“Biodiversity: Which Challenges for Industry”

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Biographies of speakers and moderators

IEF European Roundtable

Biodiversity: Which Challenges for Industry”

Porquerolles, September 22-23, 2005

Dr. Bernard Tramier

Executive Director

Fondation Total pour la Biodiversité et la Mer
1943 Born in Marseille, France

1965 Chemical Engineer Degree at INSA School of Engineers, Lyon, France

1966 Petrochemical Engineer Degree at IPSOI School of Engineers, Marseille, France

1970 PhD in Physical Sciences, Université de Marseille

Professional Development within Elf Aquitaine, TotalFinaElf and Total
1970 – 1974 Research Engineer at Société Nationale des Pétroles d’Aquitaine

1974 - 1982 Head of Research and Application Group in environmental protection (Exploration / Production Division) at Elf Aquitaine

1982 - 2000 Corporate Director of Environmental and Safety Affairs at Elf Aquitaine

2000 - 2003 Senior Vice-President, Sustainable Development and Environment, TotalFinaElf

Since 2003 Executive Director, Fondation Total pour la Biodiversité et la Mer

Company Representations

1986 – 1991 Vice-Chairman of the International Oil Industry Exploration and Production Forum

1987 – 1991 Chairman of the Water Quality Management Group of the CONCAWE

1991 – 1994 Chairman of the IPIECA

1995 – 1996 Member of the Board of European Partners for Environment (EPE – Brussels)

1996 – 1999 Chairman of the Environment Quality Committee

Since 1992 Member of the Board of Directors of the World Environment Center

Since 1995 Chairman of the Strategic Committee of CEDRE

Since 1997 Member of the Scientific Committee of ADEME

Since 1999 Member of the Board of Directors of IFREMER
Prof. Philippe Bouchet

Head, Taxonomy Collections Unit

Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle
Philippe Bouchet's interests are with the taxonomy, natural history and conservation of molluscs. His research on ontogenetic vertical migrations of veliger larvae between the abyss and the surface awarded him the 2001 Marine Sciences Prize of the French Academy of Sciences. Exploring for unknown faunas has taken him to deep-sea expeditions in three oceans, as well as to a number of remote islands, with emphasis on the western Pacific. Bouchet's recent work focusses on species richness in complex tropical coastal environments, adressing issues such as rarity, spatial heterogeneity and endemism. Bouchet believes in solid taxonomical work. He has authored major monographs and described over 400 new species of molluscs. He is also editor of several volumes in the Tropical Deep-Sea Benthos series.

Philippe Bouchet is senior professor at the French National Museum of Natural History, in Paris. He is active in his museum's visiting curators programmes, and in several European Union programmes to produce continent-wide authority lists. He also serves as a member of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.


Docteur de 3ème cycle [Ph. D.], 1977.

Docteur ès Sciences [D. Sc.], 1987.

Professor, MNHN, since 1989. Curator of Molluscs. Head, Division of Scientific Publications, since 1995. Head, Taxonomy-Collections Unit, since 2002.

Winner of Marine Sciences Prize, French Academy of Sciences, 2001.

Research Associate, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, 2006-2008.

Professional experience:

Oceanographic expeditions: participation in 26 research cruises on French, Indonesian, Taiwanese and Philippines research vessels, with special emphasis on the South and West Pacific. Principal investigator of 6 cruises.

Principal investigator of major international marine biodiversity surveys: CEUTA (Strait of Gibraltar, 1986), ALGARVE (Portugal, 1988), SICILY (1990), NEW CALEDONIA (Montrouzier Expedition, 1993), LIFOU 2000, PANGLAO MARINE BIODIVERSITY PROJECT (Philippines, 2004).
European programmes:

Participant in European Register of Marine Species (4th Framework Programme, Marine Science and Technology Programme), Fauna Europaea (5th), MARBEF Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning and HERMES (Networks of Excellence, 6th Framework Programme).

National and International Memberships:

- Member of (French) Committee on Physical, Chemical and Biological Oceanography, operating under IFREMER [since 1996]

- Member of Scientific Advisory Board of FFEM (French Fund for World Environment, operating under French Development Agency) [1998-1999]

- Member of Committee on Ecological Sciences of (French) Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) [1999-2002]

- Member of Science Board of French Biodiversity Institute (Institut Français de la Biodiversité, IFB) [since 2000]

- Member of International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature [since 1990]

- Member of the Steering Committee, Species Survival Commission, World Conservation Union (IUCN) [1997-2000].

