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The adventures of Tom Sawyer. American Broadcasting Co., c1938; 1988.
Color; closed caption.

VC Fic Twe

12 angry men. United States : United Artists, [1987?].
Martin Balsam (foreman), John Fieldler (juror #2), Lee J. Cobb (juror #3), E.G. Marshall (juror #4), Jack Klugman (juror #5), Edward Binns (juror #6), Jack Warden (juror #7), Henry Fonda (juror #8), Joseph Sweeney (juror #9), Ed Begley (juror #10), George Voskovec (juror #11), Robert Webber (juror #12). In New York City, a teenage boy accused of killing his father, and between him and capital punishment stands one just man.

VC Fic W

Wilder, Thornton. Our Town. Mastervision, 1990/1977.
Hal Holbrook, Barbara Bel Geddes, John Houseman, Robby Benson, Ronnie Cox, and Sada Thompson. The full poignant portrayal of love, life, and death in a small American town.

VC Fic Wha

Wharton, Edith. The buccaneers. New York: BBC Worldwide Americas, Inc., c1995.

VC Fic Wil

Williams, Tennessee. The glass menagerie. MCA, 1988.
Joanne Woodward; John Malkovich; Karen Allen; James Naughton. The touching drama about people who live on the fine line between fantasy and reality tells the story of Amanda (Joanne Woodward) a strongwilled woman who attempte to impose her shattered dreams into the life and personality of her shy, reclusive daughter Laura.


Our town. New York : MasterVision, [199-?], c1989.
Spalding Gray, Eric Stoltz, Penelope Ann Miller. A boy & a girl grow up, get married, and in time the girl dies. With commentary and asides by the narrator, this is a survey of life in a small town in America around 1910.


Irving, Washington 1783 - 1859. The legend of Sleepy Hollow. Mandacy Entertainment Group, Inc., 1999.
Glenn Close. Washington Irving's eerie tale of romantic rivalry along the Hudson pits the new schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane, against the local hero and bully, Brom Bones, for the hand of Katrina Van Tassel. This haunting drama climaxes with the appearance of one of the great, legendary ghosts of all time: the Headless Horseman. This spirited adaptation reflects all the wit, fun and drama of the early American classic.


Poe, Edgar Allan. Edgar Allan Poe's The tell-tale heart. Monterey Media Inc., 2000.
Michael Sollazzo, Robert E. Reynolds.

VHS 270 Sai

Saint Patrick : The man and the myth. New York : A&E Home Video, c1996.
A profile of Ireland's patron saint, a 5th century-missionary whose life, according to this hour, was mythologized two centuries later. Patrick was thought to have been born in Britain in 386 and to have died, legend has it, 121 years later.

VHS 284 Lut

Martin Luther : Protestant reformer. New York : Interama Video Classics.
An academic, Martin Luther invited debate and saw his notions of reform evolve into a political upheaval. Outlawed as a heretic, he remained true to his conscience. He became the first priest to marry in a thousand years and his translation of the Bible provided the groundwork for a unified German language.

VHS 355 Med

Medieval siege : Secrets of lost empires II. United States : WGBH Boston Video, c2000.
The Scots inside Stirling Castle must have felt untouchable. Protected by a massive stone fortress, they prepared for a long drawn-out siege against the arm of England's Edward the First. Fifty carpenters worked day and night to creathe the forteenth century version of the atom bomb: the trebuchet - a fearsome, gravity powered catapult dubbed "Warwolf" that was capable of hurling boulders, bee hives and plague-infested corpses long distances. Travel back to the Middle Ages to relive a fascinating turning point in warfare and medieval history.

VHS 363.12 Gre

The greatest show in space : Challenger disaster and investigation/ NASA the 25th year. Macacy Entertainment Group, Inc., 1995.
Challenger - This was the flight that exposed the real dangers of space exploration. Millions of people watched in disbelief as the Space Challenger exploded. NASA, the 25th Year - An hour program of the first 25 years of NASA including these history making events : orbiting the Earth for the first time on Friendship 7, the first docking in space by the Gemini VII crew, the first man to set foot on the moon with Apollo 11, the ill-fated voyage of Apollo 13, the unbelievable explosing of space shuttle Challenger, and much more.

VHS 423 Apo

Apostrophes and plurals : They're possessive! United States : Teacher's Video Company, 2002.
Examine apostrophes and plurals through visual images and amazing graphics to enhance your understanding. Then use the multiple choice and true/false questions to quiz your comprehension of the material. Correct answers are given at the end of the video for review and discussion.

VHS 423 Pun

English punctuation : Part 2. Cerebellum Corporation, c1999.

VHS 428 Act

Active vs passive voice : Don't put the cart before the horse! United States : Teacher's Video Company.
Use this challenging, interactive quiz format to review active/passive voice. Take the multiple choice quiz to determine what you have learned. Answers appear at the end of the video for review and discussion.

VHS 428 Gra

Grammar pitfalls. Cerebellum Corporation, c2001.

VHS 428 Pun

English punctuation : Part 1. Cerebellum Corporation, c2000.

VHS 428 Wor

Word choice : You got that right! United States : Teacher's Video.
Enjoy a challenging, interactive quiz format as you study word choice. Then use the multiple-choice questions that quiz students on what they have learned. The answers appear at the end of the video for review and discussion.

