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Canadian journey. Chicago : Questar Video, c1996.
A journey from coast to coast through Canada, the world's second largest country. Explores the people, culture, sights and sounds of all 10 provinces.

VC 917.1 CAN

Canada. [Toronto, Canada] : World Life Video :, c1992.
Hosted by Anne Martin. A travelogue of Canada, showing folklore, history, and fascinating facts from coast to coast.

VC 917.2 Baj

Baja California and the Copper Canyon. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet Publications, 1996.
Ian Wright. The isolated peninsula of Baja California used to be a haven for mercenaries, revolutionaries, prohibition busters and gangsters - anyone on the run from the law in the United States or mainland Mexico. Now it gets tens of millions of tourists a year, but traveler Ian Wright proves you can still escape the crowds.

VC 917.2 Cub

Cuba and Haiti. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet Publications, 1999.
Ian Wright. Cuba is the largest and least commercialized Caribbean country. Political factors have kept tourists away since Castro's revolution in the fifties. Beginning his journey in the famous Cuban capital of Havana, Ian Wright travels across Cuba, ending his journey in Haiti, the oldest black republic in the world.

VC 917.2 Mex

Mexico : journey to the sun. Concord, California : IVN Entertainment, Inc., 1994.
Ancient treasures, Indian cultures and contemporary cities. Perfect pyramids and mountainside villages. No matter where you travel - from the ruins of Palenque to the resorts of Cancun - Mexico is a myriad of religions, heritages and lifestyles unlike any other.

VC 917.2 Mex

Touring Mexico. Chicago, Illinois : Questar Video, Inc., 1998.
See Mexico City and Aztec Civilizations Chichen-Itza and Teotihuacan; Guadalajara, Merida, Oaxaca; Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cozume, Acapulco, and Baja.

VC 917.20 Mex

SuperCities : Mexico City. California : International Video Network, c1995.
Welcome to the largest city on Earth! Modern-day Mexico city is a product of its tumultuous past; the legacy of the Aztecs, the influence of the Spanish, American and French invasions, civil war and revolution have all left their mark. Ancient ruins and towering skyscrapers, bustling markets and quiet partks, and a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds merge to create the vibrant energy of Mexico City.

VC 917.29 Jai

The Jamaica Experience. California: Lonely Planet Publication, c1995.
Experience Jamaica by dining with rastas on curried goat, diving off the famous cliffs of Negril, cutting sugarcane with a machete, riding a motorcycle through the Blue Mountains, and feeding a crocodile.

VC 917.29 MEX

Mexico City & Guadalajara. Seattle, WA : Small World Productions, Inc. ;, c1999.
Host: Shari Belafonte. Visit ancient treasures and urban areas of Mexico City. See the beaches, ballet, architecture and artist colony of Guadalajara.

VC 917.3 Ami

Amistad. California : Dreamworks Pictures, c1998.
Morgan Freeman, Nigel Hawthorne, Anthony Hopkins, Djimon Hounsou, Matthew McConaughey, David Paymer, Pete Postlethwaite, Stellan Skarsgard, Razaaq Adoti, Anna Paquin, Tomas Milian, Austin Pendleton. Amistad is about a 1839 mutiny onboard a slave ship that is traveling towards the Northeast coast of America. Much of the story involves a court room drama about the slave who led the revolt.

VC 917.3 Was

Washington, DC. Los Angeles : Pilot Productions, 2004.
Join Globe Trekker traveler Justine Shapiro as she goes beyond the myths and mystique to get at the real DC and the real Washingtonians, from the corridors of power, to the bluegrass bars. She also discovers the history of the first settlers and the founding of the nation at Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown.

VC 917.47 New

New York City guide. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet Publications, c1996.
New York is a vast metropolis and its famous skyline makes it one of the world's most spectacular cities. It is also home to a multitude of ethnic groups who have created a mosaic of diverse cultures and enclaves. Ian Wright visits the famous landmarks but also finds off-the-beaten-track surprises rarely visited by tourists.

VC 917.53 Was

Washington, D.C. Chicago, Illinois : Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation, 1984.

VC 917.68 EXP

Exploring the Smokies. Whittier, CA : Finley-Holiday Film Corp., 1995.
Narrator, Joseph Campanella. A four season tour of the changing scenery and some of the cultural history of the Great Smoky Mountains.

