Board meeting minutes

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Monday, November 7, 2005

Members Present:
Kevin Coenen, John Mielke, Dan Kastner, Bill Hanstedt, Mike Waters, Scott Sass, Shaun Curran, Bob Hein, Kevin Kaufman, Lisa Lamers, Sara Ebben
Members Absent:

Manny Johnson, Bruce Moriarty, Jim Lee, Don Markwardt, Mary VanStippen, Jeff Scott


  1. Introductions of Board members – Kevin

  2. AEYBA Structure – Kevin

  • Kevin reported on structure of organization (handout)

  • New Board members’ assignments:

    • Lisa Lamers (Tournaments)

    • Scott Sass (Tournaments)

    • Jeff Scott (Girls-at-Large)

    • Kevin Kaufman (Treasurer-at-Large)

    • Bob Hein (Secretary-at-Large & Website)

    • Shaun Curran (Boys-at-Large)

  1. Coach’s Corner

  • Dan Kastner – Girls

    • Reviewed grades 5-8

    • High School just started today. 16 Frosh, 12 Sophomores 5 juniors

    • Wants more of the AEYBA girls to go to the High School Games

  • John Mielke – Boys

    • 39 of the 45 boys out for High School basketball were in AEYBA

    • John wants a skills notebook of what skills kids need to have at each grade level

    • Would like a High School coach assigned to each AEYBA grade level

    • John is looking for feedback / communication on practice schedules. How is it working with 2 teams in 1 gym?

  1. New Business

  • Boy’s Tournament: Mike Waters indicated all boys brackets are full for their tournaments.

  • Girl’s Tournament: Don Markwardt is planning the Girls Tournament.

    • AA: Kevin will get in contact with Don regarding progress of planning

    • AA: Kevin to get game times to Bill Hanstedt for referee schedule

  • Fundraiser

    • Date of March 18th was selected.

    • AA: Sara to book Capitol Centre

    • AA: Sara to contact Insta-Print (Jimmy Grassl) regarding printing of tickets. Kevin wants to proof the tickets

  • Apparel:

    • Agreement that AEYBA would pursue offering own apparel

    • AA: Kevin to get Mary Van Stippen contact info to Sara

    • AA: Sara and Bob to work with Mary Van Stippen regarding apparel.

    • Objective is to have done in time for Christmas gifts

  • Meeting dates

    • Meeting should be schedules for the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 PM.

    • Next Meeting: Monday, December 12 at 7:30 PM

NEXT MEETING DATE: Monday, December 12th 7:30 PM.

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