, 1991.
Challenger disaster - Iceland Summit - Oliver North - Chernobyl nuclear accident - Homeless in America - Statue of Liberty centennial - Kurt Waldheim - US bombs Libya.

VC 909 His

History of the 1980's : 1987. Home Video, 1991.
Wal Street crash - AIDS - Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker - Papal visit to Polant - Gorbachev in America - Contra Affair - Japan in America - 200th Anniversary of US Constitution.

VC 909 His

History of the 1980's : 1988. Home Video, 1991.
Environmental issues - Reagan and Gorbachev - Navy in the Persian Gulf - Pan Am Flight 103 - Election - Wall Street buyouts - PLO renounces terrorism - Benazir Bhutto.

VC 909 His

History of the 1980's : 1989. Home Video, 1991.
End of the Soviet Bloc - Berlin Wall - Manuel Noriega - Exxon Valdez - San Francisco Earthquake - War on drugs - Student protests in China - Romania - S & L crisis - Bush.

VC 909.07 Dar

The Dark Ages : Europe after the fall of Rome (410 - 1066 A.D.). ACG/United Learning.
(410 - 1066 A.D.) How Britain was changed when it became a province of Rome. What happened when the Anglo-Saxons destroyed Roman civilization in Britain; and Rome's unified government was replaced by many small warlike kingdoms.

VC 909.07 Med

Medieval times: Life in the Middle Ages (1000-1450 A.D.). Niles, Illinois: United Learning.

VC 909.08 Wes

The Western Tradition : The Cold War and Europe and the Cold War. Annenberg, 1989.
49. The U.S. and Soviet Union dominated Europe and confronted each other in Korea. 50. Burdened with the legacy of colonial imperialism, the Third World rushed development to catch up with its Western counterparts.

VC 909.09 Isl

The story of Islam : A history of the world's most misunderstood faith. MPI Home Video, c1990 ; 1983.
This film takes us on a journey through the Story of Islam, from its humble beginnings 1300 years ago, to its place in the world today. We are introduced to the culture, philosophy, and staples of this way of life which is rapidly being embraces by so many in the West. You will learn of the amazing similarities between Muslim, Christian, and Judaic faiths, and perhaps the program will help tear down the stereotypical Western vies of Islam as an alien phenomenon.

VC 909.81 Wes

The Western tradition : The Industrial Revolution / The Industrial World. Annenberg, 1989.
41. Technology and mass production reduced famine and ushered in higher standards of living. 42. A consumer revolution was fueled by coal, public transportation, and new city services.

VC 909.82 Nat

Nature's fury : A decade of disasters. MPI, 1989.
Describes the earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and bitter cold that have brought havoc during the 1980's.

VC 909.83 New

Newscast from the past. California: Zenger Video.

VC 910 Ant

Antarctica : Life in the freezer. National Geographic, 1998.
What does it take to survive the coldest place on Earth? For Weddell seals, enduring the Antarctic winters means staying underwater - - where, even at subzero temperatures, it's warmer beneath the ice. David Attenborough.

VC 910 Fiv

Five themes of geography. California : TMW Media Group, c1995.
What are the five themes of geography? What is absolute location? What is relative location? What are human or cultural place characteristics? What is an environment? Whare are physical place characteristics? What is a region?. Narrated by Ron Hamill and Christiana Dene-Lambert.

VC 910 Wha

What is geography? California : TMW Media Group, c1995.
This volume answers questions that students ask concerning "Geographic Definitions." Examples are: What does geography mean? What are the differences between types of maps? What is geology? What is a thematic map? What is a culture hearth? What is physical geography? What is a renewable resource? What is oceanography? What is human geography?. Narrated by Ron Hamill and Christiana Dene-Lambert.

VC 910.09 Ara

Arab gulf states. Los Angeles : Pilot Productions, 2002.
Traveler Megan McCormick visits three of the six Arab Gulf states. She starts her journey in the battle scarred Kuwait traveling onto the United Arab Emirates, visiting biblical Oman in search of Frankincense and the Empty Quarter, one of the last great wildernesses on earth.

VC 910.09 Won

Valentine, Chris [director and producer]. Wonders of nature. New York: Reader's Digest Association, c1993.
Copyright: Reader's Digest Association, Inc. Prev: Some footage prev. pub. NM: all other cinematographic material, compilation, selection. DCR 1993; PUB 19Apr93; REG 17Aug93; PA668-047.

VC 912.54 Ind

South India. Oakland, CA: Lonely Planet Publications, c1996.
Justine Shapiro explores the country's southern tip-traveling through the state of Tamil Nadu and then on the tropical Kerala, where she tours is famed network of backwaters and canals. Quick quiz available.

VC 912.56 Jor

The Middle East : Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet Publications, 1999.
Ian Wright. Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon contain some of the most spectacular and mystical scenery in the world. This region's volatile politics is countered by the hospitality of its people. Traveler Ian Wright's Middle East adventure takes in Jordan's Wadi rum desert, the cities of Beirut and Damascus, border warzones and desert monasteries.