VC 917.73 Phy

Physical geography of North America : The Central Lowlands. National Geographic, 1989.
Shows fertile heartland of central Canada and United States, follows the course of the Mississippi-Missouri river system, examines relationship of geography and weather in the region and notes typical flora and fauna.

VC 917.73 Phy

Physical geography of North America : The East. National Geographic, 1989.
Explores the Atlantic coastal plain, piedmont, and Appalachian highlands, and reveals diversity of plant and animal life in the Chesapeake Bay and Florida Everglades.

VC 917.73 Phy

Physical geography of North America : The Northlands. National Geographic, 1989.
Explores northern regions of North America, including permanent ice caps of high Arctic, frozen tundra, and deep forests of the taiga, and examines interrelationship of climate, plant life and animal life in this harsh environment.

VC 917.75 Sou

The Upper South. National Geographic, 1983.
Explores the physical, cultural, and economic geography of North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee, focusing on the natural beauty and rich history of the region.

VC 917.78 Wes

Visions of Adventure : 50 states, 50 capitals. Video Marketing, 1991.
Description and travel through our Western States.

VC 917.8 Roc

The American Rockies. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet Publications, 1996.
Ian Wright. The Rocky Mountain states of South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are steeped in myths and legends of Native Indians and cowboys. Ian Wright sets out on a journey to find out how the West was really won.

VC 917.86 Cub

Cuba : Island of dreams. International Video.
Enjoy a tropical paradise. From rugged mountains to idyllic beaches, from coral reefs to shors teeming with flamingoes, Cuba's colorful panorama unfolds.

VC 917.90 Sou

South West USA. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet Publications, 1999.
Justine Shapiro. The vast and framatic landscapes of the South West USA are home to a mixed cultural heritage: Native Americans, conquistadors, missionaries, and Anglo-Americans have all left a legacy. Justine Shapiro's roadtrip takes her by car, bike, train, and plane through some of the most magnificent geographical terrain on the planet.

VC 917.93 San

Santo Domingo. World Life International, 1994.
Espanola - Caribbean island discovered by Christoph Columbus. Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic is looking back upon 500 years of history and offers a lot of sights and attractions.

VC 917.98 Ala

The Alaska experience. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet Publications, 1995.
Steer a plane through the Katmai National Park... Dive into a glacer-fed lake... Kayak through the fjords... Share the catch at a salmon bake... Scale a glacier... Experience Alaska!.

VC 918.1 Bra

Brazil. San Ramon, California: Internationa Video Network, c1995.

VC 918.1 Ecu

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. San Ramon, California: International Video Company, c1995.

VC 918.30 Chi

Chile & Easter Island. Oakland, California: Lonely Planet Publications, c1996.
Ian Wright's journey down the elegant longitude of Chile takes him from the driest desert in the world to the southernmost point before the Anarctic. Quick quiz available.

VC 918.4 Bol

Bolivia. Los Angeles : Pilot Productions, 2002.
Traveler Ian Wright starts his journey on Lake Titicaca, before heading to the capital La Paz. He then travels to the mining centre of Potosi, the salt lakes of Salar de Uyuni, and attends the Fiesta of San Miguel in Uncia. After cycling to the cocoa fields of Coroico, he treks up the spectacular Andean peak of Huayna Potosi.

VC 918.8 Gua

Guatemala. Travelvision, 1985.
Journey through the "Land of Eternal Spring." Roam dense, tropical jungles in search of Flores. Venture to Lake Atitlan. Follow the Camino Real to Antigua. Hear Guatemala's national instrument as you explore Indian villages.

VC 918.86 Ecu

Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands. International Video.
Soar into the Amazon on an old army airplane. Ride on the roof of a train. Bathe in hot water from a volcano. Romp with seal lions. Climb 18,000 icy feet.

VC 919 Aus

The changing face of Australia. Sony Corporation of America, c1986.

VC 919 Aus

Lonely planet -- the experience. The Australia experience. 1995.
See how you look in a bushman's hat; take a surfing lesson; shear a sheep; soar in a hang glider; ride a horse through Mount Buffalo National Park; try white-water rafting; experience Australia.

