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Connections I : The long chain and eat, drink, and be merry. Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc, c2007.
Volume 7 : The Long Chain - Often, materials discovered by accident alter the course of the world. In the 1600's Dutch commercial freighters controlled Atlantic trade routes. Competing British lines induced America to produce pitch to protect hulls of their royal vessels. This arrangement lasted until 1776, after which a Scottish inventor tried to produce pitch from coal tar. By the time he succeeded, the navy was using copper instead. Volume 8 : Eat, Drink, and Be Merry - when Napoleon marched huge forces across Europe, he needed an efficient way to store provisions. A Frenchman preserved sterilized food in empty champagne bottles, an idea modified by the British, who tried tin cans. Still, canned foods sometimes spoiled, which led to experiments with refrigeration. Later, it was discovered that gases may be stored at very low temperatures in a thermos flask, when lit by a spark these gases can send rocket into space.

DVD 609 Con

Connections I : The wheel of fortune and thunder in the skies. Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc, c2007.
Volume 5 : The Wheel of Fortune - The power to see into the future with computers originally rested with priest-astronomers who knew the proper times to plant and harvest. The constellations influenced life spectacularly, particularly when the ailing Caliph of Baghdad was cured by and astrologer using Greek lore. His ancient medical secrets were translated and spread throughout Europe, ushering in an era of scientific inquiry. Volume 6 : Thunder in the Skies - A dramatically colder climate gripped Europe during the 13th century profoundly affecting the course of history for the next seven centuries. The changes in energy usage transformed architecture and forced the creation of new power sources. The coming of the Industrial Revolution, spurred on by advanced in the steam engine, scarred England indelibly : but a moment in history later, gasoline-powered engines opened the way to the heavens.

DVD 610 You

Your body, your health. Bethesda, MD : Discovery Communications, c2004.
Narrators, Thom Kikot, Leyna Juliet Weber. Learn abou the processes and disorders of the human body including how food is broken down by the body, sickle cell disease, addiction, and AIDS.

DVD 612 Sec

The secret life of the brain. New York : Thirteen/WNET, 2001.
Episode 1. The baby's brain -- Episode 2. The child's brain -- Episode 3. The teenage brain -- Episode 4. The adult brain -- Episode 5. The aging brain. Accompanies the PBS series revealing the processes involved in brain development across a lifetime. Provides new information in the brain sciences, introduces the foremost researchers in the field, and utilizes dynamic visual imagery and compelling human stories to help a general audience understand otherwise difficult scientific concepts.

DVD 612.3 Dig

Digesitve & excretory systems. Wynnewood, PA : Schlessinger Media, c2006.
Teaches viewers that in order to be of use to our cells food needs to be broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream and waste products removed from the body.

DVD 612.3 Foo

Food and digestion. Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities and Sciences, c2006.
With energetic graphics and simple experiments, this program illustrates the entire process of digestion in human anatomy.

DVD 612.6 Mir

The miracle of life. South Burlington, Vt. : WGBH Video, 1982.
Takes you on an incredible voyage through the human body as a new life begins.

DVD 612.6 Rep

Reproductive & endocrine systems. Wynnewood, PA : Schlessinger Media, c2006.
Kids will learn about the primary organs of the endocrine system communicate and produce the hormones which regulate the critical functions of other body systems and be introduced to the reproductive system with an explanation of the reproduction of sex cells & the process of fertilization.

DVD 612.8 INS

Inside the teenage brain. Standard format. [Alexandria, Va.] : PBS Video, 2004, c2002.
Explores research on the human brain that explains adolescent behavior and that provides insight into how teenagers should be taught and parented.

DVD 612.8 NOV

Nova scienceNOW. [Widescreen format]. [United States] : PBS Distribution, c2011.
Magic and the brain / written, produced, and directed by Terri Randall -- Can machines think like us? / telescript by Sarah Holt ; story by Michael Bicks ; produced and directed by Michael Bicks & Sarah Holt -- Magnetic mind control ; Profile: David Eagleman / produced by Joshua Seftel & Jesse Sweet ; written and directed by Joshua Seftel. Explores the human brain, looking at magic and visual processing, examining how closely machines can replicate the human brain, and controlling minds through magnetics; and includes a profile of David Eagleman.

DVD 612.82 Bra

The brain. [Widescreen format]. [New York] : A&E Television Networks :, 2008.
Explains how the brain functions and examines topics such as instinct and reason, memory, decision-making, autism, and good and evil.