- Member of Editorial Board of: Systematics and Biodiversity (UK), Malacologia (USA), Archiv für Molluskenkunde (D), Bollettino Malacologico (It), Mémoires du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (F), Molluscan Research (Australia), Ocean Biogeographic Information System (www.iobis.org).

Publications: 121 original refereed research papers since 1975; ca. 150 other publications.

Mr. Achim Steiner


International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Mr Steiner - a German national - was born in Brazil in 1961 where he lived for ten years. His educational background includes a BA at the University of Oxford (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) as well as a MA at the University of London (Economics and Regional Planning). He also studied at the German Development Institute in Berlin (Development Economics and Policy) as well as the Harvard Business School.
Professional Development
He has worked both at grassroots level and at the highest levels of international policy making to address the interface between environmental sustainability, social equity and economic development.
In recent years, his professional focus has been on developing both conceptual and institutional bridges among very diverse interests and agendas. In Washington, where he was Senior Policy Advisor of IUCN's Global Policy Unit, he developed new partnerships between the conservation community and the World Bank and United Nations system. In South-East Asia where he worked as chief technical advisor on a programme for sustainable management of Mekong River watersheds, he contributed to a new dialogue and policy process with governments and local communities to introduce political reforms for community-based natural resources management. In his most recent assignment - Secretary General of the World Commission on Dams, based in South Africa - he brought together the public sector, civil society, and the private sector in a global policy process on dams and development.
Achim Steiner's professional career has taken him from working:

  • at the grassroots level with a community-based organisation in India

  • through advisory positions on sustainable development policy with public sector and inter-governmental agencies in Oman, Pakistan, Germany and Vietnam

  • short-term assignments in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the South Pacific

  • to managing a regional conservation programme for IUCN in Southern Africa

  • leading a global environmental policy initiative in the US, aimed at multilateral agencies, and most recently

  • to managing the international Secretariat and work programme of the World Commission on Dams based in South Africa

His long standing commitment to conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, as well as cross-cultural experience, put him in an ideal position to carry out the mission and mandate of IUCN.

Dr. Hartmut Leidig

IEF Chair

Head of Corporate Department, Environment, Health & Safety

Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH

Born in 1947, Dr. Hartmut Leidig is married and father of one daughter and one son.

January 1978 Dr. rer. nat. in Organic Chemistry, „Institut für Organische Chemie”, Technical University Aachen, Germany
August 1973 Diploma (master degree) in Chemistry, Technical University Aachen, Germany
Professional Development
2000 – present Head of Corporate Department Environment, Health

and Safety at Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) GmbH (headquarters)

1993 – 1999 Plant manager of an active pharmaceutical ingredient plant at Ingelheim site of BI
1992 Project manager of BI Fine Chemicals restructuring project
1991 Production manager at an Italian manufacturing plant of BI
1982 – 1990 Senior Manager of Corporate Division Chemical & Biotechnical Production at BI GmbH (product transfers, plant startups, production coordination) & Corporate EHS-auditor
1980 – 1981 Plant manager of a petrochemical production plant of the company CONDEA
1978 – 1079 Assistant plant manager of a petrochemical production plant of the company CONDEA
1973 – 1977 Scientific & Teaching Assistant at „Institut für Organische Chemie“ of Technical University Aachen, Germany
World Environment Center
2001 – present Boehringer Ingelheim´s delegate at WEC
2004 – present European IEF chair

Mathieu Bouchard

Vice President, Branding and Economic Development

He has a bachelor’s degree in political science (international affairs) and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Ottawa.
Professional Development
He joined the Alcan team in July 1996 as Director, Corporate Affairs and Employee Communications, with the Public Relations Group at head office in Montreal. He was Director (Communication and Properties) during his assignment in the Saguenay-Lac St-Jean Region from January 1997 to June 1999. From June 1999 to September 2000, he was General Manager (Corporate Affairs) for Alcan Inc. Then, he held the position of Vice-president (Corporate and Marketing Communications) for Alcan Inc. From 2001 to 2004, he was Vice President (Corporate and Environmental Affairs) for the Alcan Primary Metal Group. He is currently Vice President, Branding and Economic Development with the same group.
Before joining Alcan, he held positions within various Canadian Government departments. In 1982, he started his career as a policy information officer in the Canadian Foreign Affairs Department. In 1989, he became senior policy analyst in the Privy Council Office. In 1992, he was employed by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) as Director of Operations, Communications.
He has served as a board member of the Canadian Red Cross from 2000-2003. Since 2001, he is a member of the Board of the Quebec Chamber of Commerce, and has been elected Chairman of the Board, on October 9, 2004.
Mrs. Dominique VLASTO