VC 919.13 Fre

French Polynesia : Tahiti and Samoa. Los Angeles : Pilot Productions, 2002.
Traveler Ian Wright starts his journey on the legendary island of Bora Bora before flying to Tahiti. From there he heads to the remote outer islands of Tubuai and Rangiroa and then west to independent Samoa. After a stopover in Moorea he ends his journey back in Tahiti at the top of Mount Aorai.

VC 919.4 New

New Zealand. Los Angeles : Pilot Productions, 2002.
Ian Wright starts his journey in Auckland, where the city skyscrapers are home to the most extreme sports in the world. He then heads up the coast to Matauri Bay and the Bay of Islands. On the South Island he visits Wellington, Christchurch, and queenstown, before an amazing climb of the Fox Glacier.

VC 919.61 Pac

Pacific Islands Experience : Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands. Oakland, California : Lonely Planet, 1995.

VC 919.9 Nov

Nova : Death of a star. WGBH Educational Foundation, c1987.
Why did the phenomenon of the supernova fascinate, baffle, and delight astronomers? What caused the star to explode? How will these energy blasts help us understand our universe? Take a look at the true meaning of star power.

VC 920 Leg

Legends of the Wild Wild West. American Institute for Education.
The legendary figures of the American West: Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, Sitting Bull, Annie Oakley, Billy The Kid, Calamity Jane and more.

VC 920 Pre

Portraits of American presidents. NBC News, 1992.
Covers the personalities and events that shaped the American presidency from George Washington to George Bush.

VC 920.72 Wil

Wild women : Calamity Jane, Belle Star, Annie Oakley. Greystone Communications, Inc., c1993.
Hosted by Kenny Rogers. Belle Star was a robber and a horse thief. Annie Oakley could shoot a cigarette out of your mouth at fifty paces. Calamity Jane was as tough as beef jerky on a three day ride. The wild women of the Old West weren't prissy little frontier fillies. They staked their claim to Western legend with a style all their own. Problem is, history leans to the male gunslingers and Indian fighters. In Wild Women, America's folklore heroines get their just rewards.

VC 921 Fau

William Faulkner. WhiteStar.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

VC 921 Fit

F. Scott Fitzgerald. WhiteStar.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

VC 921 Hem

Ernest Hemingway. WhiteStar.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

VC 921 Lin

Abraham Lincoln. Atlas, 1990.
Reveals the complex personality of Lincoln, and takes the viewer to many of the major landmarks of his life.

VC 921 Mel

Herman Melville. WhiteStar.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

VC 921 O'Ne

Eugene O'Neill. WhiteStar.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

VC 921 Poe

Edgar Allan Poe. White Star.
Poe's personal history has been the subject of controversy. An outline of the writer's life and a visual picture of the social and historical background of his writing.

VC 921 Ste

John Steinbeck. WhiteStar.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

VC 921 Twa

Mark Twain. WhiteStar.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

VC 921 Ver

Jules Verne. A&E Home Video, 1995.
Examines the life and work of the nineteenth century French writer whose fantastistic novels took his readers to all of the places he had dreamed about as a young boy.

VC 921 Was

George Washington : Founding father. A&E, 1994.
From his youth of privilege to his inauguration as the nation's first president, here is George Washington's life.

VC 921 Whi

Walt Whitman. WhiteStar.
A factual outline of the writer's life and a clear visual picture of the social and historical background to his writing.

VC 925.3 New

Sir Isaac Newton--the gravity of genius. New York: A&E Television Network, 1996.
Biography. By the age of 23, he had invented calculus and begun investigating motion, gravity and light. His discoveries earned him the title "Father of Modern Science.".

VC 929.9 Fla

Alabama to Wyoming: Flags of the United States. Beverly Hills, California: Lanny Lee Enterprises, c1994.
Color; Length 60 minutes.

VC 929.92 Fla

Flags of the nations. Beverly Hills, California: City Island Entertainment, Inc, c1993.
Color; 60 minutes in length; reference directory included; features the interactive flag indicator. Shows and describes the creation and history of over 270 flags incorporating political changes.

VC 930 Won

Gammon, Marianne [director and producer]. Wonders sacred & mysterious. Reader's Digest Association, c1993.
Copyright: Reader's Digest Association, Inc.