VC 912.7 Mex

Southern Mexico. Los Angeles : Pilot Productions, 2002.
Traeler Ian Wright betins his journey in Patzcuaro at the unique Day of the Dead festival. He then moves on to Guanajuato to spend time riding bulls with Mexican cowboys before taking in the nightlife of Acapulco. Ian vistis Puerto Escondido for the annual surfing competition and then journeys to the Landondon Jungle to learn the history of the Maya civilization.

VC 912.73 USA

Passport USA. Plymouth, MN: Simitar Entertainment, c1991.
Catch the fast-paced energy and excitement of New York City; enjoy the simplicity of the New England countryside; travel the path of freedom from Boston to Philadelphia to the great monuments and more.

VC 913.32 Egy

Egypt. Rand McNally.

VC 913.36 Sto

Stonehenge: Secrets of the unknown. ABC Video Enterprises, c1989.

VC 914 Cze

Czech Republic & Southern Poland. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet, 1999.
Since the collapse of communism in 1989, the Czech Republic has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. Traveling from Prague, through Bohemia and into southern Poland, Justine Shapiro visits the vestiges of bygone eras and finds a new culture blossoming in the heart of Eastern Europe.

VC 914.03 Ren

The Renaissance. California : Goldhil Video, c2001.

VC 914.12 Ger

Germany. Pilot Productions.
Traveler Justine Shapiro's journey starts in Berlin where she learns about Germany's experiences during World War II. From there she hitches a ride to Niebull before continuing on to the incredible beaches of Sylt. After a stop in Hamburg, she moves on to the grand city of Nuremberg before completing her trip climbing Mount Yenna in the Bavarian Alps.

VC 914.2 Bri

Britain's royal heritage. Lafayette, California: International Video Network, c1986.

VC 914.2 Bri

Welcome to Britain. Hammersmith, London: British Tourist Authority, c1987.

VC 914.20 Los

Lost castles of England. New York, New York : A&E Home Video, c1996.
See what life was like for nobels and vasasals in old England, when the rigid social structure defined roles, behavior, and attitudes. Leonard Nimoy.

VC 914.21 Lon

London : City guide. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet Publications, 1999.
Jonathan Atherton. On the cutting edge of contemporary art and music, London is the world's capital of cool and one of Europe's most memorable cities. Jonathan Atherton finds himself among snap-happy tourists on the trail of famous landmarks such as Trafalgar Square and Soho, then explores the alternative London of Gay Pride and Bangladeshi Brick Lane.

VC 914.24 Sha

Stratford - upon - Avon and the Shakespeare country. Venice, California : TMW Media Group.
Heritage Video presents the history of Stratford and Shakespearean times, with a fascinating look at the Shakespeare country.

VC 914.3 Ger

Germany. International Video Network.

VC 914.4 Aus

Australia. International Video Network.

VC 914.4 Aus

Touring Australia. Chicago, Illinois: Questar Video, Inc., c1993.

VC 914.4 Fra

Northern France. Los Angeles : Pilot Productions, 2003.
Globe Trekker traveler Justine Shapiro touches down on the Normandy Beaches to learn the history of the World War II D-Day landings. From here she takes the bullet train to Brittany before touring the coastal resorts of Le Touquet, Boulogne-sur-mer and Calais. She ends her journey in Champagne, tasting one of Frances most famous exports.

VC 914.5 Sou

Southern Italy. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet, 1999.
The boot shaped peninsular that extends southwards to the Mediterranean Sea was the center of the once mighty Roman Empire. Justine Shapiro tours the extraordinary remeains of the ancient culture and learns about modern Italian life along the way. She travels from the bustling city of rome along the coast to Terracine and Naples, into the Puglia region and ends aher journey at the time of the toe in Calabria.

VC 914.59 Cor

Corsica, Sicily, and Sardinia. Oakland, California: Lonely Planet Publications, c1996.
Traveler Ian Wright explores the mountains of Corsica, the isolated villages of Sardinia and the historic sites of Sicily. His journey ends on top of Europe's most active volcano, Stromboli, ... Quick quiz available.

VC 914.6 Spa

Northern Spain. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet Publications, 1999.
Spain is a country vibrant with arts and culture. It is also a vast place where you can still escape into wilderness. Sixty million people visit the country each year and most head for the south, but traveler Shilpa Mehta's journey is through the lesser known north of the country.

VC 914.7 DIS

Discovering Russia. San Ramon, CA : International Video Network, c1995.
See and taste the new and the old Russia. Marvel at the jeweled icons, golden churches, baroque fountains, Red Square, Lenin's tomb, Russian music & Russian delicacies.

VC 914.79 Fin

Finland & the Baltic States. Los Angeles : Pilot Production, 2002.
Traveler Neil Gibson visits the three capitals of the Baltic States before taking the ferry to finland and finally heading north to the forests and lakes of Karelia.

