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Great festivals. Pilot Productions, c2002.
PROGRAM CHAPTERS - Intro ; January - Timkat, Ethiopia ; February - TET, Vietnam ; Mardi Gras - New Orleans, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro; March - Caribou Carnival, Canada ; April - Easter Festival, Guatemala ; June - Inti Raymi, Peru ; Great Pilgrimages, Poland & Spain ; July - Sardia Horse Race, Sardinia ; Pamplona's Running of the Bulls, Spain ; August - Gay Price Parade, Netherlands ; Burning Man Festival, USA ; Festivals of Penace - Pakistan, Phillipines & Malaysia ; September - Goroka Show, Papua New Guinea ; November - Surin Elephant Festival, Thailand ; Top Festivals - - BONUS CHAPTERS - January - The Hindu Float Festival, North India ; Mardi Gras - Venice Carnival, Italy ; Mardi Gras - Trinidad Carnival, Eastern Caribbean ; April - The Battle of the Moors and the Christians, Spain ; July - Santa Rosalia Festival, Sicily ; August - Tomatina Festival, Spain ; August - Gilroy Garlic Festival, USA ; August - Esala Perahera Festival, Sri Lanka ; August - Elvis Week, USA ; October - Oktober Fest, Germany ; October - Ottery St. Mary, England. From ancient tribal rituals in Papua New Guinea to post modern pagan parties in the American desert, Justine Shapiro and her fellow travellers take you a a month by month, year long, round-the-world celebration. Enhanced with additional footage, Pilot Guide to Great Festivals invites you to travel the world and celebrate.

DVD 909 Dar

The Dark Ages : The fall of civilization; the rise of a new world order. United States : A&E Television Networks, c2006.
Join The History Channel on an unforgettable voyate through one of the most desolate periods in human history as the rulers, conflicts, and cataclysmic societal breakdown of The Dark Ages are brought to light. At the height in the second century A.D. the Roman Empire was the beacon of learning, power, and prosperity in the western world. But the once-powerful Rome- rotten to the core by the fifth century- lay open to barbarian warriors who came in wave after wave of invasion, slaughtering, stealing, and ultimately, settling. As chaos replaced culture, Europe was beset by famine, plague, persecutions, and a state of war that was so persistent it was only rarely interrupted by peace. The Dark Ages profiles those who battled to shape the future.

DVD 909 Mid

Life in the Middle Ages : A history of the Middle Ages. Library Video Company, 2002.
The Middle Ages is commonly referred to as the period between the fall of the Roman Empire in Western Europe and the Renaissance. Delve into a comprehensive overview of the people, places, and events that defined this period. From Charlemagne through the legendary Crusades and the horrific Black Death, three distinct eras of medieval time are explored.

DVD 910 Geo

Geography for Students : Human Systems. United States : Schlessinger Media, c2006.

DVD 910 Geo

Geography for students : The world in spatial terms. United States : Schlessinger Media, c2006.
Understand the patterns of organization of the physical and human aspects of our planet. Learn how landforms define and shape our world to how people adapt to them and sometimes alter them, the relationship between the two defines our planet. Learn about cartography and technologies such as GIS, GPS, and databases that geographers use to help us see the regular and recurring patterns in the Earth's physical and human systems.

DVD 910.2 Bea

Best beaches. Pilot Productions, c2002.
PROGRAM CHAPTERS - Intro ; January - Tulum, Mexico ; February - Montezuma, Costa Rica ; March - Bajo, Mexico ; April - Jericoacoara, Brazil ; May - Boracay, Phillippines ; Best Diving Beaches ; June - Corsica, Sardina & Turkey ; July - Breju, Zanzibar ; August - Nha Trang, Vietnam ; September - Kadavu, Fiji ; October - Goa & Varkala, India ; November - Byron Bay, Australia ; Best Surfing Beaches ; December - Phangnga Bay, Thailand ; Top Beaches - - BONUS CHAPTERS - Big Sur, USA ; Los Rozues, Venezuela ; Copacabana, Brazil ; Fraser Island, Australia ; Best Diving Beaches ; Santa Monica, USA ; Na Pali Coast & Molokai, Hawaii ; Best Beach Huts ; Sylt, Germany ; Mykonos & Gavdos, Greece ; Isle St. Marie, Madagascar ; Best Surfing Beaches ; Brenu Beach, Ghana ; Poly Plage, Ivory Coast ; Top Beaches ; Greece - Special Bonus. Justine Shapira and her fellow travellers make your task a little easier with a month-by-month guide to some of the world's best beaches. From America to the Caribbean Islands, Europe, Africa, Asia, Micronesia and Australia, visit some of the far-flung shores where they have bathed, surfed, dived, and even slept.