DVD 613.2 MyP

MyPyramid : simple steps to healthy living. Bethesda, MD : Discovery Channel School, c2006.
Explore the six basic food groups of the USDA MyPyramid food guidelines and see how families can make sure they eat enough whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

DVD 613.28

Forks over knives. Monica Beach Media, 2011.
Examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods. The major storyline traces the personal journeys of Dr. T. Collin Campbell, a nutritional biochemist from Cornell University, and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and former top surgeon at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. Inspired by remarkable discoveries they made, these men conducted several groundbreaking studies.

DVD 614 Bla

In search of history : Scourge of the Black Death. United States : A&E Network, 1997.
Conducts an in-depth investigation into the deadliest disease in history; renowned historians trace its spread and the sweeping changes it introduced to society while scientists explain how the disease functions and detail the latest breakthroughs in the ongoing battle for containment; archival art, period accounts, and extensive location footage reanimate the horrific plague years.

DVD 614.49 Bla

The black death. New York, N.Y. : History Channel :, c1997.
Reenactments of decisive events that influenced the course of history. Explores the causes, effects, and legacy of the epidemic that killed millions of people in Europe during the fourteenth century.

DVD 614.49 Pla

The plague. A&E Television Networks.
During the worst biological disaster in the history of mankind, the so-called balck death released an indiscriminate fury which shook the very foundations of human order. Religious hysterial began to break out, and in desperation, frenzied masses scrambled to find a scapegoat. When all was said and done, nearly one-third of Europe's population had been completely wiped out, and devastated survivors were left to contend with a world forever changed, both socially and economically. It began much like the common cold. Yet within a day, fever took over, black swellings the size of baseballs appeared on the neck, and finally a highly contagious bloody cough quickly sealed the victim's fate.

DVD 614.5 Typ

Typhoid Mary : the most dangerous woman in America. South Burlington, Vt. : WGBH, c2004.
Narrated by Richard Donat. Dramatization of Mary Mallon, also known as Typhoid Mary, a Irish immigrant cook who was identified as the source of an outbreak of typhoid fever in New York in 1906.

DVD 616 Gho

Ghost in your genes. Boston, Massachusetts : WGBH Educational Foundation, c2007; c2008.
NOVA reveals the discoveries that have oberturned the old story of inheritance and have profound relevance for how we choose to lead our lives.

DVD 616 Mic

Core biology : Microbiology and genetics. New York, New York : Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc, c2007.
This program covers the significant turning points in the history of microbiology and genetics.

DVD 616 Sci

Science Lab Investigations : DNA Transformation. United States : Schlessinger Media, c2006.
Become familiar with sterile techniques and learn about the basic tools used by scientists.

DVD 616.02 Ste

Stem cells. Hawkhill Associates, Inc, c2007.
Go inside to the laboratory where stem cells were first cultured. Learn what stem cells are, how they are cultured, and why they offer such potential for the future of our health and welfare. Addresses both the science and the ethical issues of stem cell research.

DVD 616.86 Str

Stress : Portrait of a killer. National Geographic, 2008.

DVD 616.9 Cur

Curse of the rat. Silver Spring, MD : Discovery Communications, 2003.
An archaeologist studies historical records, gravesites, and DNA evidence from a medieval victim's tooth to determine whether the 14th century Black Death was the same disease as the bubonic plague.

DVD 616.9 Ebo

Ebola : The plague fighters. WGBH Educational Foundation, c2007.
When a dreaded outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus swept through a remote region of Zaire in May 1995, NOVA was the only film crew permitted into the "hot zone." Spending a total of four weeks in the quarantines city of Kikwit, the result is unprecedented journalistic coverage of this grim battle against one of the world's most lethal diseases.

DVD 629 Spa

Space adventures : Apollo 11 - Man on the moon. Learning Media of America.

DVD 629 Spa

Space adventures : Halley's Comet. Learning Media of America.

DVD 629 Spa

Space adventures : "Houston, We Have a Problem" Learning Media of America.

DVD 629 Spa

Space adventures : John Glenn orbiting Earth. Learning Media of America.

DVD 629 Spa

Space adventures : Learning to live in space. Learning Media of America.

DVD 629 Spa

Space adventures : Mars - the beginning. Learning Media of America.

DVD 629 Spa

Space adventures : The story behind Gemini. Learning Media of America.