VC 914.8 Nor

Norway. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet, 1999.
Norway is a peace loving nation, but the country on the west coast of Scandinavia was once home to the most fearsome people in Europe- the Vikings. The land of extremes has one of the coldest climates in Europe and Ian Wright braces himself to begin his journey in Stavanger and head for the mountain slopes of Stryn via Bergen and Voss. He crosses the Artic Circle in Lapland and ends his trip on the remote island of Spitsbergen.

VC 915 Jap

Lonely planet -- the experience. The Japan experience. 1995.
Ride the bullet train at 160 miles per hour; read your fortune at a Buddhist shrine; tour the peace museum in Nagasaki; watch a snake and mongoose fight; swing fire at the Aso Fire Festival.

VC 915.1 Chi

China & Tibet. International Video, 1988.
Experience the beauty and grandeur of various cities and areas in China & Tibet and learn about their people, culture, and history.

VC 915.19 Kor

Korea: War, prosperity & democracy. Korea-America Society, 1995.

VC 915.2 Jap

Japan. San Ramon, California: International Video Network, 1988.

VC 915.49 Sri

Sri Lanka & the Maldives. Los Angeles : Pilot Production, 2002.
Treveler Megan McCormick begins her journey in Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka. She travels to the east coast to surfing paradise Arugam Bay, visits Ratnapura and Sigiriya, before drifing to Kandy. Flying to the Maldives, she ends her trip with a diving safari around the maze of idylli, uninhabited islands.

VC 915.61 Tur

Turkey. Oakland, California: Lonely Planet Publications, c1996.
Justine Shapiro makes her way from the roman ruins of Ephesus along the turquoise coast and then north through the rural Turkish interior to the mountainous Black Sea region. Quick quiz available.

VC 915.80 Cen

Central Asia : Kirghizstan and Uzbekistan. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet, 1996.
Right in the heart of Central Asia ar the former Soviet republics of Ubekistan and Kirghistan, an area of vast inaccessible wilderness, surrounded by harsh deserts and high mountains. It was once the site of the ancient caravan routes and its towns were oases on the Great Silk road of the east.

VC 915.9 Nor

The North India experience. San Ramon, California: International Video Network, c1995.

VC 915.9 Nor

North Thailand & Laos. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet, 1999.
Ian Wright travels in the fiercely independent country of Thailand (formerly Siam) and neighboring Laos, which has been under communist rule for more than 25 years. From Bangkok he journeys northwards to the trekking areas around Chiang Mai, before crossing the Mekong River into Laos.

VC 915.99 Phi

The Philippines. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet Publications, c1999.
The 7,000 islands which comprise the Philippines are the forgotten islands of South East Asia; they're off the main overland route and have never attracted great numbers of tourists. Beginning her journey on the island of Luzon, Shilpa Mehta visits the capital, Manila, before heading south to the paradise island of Boracay, Mindanao and, finally, the pristine island of Palawan.

VC 916 Uga

Trekking in Uganda and Congo. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet Publications, 1999.
Nikki Grosse. Uganda and the Congo, formerly Zaire, offer dramatic and remote landscapes and some of the hardest traveling on the planet. Nikki Grosse treks through forests and across mountain ranges in this ultimate experience.

VC 916.2 Isr

Israel and the Sinai Desert. Oakland, California: Lonely Planet Publications:, c1996.
Justine Shapiro's Middle East journey takes her through the Jewish Promised Land, which is also the land of Jesus and where Mohammed ascended to heaven. Quick quiz available.

VC 916.4 Mor

The Morocco experience. California : International Video Network, c1995.
Travel with Ian Wright along an ancient caravan route, trek through Morocco's Atlas Mountains, and barter in the bazaars.

VC 916.4 MOR

The Morocco experience. San Ramon, CA : International Video Network, c1995.
Traveller: Ian Wright. Travel with Ian Wright along an ancient caravan route, trek through Morocco's Atlas Mountains, and barter in the bazaars.

VC 916.60 Wes

West Africa. Oakland, California: Lonely Planet Publication, c1996.
Traveler Justine Shapiro visits three former French colonies - Benin, Burkina Faso, and Mali - traveling north from the old slave coast into the Sahara, ending her journey at the legendary city of... Quick quiz available.

VC 916.76 Eas

East Africa: Tanzania and Zanzibar. Oakland, California: Lonely Planet Publications, c1996.
Traveler Ian Wright begins his journey on the historical island of Zanzibar and then heads to the mainland. Quick quiz available.

VC 916.8 Zim

Zimbabwe, Botwana & Namibia. San Ramon, California: International Video Network, c1995.

VC 916.80 Sou

South Africa and Lesotho. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet Publications, 1999.
Justine Shapiro. South Africa has always been a country of great natural beauty. In the post-apartheid era, it is back on the tourist trail for the first time in nearly a century. Justing Shapiro grew up here. she returns to a land where segregation is still extreme and political and social problems are ever present, but where there is now renewed hope for the future.

VC 917 Cen

Central America : Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet, 2002.
They might share a common border but Costa Rica and Nicaragua are two of the most contrasting countries in Central America. While Nicaragua has been ravaged by years of war and natural disasters Costa Rica is an oasis of calm and natural beauty.

VC 917.1 CAN

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