DVD 912.62 Egy

Egypt. Pilot Productions, c2003.
EGYPT - 1. Introduction ; 2. Cairo ; 3. The Great Pyramids of Giza and St. Anthony's Monastry ; 4. El Alamein and Siwa ; 5. Bahariya and Bagawat ; 6. Luxor and Valley of the Kings ; 7. Abu Simbel. Traveler Megan McCormick starts her journey in the sprawling capital of Cairo, She then travels into the western desert via El Alamein to the oasis town of Siwa, close to the Libyan border. Heading south for the five day deser trek she arrives at her final destination - Luxor, which claims to be the world's greatest open air museum.

DVD 913 Mex

Mexico. Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2005.
Experience the richness of Mexico[s geography and history.

DVD 913.13 Mex

Mexico. Pilot Productions, c2003.
CHAPTERS - MEXICO CITY - Intros & Maps ; Zocalo, La Merced Marked & Glass Blowing ; Teotihuacan ; The Museum of Anthropology & Tequila bar ; Medicinal Market & Wrestling ; Taxco ; Bullfighting & The Virgin of Guadelupe Celebrations ; Xochimilco & Mexican Marichis ; El Rosano - - CHAPTERS - BAJA CALIFORNIA - Intros & Maps ; Tijuana ; San Quentin ; Bahia de Los Angeles ; San ignacio ; Mulege & La Paz ; Copper Canyon. Traveler Ian Wright visits Baja California, a mostly desert mountainous peninsula off the southwest coast of the USA, and the Copper Canyon, home of modern cowboys and ancient Tarahumara Indians. Meanwhile, Justine Shapiro explores Mexico City, a buzzing capital where modern skyscrapers tower over Indian markets and Spanish churches. Visit the wild border town of Tijuana. Sail close to the grey whales which migrate to Laguana San Ignacio during the northern winter months. Explore the colonial silver city of Taxco, and the amazing city of teatihuacan whose mysterious civilization built the gigantic pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. Get a hot taste for Mexican chilies at La Merced, one of the largest food markets, and sample some of the hundreds of tequila varieties.

DVD 914 Arg

Argentina. New Dimension Media, c2005.
See why Argentina is a country of untapped wealth. Experience the cultural and economic wealth and the diverse people and terrains of this remote country.

DVD 914 Aus

The best of Austria. TravelVideo.
Episode # 1 - Alpine Vacation, Featuring Tyrol, Innsbruck, Hiking, Seefeld, Train ride, Bell makers, Swarovski, and more ; Episode # 2 - Wine Country, Featuring Styria, Graz, Lipizzaner Horses, Gamiltz, Ehrenhausen, Castles, SPA Hotel and more ; Episode # 3 - Hiking in Austria, Featuring Salzburg, Lofer, Hintermoos, Krimml, Wald, Shopping, Cycling, and more.

DVD 914 Bel

Globe Trekker : Belgium and Luxembourg. Pilot Productions, 2007.

DVD 914 Eur

Natural Wonders of the World : Natural Wonders of Europe. United States : Schlessinger Media, c2003.
Explore the only remaining primeval forest in Europe and explore towering stands of ancient trees that are home to exotic creatures. Against the backdrop of the Matterhorn, appreciate the power of the Aletsch, the mightiest glacier in the Swiss Alps. Catch a glimpse of life found on Earth 50 million years ago.

DVD 914 Fra

France. Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2005.
The cultural richness and the geographic variety of France are revealed along with many historical influences. The highlights of the region are surveyed. The intensity of Paris is contrasted with diverse rural economies and traditions, and the many contributions of the French to the world are shown.

DVD 914 Ger

Germany. New Dimension Media, 2005.
Detailed maps show how early Roman towns grew into parts of the medieval Holy Roman Empire, and then into various states that eventually combined in to the German nation. Explore characteristics of great cities including cultural and economic characteristics of a reunified Germany emerge.

DVD 914 Ita

Italy. New Dimension Media.
From its Roman roots to the ultra modernistic styles found in Milan, the diversity and unity of the Italian people, history and geography are experienced. Sicily's uniqueness is explored. Important coastal cities such as Genoa, Naples and Venice reveal special beauties and histories. The contributions of Rome, Florence and Milan have left profound marks upon Italy. The economy, occupations, and characteristics of each region hare revealed, including less known ones suce as Liguria and Umbria.