DVD 629 Uni

The Universe. History Channel, c2007.
The Most Dangerous Place in the Universe - - Search For ET - - Beyond the Big Bang - - Saturn : Lord of the Rings - - Alien Galaxies - - Life and Death of a Star - - The Outer Planets - - The Moon - - Spaceship Earth - - The Inner Planets : Mercury & Venus - - Secrets of the Sun - - Mars : The Red Planet - - The End of the Earth : Deep Space Threats to Our Planet - - Jupiter : The Giant Planet.

DVD 631 Pla

Core biology : Plant science. New York, New York : Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc, c2007.
This program examines the key points in the development of plant science from its founding through its foundational discoveries beginning with plant physiology and reproduction and continuing with the cellular basis of life.

DVD 633 Cor

Corn. United States : A&E Television Networks, c2007.
Whether grown on a farm, in a lab, or even underground, Modern Marvels reveals how corn has become a true marvel of twenty-first-century science and agriculture.

DVD 641 Nut

Nutrition and food science. Silver Spring, MD : Discovery Communications, 2006.
Uncovers the history and mystery of food science from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to the secret bacteria lurking in your common kitchen.

DVD 659 Sic

Sicko. United States : Weinstein Company, c2007.
Michael Moore interviews Americans who have been denied treatment by the United States health care insurance companies-- companies who sacrifice essential health services in order to maximize profits. The film sheds light on how complicated it can become for communities and individuals,and the sacrifices individuals have made when they are denied health care coverage.

DVD 681.41 400

400 years of the telescope : a journey of science, technology and thought. Widescreen format. [United States] : PBS Home Video, 2009.
Narrator, Neil DeGrasse Tyson ; Galileo voices, Stefano Lecci, Francesca Gianni. Examines the history of the telescope, from Galileo to the beginning of the twenty-first century, and features interviews with leading astrophysicists and cosmologists from universities and observatories around the world; and also discusses theories about life on other planets and dark energy.

DVD 720.92 Bur

Burns, Ken. Frank Lloyd Wright. PBS Home Video, 2004.
Frank Lloyd Wright was the greatest of all Americans. He was a man who believed he was destined to redesign the world, creating everything anew.

DVD 722 Sev

5000 Years of Magnificent Wonders : Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Chicago, Illinois : Questar, Inc, c2009.
From the world's largest pyramid to the very first skyscraper, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World continue to inspire awe. They challenged their creators to conquer the scales of their ambitions. Discover the secrets of how the finest monuments of all time were constructed.

DVD 759 Gre

Tim Marlowe. Great Artists. New York, New York : Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc.

DVD 759 Mar

Marlow, Tim. Great artists. New York : Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc.
Volume 1 : Giotto ; Volume 2 : Leonardo da Vinci.

DVD 759 Mar

Marlow, Tim. Great artists. New York : Ambrose Publishing Inc.
Volume 3 : Durer ; Volume 4 : Michelangelo ; Volume 5 : Raphael.

DVD 759 Mar

Marlow, Tim. Great artists. New York : Ambrose Publishing, Inc.
Volume 6 : Titian ; Volume 7 : Bruegel ; Volume 8 : El Greco.

DVD 759 Mar

Marlow, Tim. Great artists. New York : Ambrose Publishing, Inc.
Volume 9 : Rubens ; Volume 10 : Velazquez ; Volume 11 : Rembrandt.

DVD 791.068 Rol

Roller coaster! South Burlington, VT : WGBH Boston Video, c2009.

DVD 791.43 Dea

Dead Poets Society. Burbank, CA : Touchstone Home Entertainment, 2006.
Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Ethan Hawke.

DVD 793.9 WWII

WWII battlefront. Madacy Entertainment Group, Ltd., c2003.
DVD 1 - The Atlantic Campaign (Part I) ; DVD 2 - The Atlantic Campaign (Part 2) ; DVD 3 - The Pacific Campaign (Part 1) ; DVD 4 - The Pacific Campaign (Part 2) ; DVD 5 The Atlantic Campaign/The Pacific Campaign. WWII Battlefront covers the war in the air, on the ground, and above and below the sea in never-before-seen color and captures WWII the way it was - lived and fought by soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen from both the Allied and Axis armies.

DVD 796 Has

Haskins, Don. Glory road. United States : Buena Vista Pictures, 2006.
In 1966, a college coach leads his basketball players--the first team with an all-black starting lineup--to the NCAA national championship.