VC 930.009 Cle

Cleopatra : The first woman of power. Questar, 1999.
This program utilizes re-enactments, original location footage, and interviews with leading historians to peer beyond the legends and discover the real-life Cleopatra. Narrated by Angelica Huston.

VC 932 Anc

Ancient mysteries. : The Great Sphinx. New York : Reader's Digest Association, Inc., c1996.
Narrated by Leonard Nimoy. Travel to the threshold of the unknown to unlease the secret of the Great Sphinx, Egypt's sacred beast, the guarding of eternity.

VC 932 Anc

Ancient Egypt. Wynnewood, PA : Schlessinger Video Productions, 1998.
This program explores the history and culture of ancient Egypt, looking at the pyramids, temples, hieroglyphs, art and culture.

VC 936.401 CEL

Celts : rich traditions and ancient myths. Beverly Hills, CA : CBS Fox Video :, 1997.
Presented & written by Frank Delaney. From the Celts' earliest roots 2500 years ago through the flowering of their unique culture and legacy, see reconstructions of iron-age villages, dramatizations of major historical events and visits to modern Celtic lands. Underscored by the hauntingly beautiful music of Enya.

VC 937.06 ANC

Ancient Rome. Wynnewood, PA : Schlessinger Media, c1998.
Host: Ori Z. Soltes ; Rori Godsey as Stephanie. Looks at the history and culture of the ancient Romans including their leaders, government, art, architecture, and trade.

VC 938 Anc

Ancient Greece. Wynnewood, PA : Schlessinger Video Productions, 1998.
This program looks at the history and culture of ancient Greece, including their architecture, art, mythology, and more.

VC 938 Gre

Greece : a moment of excellence. Alexandria, VA : Time Life Video & Television, c1995.
Narrated by Sam Waterston. Location footage, 3-D computer graphics, and re-creations bring to life the extraordinary ancient Greek culture at its zenith, an intellectual and aesthetic model for western civilization to this day.

VC 940.1 Feu

Feudalism, lords, and vassals. Scottsdale, Arizona : Teacher's Video Company.
Travel back in time to learn about life in the Middle Ages! Young actors play lords and vassals in this look at a unique social structure. This program provides relevant background information for many important literary works.

VC 940.17 Mid

The Middle Ages. California : Full Circle Entertainment, Inc., c2001.
Castles, cathedrals, nobility, knights in shining armor, witches, dragons, gothic splendor and alsmost constant war. the Middle Ages are all that and more. the vidoe tells the fascinating story of the thousand years of history, from approximately 500 A.D. to 1400 A.D.

VC 940.2 Age

The age of reason : 1642 - 1800. ACG/United Learning.
Review of Rennaisance trends that gave rise to the Age of Reason. Innovations that resulted in new ways of organizing a growing body of knowledge (encyclopedias and classification system). Pursuit of science. Influence of ideals of Age of Reason.

VC 940.53 HID

The hiding place. [Carlsbad, CA] : Bridgestone Group :, [199-?].
Julie Harris, Eileen Heckart, Arthur O'Connell, Jeannette Clift, Robert Reitty, Pamela Sholto, Paul Henley. Based on the true story of Corrie ten Boom and the efforts she and her sister made to save Jews during WWII, and their survival in a Nazi prison camp.

VC 940.53 Hol

The Holocaust: A teenager's experience. Remembrance Educational Media, c1991.
Teacher's Guide and Black Line Masters included.

VC 940.54

Untold stoires of World War II : Three secrets that changed the war. National Geographic, 1998.
Compelling stories of about the secret weapons, ruthless tactics, and remarkable heroism of World War II.

VC 940.54 Fra

Anne Frank : The life of a young girl. New York : ABC News Productions and A&E Television Network, c1998, 1999.
As recounted in her diary and by her childhood friends and her father Otto Frank, this is the story of an ordinary young girl forced into hiding with her family when Hitler rose to power. Concealed for almost two years in the secret annex of rooms behind an Amsterdam office building, Anne reveled a unique gift of translating her experiences into simple yet profoundly insightful writings in the cherished diary she nicknamed "Kitty." Step into Anne Frank's secret world as she survives endless months of confinement, discovers love, rebels, comes of age - and faces the consequences of discovery when the war finally overwhelms her family's hidden refuge.

VC 940.55 Eur

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