DVD 914 Rus

Russia. Chicago, Illinois : New Dimension Media, c2005.
After countless rulers, seven decades of Communism, and domination of Eastern Europe as the power behing the USSR, Russia still remains the world's largest country in landmass. Witness the importance of major cities and Russia's most important regions and natural wonders. Experience the changes free enterprise is bringing to this important country.

DVD 914 Spa

Spain. New Dimension Media, 2005.
A colorful overview of the diversity of Spain's history starting with Madrid to Avila and other cities in the north; then south to the rich contributions of the Jewish and Moorish peoples.

DVD 914 Swi

Switzerland : Country of Mountains. TravelVideo.

DVD 914.11 Sco

Scotland. Pilot Productions, c2004.
SCOTLAND -1. Introduction ; 2. Glasgow and Sterling ; 3. Islay and Oban ; 4. Fort William, Malliag and the Isle of Skye ; 5. Culloden, Loch Ness and Strathdon ; 6. Aberdeen and the Orkney Islands ; 7. Edinburgh and St. Andrews. Traveler Megan McCormick begins her journey in Glasgow. After a brief stop on the Isle of Islay, she makes her way up the west coast to fish on the Isle of Skye. Her next port of call is the Orkney Islands. She then embarks on the final leg of her journey to the capital city and the spectacular Edinburgh military tattoo.

DVD 914.12 Ger

Germany. Pilot Productions, c2004.
GERMANY - 1. Introduction ; 2. Berlin ; 3. Sylt Island ; 4. Hamburg and Langeloh ; 5. Nuremberg ; 6. Ingolstadt ; 7. Munich ; 8. Berchtesgaden and Oberammergau. Traveler Justine Shapiro's journey starts in Berlin where she learns about Germany's experience during World War II. From there she hitches a ride to Niebull before continuing onto the incredible beaches of Sylt. After a stop in Hamburt, she moves to the grand city of Nuremberg before completing her trip climbing Mount Yenna.

DVD 914.13 Cor

Corsica, Sicily & Sardinia. Pilot Productions, c2004.
CORSICA, SARDINIA, & SICILY - 1. Introduction ; 2. Corsica - Al Cajola ; 3. Corsica - Corte ; 4. Corsica - Ajaccio ; 5. Corsica - Bonifacio ; 6. Sardinia - Sedilo ; 7. Sardinia - Orgosolo ; 8. Sardinia - Costa Verde ; 9. Sicily - Palermo ; 10. Sicily - Stromboli. Traveler Ian Wright begins his journey on the French island of Corsica, the birthplace of Napoleon, where he enjoys a wealth of outdoor activities. He then sails to the Italian island of Sardinia to celebrate the S'Ardia festival and witness the fine horsemanship of the locals. Ian's final destination is the island of Sicily where he cooks up a storm with a local pasta chef before ending his journey on top of Stromboli's smoking and lava spitting volcano.

DVD 914.13 Por

Portugal & the Azores. Pilot Productions, c2004.
PORTUGAL - 1. Introduction ; 2. Peneda Geres National Park ; 3. Douro Valley and Porto ; 4. Santarem ; 5. Fatima ; 6. Lisbon ; 7. Evora ; 8. The Algarve ; 9. The Azores ; 10. The Azores - Faial and Pico. Traveler Megan McCormick starts her journey in the beautiful Doruro Valley before heading north to trek through the spectacular Peneda Geres National Park. Moving south through Fatima and Santarem she stops in Lisbon before ending her journey in the idyllic Azores.

DVD 914.13 Spa

Spain. Pilot Productions, c2004.
NORTHERN SPAIN - 1. Introduction ; 2. Barcelona ; 3. Pampolona ; 4. San Sebastian ; 5. Somiedo National Reserve ; 6. Madrid ; 7. Segovia, Avila, Salamandro and Zamora ; 8. Santiago de Compostela and Caba Finistevre - - SOUTHERN SPAIN - 1. Introduction ; 2. The South Coast and Rhonda ; 3. Tarifa, Los Canos de Meca and La Rabida ; 4. Seville ; 5. Cazoria National Park : Jaen Province ; 6. Tabernas, Cabo de Gata National Park ; 7. Alcoy, Valencia Province. Traveler Shilpa Metha explores Northern Spain during the vibrant Fiesta season, while Christina Chang goes beyond the tourist hotspots of the Costa del Sol and travels inland to discover the real Southern Spain.