VHS 428 Wri

Writing style : Super model sentences! United States : Teacher's Video Company.

VHS 530.4 Ele

Elements of chemistry : gases, liquids, and solids. Silver Spring, MD : Discovery Communications, 2006.
Investigate the different states of matter to help students understand the kinetic-molecular theory and which variables determine the state of an element or substance.

VHS 702 Sha

Shakespeare's Globe : The audience & the actor. Chicago : Public Media Education, c1999.
This stunning recreation celebrate the recent opening of the Globe Theatre in London, and how stimulating Shakespeare's work can be when experienced in context. Features both rehearsals and performances from productions of "Henry V" and "Julius Ceasar" as well as snippets from BBC versions of other Shakespeare plays.

VHS 781.4 How

How to dance through time : The majesty of Renaissance dance. Dancetime Publications.

VHS 808 Del

Delivering successful presentations. California : International Video Network.

VHS 808 Pub

Public speaking. Cerebellum Corporation, c2000.

VHS 821 Poe

The poetry of Ireland. New Jersey : Kultur.
Features the poetic works of Patrick Kavanagh, Seamus Heaney, W.B. Yeats, Brendan Kennelly, Padriac Pearse, Padraic Colum, and others.

VHS 822 Sha

Shakespeare : Introduction to Shakespeare. United States : Cerebellum Corporation, c2001.
Video Module 1 : Introduction to Shakespeare includes the life and times of Shakespeare, Shakespeare's use of language; Elizabethan drama, the importance of words, and real life vs stage life.

VHS 822 Sha

Shakespeare : Macbeth basics. United States : Cerebellum Corporation, c2001.
Video Module 9 : Macbeth Basics includes Macbeth background, the plot, use of language, and Macbeth as a tragedy.

VHS 822 Sha

Shakespeare : The characters of Macbeth. United States : Cerebellum Corporation, c2001.
Video Module 10 : The Characters of Macbeth includes the witches, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, the Macduffs.

VHS 822 Sha

Understanding Shakespeare : Macbeth. United States : Goldhil Home Media International, c1993.
Shakespeare's classic tragedy tells the story of a good man gone bad, driven to murder by "ugly ambition" and fueled by a power-hungry wife. Macbeth's desire to fulfill his prophecies of greatness-foretold by three witches-ultimately leads to wicked acts and his eventual downfall.

VHS 822 Sha

Shakespeare Tragedies : Origins and style. United States : Cerebellum Corporation, c2000.

VHS 823.8 Bro

The Bronte Sisters. New Jersey : Kultur.

VHS 842.91 Bec

Becket [Motion Picture]. E&M enterprising and MPI Home Video, 1964.
The Clash between church and state in twelfth century England is brought into focus through the friendship of two powerful, strong-willed men, the fun-loving young Norman King Henry II, and Thomas Becket accepts Henry's impetuous appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury, and serves in that office with such zeal that it transcends his allegiance to his king.

VHS 913 Ang

Life in Anglo-Saxon times. New Jersey : Kultur, c2000.
Filmed at Houlgate Village near York, "Life in Anglo-Saxon Times" provides young people with the ideal introduction to known aspects of life during the Dark Ages. Simply presented, but with authority. Features : Authentic reconstructions of everyday life; expert commentary by Ian Wood (University of Leeds) and Dave Thirlwall (Houlgate Village); laws and religion; the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle; Alfred the Great.

VHS 940 Med

Life in Medieval Times. New Jersey : Kultur, c2000.
Life in Medieval Times provides young people with the perfect introduction to everyday life in the medieval period of British history. Simply presented, but with authority. Features : a reconstructed working medieval village; authentic recreations to illustrate all aspects of life at that time; analyses by Dr. Martin Lowry (University of Warwick), Dr. Robert Swanston (University of Birmingham) and Andrew Brown (Keble College Oxford).

VHS 942 Vic

Life in Victorian Times. New Jersey : Kultur, c2000.
The Victorian era was one of the most remarkable in British history; it saw The Industrial Revolution, the growth of the major cities, the birth of the Empire and huge advances in medicine, transportation, and education. It was also a time when harsh working conditions and desparate poverty blighted the majority of the people of the country. Incorporating rare footage from the end of Queen Victoria's reign, this film presents an uncomplicated picture of the era for younger audiences, focusing on aspects of everyday life. Features : rare contemporary film footage; dramatized readings and contemporary accounts; footage of Ironbridge, Staffordshire, England - home of the Industrial Revolution ; expert commentary and analyses; many period photographs, engravings, paintings, and drawings.

VHS Fic Chr

Christmas in Connecticut. United States : Warner Brothers, c1945 ; c1972.
Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, Sidney Greenstreet, Reginald Gardiner. Elizabeth Lane (Barbara Stanwyck) leads everyone to believe she's the perfect country cook, homemaker, and mother. But nothing could be further from the truth. She is actually a single, smart-talking New York City girl without a domesticated bone in her body. Comic complications ensue when Stanwyck must round up a snow-covered cottage, "husband" (long time beau Reginald Gardiner), baby and a cook (loveable S.Z.Sakall) before guests arrive.

VHS Fic Rob

Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves (Motion Picture). United States : Warner Brothers, 1991.
Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Alan Rickman.

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