ESPN Ultimate NASCAR : 100 defining moments. ESPN, 2007.
Get ready for the ride of your life as ESPN Ultimate NASCAR celebrates the 100 most significant moments in stock car racing history. From its humble birth in Daytona Beach to the Chase for the Cup, relive all the action, danger and excitement as the world's greatest drivers hit top speed in their quest for glory.


ESPN Ultimate NASCAR : greatest drivers, biggest races, hottest rivalries. ESPN, 2007.
Start your engines and shift into gear as hosts Dr. Jerry Punch and Rusty Wallace count down the Top 10 Greatest Drivers, Biggest Races and Hottest rivalries in NASCAR history!.


ESPN Ultimate NASCAR : the dirt, the cars, speed & danger. ESPN, 2007.
Join host Dr. Jerry Punch and a crew of experts as they take an in-depth look at NASCAR. From its humble dirt track beginnings to the evolution of the stock car, discover why everyone "just wants to go fast.".


ESPN Ultimate NASCAR : the explosion - NASCAR's rise. ESPN, 2007.
Extended Driver Interviews with Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart. Witness how race coverage has transformed over time in "The Evolution of NASCAR on ESPN".

DVD 796 Rem

Remembering Marshall : Looking back at the tragedy that touched the nation. ESPN, 2006.
ESPN bring you an extraordinary tribute to the seventy-five people who lost their lives on November 14, 1970, in what was perhaps one of the most catastrophic tragedies in NCAA history. What began.

DVD 796.33 Bli

The blind side. United States : Warner Brothers, c2009.
Sandra Bullock ; Tim McGraw ; Quinton Aaron ; Kathy Bates. Michael Oher knows little about family. Less about football. What the homeless teen knows are the streets and projects of Memphis. Well-to-do Leigh Anne Tuohy knows little about his world. Yet when she and Michael meet, he's found a home. And the Tuohy's have found something just as life-changing, a beloved new son and brother. This real-life story of family and of Michael's growth into a blue-chip football star will have you cheering with its mix of gridiron action and heatwarming emotion. Share the remarkable journey of the college All-American and first-round NFL draft pick who was a winner before he ever stepped onto the playing field.

DVD 796.33 We

We are Marshall. Warner Brothers Pictures, 2006.
Based on the true story of rebuilding the Marshall football program only months after a plane crase wiped out Marshall's beloved Thundering Herd. Matthew McConaughey ; Matthew Fox ; Ian McShane ; Anthony Mackie ; Kate Mara ; January Jones ; Brian Geraghty ; David Strathairn.

DVD 796.52 Tre

Best treks. Pilot Productions, c2002.
PROGRAM CHAPTERS - Intro ; Africa ; Water ; Asia ; Riding ; South America ; Hikes ; Top Treks - - BONUS CHAPTERS - Mounty Kenya ; Borneo ; Niger ; Amazon ; Arctic Hike, Canada. Ian Wright and his fellow travellers take you to incredible trekking destinations across some of the harshest and remotest places on earth - across every continent - from Asia to the Arctic, Australia to Africa. Enhanced with additional footage, Pilot Guide to Best Treks invites you to embark for two hours of breathtaking adventures. Along the way, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa ; walk the Inca Trail in Peru ; ride with husky dogs through the wilderness of Greenland ; raft the Salmon River in Idaho, the lartest undammed river in the USA ; hike the world's most active volcano, Kilauea, in Hawaii.

DVD 808.2 Che

Chekhov, Anton. The cherry orchard : From a play by Anton Chekhov. King Video, 2002.
Acclaimed international director Michael Cacoyannis and a dream cast of British screen talent revive Anton Chekhov's masterpiece of imprisonment in wealth and regret. Charlotte Rampling and Alan Bates. In pre-Revolutional Russia, Madame Ranevskays (Charlotte Rampling) returns to her decaying estate after an exile in Paris. Ranevskaya's dissolute brother Gaev (Alan Bates), her insecure adopted daughter Varya (the late Katrin Cartlidge in one of her final film roles) and dotty butler Feers (Michael Gough) are as ill-prepared for the grim financial realities that threaten their existence as Ranevskaya is. At stake are the estate and the beloved cherry orchard, the pride of this extended family of aristocrats and freed serfs.

DVD 808.22 Pla

Research skills for students : Avoiding plagiarism. Wynnewood, PA : Schlessinger Media, 2004.

DVD 808.82 Ibs

Ibsen, Henrik. 

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