DVD 914.13 Vie

Vienna. Pilot Productions, c2004.
VIENNA - Introduction ; Day 1. Stephansdom Cathedral and the Hofburg Palace ; Day 2. Central Cemetery and Sigmund Freud's House ; Day 3. Mauthausen ; Day 4. Naschmarkt ; Day 5. Salzburg ; Day 6. Old Danube ; Day 7. The Chambray Palace and Elmayer Dance School. Traveler Ian Wright begins his trip at the Hofburg Palace, once home to the famous Hapsbury dynasty. He then heads for the city's cemetery where over two and a half million people have been laid to rest. After a look around the Freud museum he heads out of town to learn Mauthausen's gruesome past. Returning to Vienna he ends his journey at one of the city's famous balls.

DVD 914.17 Ire

Ireland. Pilot Productions, c2003.
IRELAND - 1. Introduction ; 2. Antrim Coast ; 3. Belfast ; 4. Armagh and Dublin ; 5. Cobh ; 6. Dingle and the Aran Islands ; 7. Connemara and Donegal ; 8. Tory Island. Ian Wright begins his travels at the spectacular Antrim coast in Northern Ireland. he then travels to Belfast before crossing the border and heading to Dublin, the capital of the republic. Passing through Cobh and Kerry, he then sails to the Aran Islands; hikes in Connemara and Donegal, and ends his journey on the wild and remote Tory Islands.

DVD 914.2 Eng

Destination England. Pilot Productions, c2002.
SHORT HISTORY OF ENGLAND : 1. Introduction and maps ; 2. The South Coast ; 3. London ; 4. Yorkshire ; 5. The North West : Hadrien's Wall and Liverpool ; 6. The West Country : Stonehenge and Glastonbury ; 7. Devon and Cornwall : Ottery St. Mary and Tintagel - - LONDON : 1. Introduction and maps ; 2. Tower of London and Trooping the Colour ; 3. East End ; 4. West End ; 5. King's Cross and madam Tussauds ; 6. Camden, Highgate and Knightsbridge ; 7. Day trip : Ascot ; 8. Brixton and Gay Pride Festival. Traveler Justine Shapiro embarks on an historic journey across England, exploring its rich past ; while Jonathan Atherton explores London, Europe's largest capital, a vibrant mix of history, culture, and rock and roll, spiced up by the influence of over 200 different nationalities.

DVD 914.21Lon

London. Pilot Productions, c2004.
LONDON - 1. Introduction ; 2. The West End : London Eye, Tower of London, Trooping of the Colour and Westminster ; 3. The East End ; 4. British Museum, St. Paul's, The Globe and Soho ; 5. Along the Thames : Greenwich Observator, Kew Garden and Hampton Court ; 6. West London ; 7. Ascot and Greyhound Racing ; 8. North London ; 9. The South Coast ; 10. Brixton and Notting Hill. Join Globe Trekker travelers Jonathan Atherton and Megan McCormick as they explore this multi-cultural, multi-faceted and richly historical city. Sample traditional jellied eels in the East End. Take a ride on the world's biggest Ferris wheel. Witness royal pageantry at Trooping of the Colour. Have a personal tour of the Houses of Parliament. Have a flutter on the greyhounds at Walthamstow racetrack.

DVD 914.4 Par

Paris. Pilot Productions, c2004.
PARIS - Introduction ; Day 1. The Channel tunnel, L'Hotel Nelle and Parisian nightlife ; Day 2. The Metro and L'ecole Cordon Bleu ; Day 3. Ard de Triomphe, Grande Arche del la Defense, Place de la Bastille and the Lido ; Day 4. Chateau Rouge and Avenue Montaigne ; Day 5. Jardin du Luxembourg, The Marais and The Louvre ; Day 6. Euro Disney ; Day 7. The Eiffel Tower. Traveler Justine Shapiro begins her stay in one of the world's gastronomic centers learning the secrets of French haute cuisine. The following day she takes in the sites on foot before enjoying a traditional Parisian cabaret. After an expensive shopping trip she spends her final day taking in the famous galleries and museums ending at the Louvre, home to the Mona Lisa.

DVD 914.40 Fra

France. Pilot Productions, c2003.
NORTHERN FRANCE - 1. Introduction ; 2. D-Day beaches ; 3. Mont St. Michel ; 4. Rennes, Pont L'Abbe and Carnac ; 5. Le Pays d'Auge, Le Touquest and Boulogne sur Mer ; 6. Douai and Amiens ; 7. The Somme Valley ; 8. The Champagne region - - SOUTHERN FRANCE - 1. Introduction ; 2. Bordeaux ; 3. Grotte de Pech, Merle and the Dordogne River ; 4. The Basque region and Bayonne ; 5. Lourdes ; 6. Roquefort ; 7. Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Arles ; 8. Marseille ; 9. Grasse ; 10. The French Riviera : Nice, Monaco and Cannes. Traveler Justine Shapiro starts her journey in Northern France on the beaches of Normandy. Traveling east through the vineyards of Champagne, she then explores Brittany and Somme. Christina Chang takes over in Bordaux, traveling through Arles, Marseilles, and Lourdes. She ends her journey in monaco on the beaches of the Riviera.