Member of the European Parliament

Deputy Mayor of Marseille

Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats

Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, Member
Committee on Transport and Tourism, Substitute
Delegation to the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, Member

Union pour un Mouvement Populaire

Born on 14 August 1946, Marseille
Management assistant in a small clothing company (1965-1967).
Worked at SOFRES (French opinion poll organisation) (1975-1979).
Member of the France Congrès office (since 1995).
Chairwoman of the Marseilles Tourist Office and administrator at the Marseilles International Fair limited company.

Member of Marseilles City Council (1983-1989) and district councillor in Marseilles (1989-1995).

Deputy Mayor of Marseilles with responsibility for building permits and land rights (1995-1998); responsibility for tourism, conferences and festivals (since 1999).

Member of the Committee of the Regions (1998-1999).

Member of the European Parliament (since 2000).

The Mayor of Marseilles' representative on the World Water Council.

Chairwoman of the regional association for women and families' activities and information (association under the auspices of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Regional Council (1986-1998).
Member of the administrative council of the Youth and Leisure Social Centre (Marseilles) (since 1997).

Knight of the Order of Merit (1995).

Mrs. Giulia Carbone

Programme Officer, Sustainable Tourism

Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, United Nations Environment Programme

Ing. Armando J. Garcia Segovia

Executive Vice President of Development


Mr. Garcia, who originally joined CEMEX in 1975 and rejoined the company in 1985, he holds a degree in mechanical & administration engineering from the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) and has an M.B.A. from the University of Texas.

He is responsible for managing CEMEX’s operations technology, human resources, energy, and information technology.
He serves as member of the Board of the following companies:

CEMEX, S.A. de C.V.; Grupo Cementos Chihuahua, S.A. de C.V.; Proambiente S.A. de C.V.; Gas Industrial, S.A. de C.V.; Compañia Industrial de Parras, S.A. de C.V.; Grupo Chapa, S.A. de C.V.

Mr. Garcia participates in different business chambers and organizations: Centro de Estudios del Sector Privado para el Desarrollo Sustentable CESPEDES (a private research center for sustainable development) organismo del Consejo Coordinador Empresarial CCE, and he is a Member of COPARMEX executive committee.
Additionally he is member of the board of The World Environmental Center (WEC) International Emision Trading Association (IETA), Unidos para la Conservación, Pronatura Noreste, Consejo Consultivo de Flora y Fauna del Estado de Nuevo León, Agencia de Medio Ambiente, Presidente del Consejo Consultivo de la División de Ingeniería y Arquitectura (DIA) del ITESM, and Universidad Regiomontana.

William A. Napier

Vice President, Environment and Health

Inco Limited

With over 28 years experience, Mr. Napier has held a number of positions in the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) field relating to mining.

Mr. Napier began his career with Rio Algom Ltd, working both in the mill and underground. After completing his undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies in 1979 from the University of Waterloo, Bill rejoined Rio Algom Ltd in the Industrial Health and Hygiene department.

Two years later, Bill joined the Atomic Energy Central Board as a Scientific Advisor working in the Uranium Mine Division and later the Waste Management Division.

Ten years later, he joined Corona Corporation (Homestake Canada) as a Director, Environment. While with Homestake Canada, Bill earned a Master of Science Degree from Laurentian University and completed the Executive Management Program at Simon Fraser University.

In 1996 Bill moved from Vancouver to St. John’s when he accepted the job as Vice President, Environmental Health and Safety for Voisey’s Bay Nickel Mining Company (Inco Ltd). After the successful completion of the Voisey’s Bay Nickel Mining Company environmental assessment process, Bill joined Inco’s corporate office in Toronto and currently holds the position of Vice President Environmental Health and Safety.

Mr. Napier, his wife Lois and children live in Burlington Ontario.

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