DVD 914.5 Rom

Rome. Pilot Productions, c2004.
ROME - Introduction ; Day 1. The Forum ; Day 2. Piazza Campidoglio and Trastevere ; Day 3. The Vatican, St. Peter's and the Spanish Steps; Day 4. Anzio ; Day 5. Paizza navona and Villa Borghese ; Day 6. Victor Emmanuel II Monuments, Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum ; Day 7. San Miniato - Tuscany ; Day 8. The Pantheon, Campo de Fiori and the Trevi Fountain. Traveler Estelle Bingham starts her exploration of the city at the Forum, the hub of ancient Rome. From there she visits Michelangelo's beautiful Piazza Campidoglio before strolling through charming Trastevere. She completes her tour at the Pantheon, one of Rome's great ancient buildings and the resting place of Raphael.

DVD 914.50 Ita

Italy. Pilot Productions, c2004.
NORTHERN ITALY - 1. Introduction ; 2. The Alps : Aosta, Ivrea, and Alba ; 3. Milan ; 4. Parma, Modena and Mantua ; 5. Verona ; 6. South Tyrol Region : Cortina and the Dolomites ; 7. Venice - - SOUTHERN ITALY - 1. Introduction ; 2. Rome ; 3. Terracina and Bonito ; 4. Naples ; 5. Pompeii ; 6. The Almafi Coast, Alberobello, Ostuni and Puglia ; 7. Calabria, Acri and Aspromonte. Join traveler Megan McCormick as she explores the spectacular Italian Alps and the modern, cultural and gastronomic cities of the North, while Justine Shapiro looks beyond the image of the underdeveloped South, and explores Rome, Naples and countryside villages, before reaching the tip of Italy's toe in Aspromonte.

DVD 914.7 Rus

Russia. Pilot Productions, c2004.
RUSSIA - 1. Introduction ; 2. Moscow ; 3. Star City ; 4. St. Petersberg ; 5. St. Petersberg - The Petrograd Side ; 6. Murmansk. Traveler Ian Wright begins his journey in the capital Moscow, home of the Kremlin, and seat of the Russian government. He then takes the train to Torzhok and historic St. Petersburg, before flying to the Arctic Circle and the port of Murmansk.

DVD 914.8 Sca

Ultimate Scandinavia. Pilot Productions, c2007.
Explore Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lapland, Finland, and the Baltic States.

DVD 914.9 Ams

Amsterdam. Pilot Productions, c2004.
AMSTERDAM - Introduction ; Day 1. The Hemp Hotel ; Day 2. A bike and canal tour of the city ; Day 3. The Rijksmuseum ; Day 4. Coffee shop culture ; Day 5. Vondelpark ; Day 6. Albert Cuyp Market. Globe Trekker traveler Jonathan Atherton takes to the streets and canals to uncover both sides of this cosmopolitan city.

DVD 914.9 New

New Zealand. Pilot Productions, c2004.
1. Introduction ; 2. Auckland ; 3. The Bay of Islands ; 4. Rotorus ; 5. Wellington ; 6. Christchurch ; 7. Queestown and the Fox Glacier. Globe Trekker traveler Ian Wright starts his journey in Auckland, where the city skyscrapers are home to the most extreme sports in the world. He then heads up the coast to Matauri Bay and the Bay of the Islands. On the South island he visits Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown, before climbing the amazing Fox Glacier.

DVD 914.91 Ice

Iceland & Greenland. Pilot Productions, c2004.
ICELAND & GREENLAND - 1. Iceland - Reykjavik ; 2. Iceland - Vatnajokull ; 3. Greenland - Ammassilik ; 4. Greenland - Isotoq ; 5. Greenland - Nuuk ; 6. Greenland - Ilulissat. Traveler Ian Wright begins his journey in Iceland's capital Reykjavik. He then hitches a ride to the natural wonders of Gulfoss and Geysir. Moving northeast he travels to Greenland, the world's largest island, where he takes a safari to end his journey at the Arctic Circle.

DVD 914.95 Gre

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