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Huguenots in America, The: A Refugee People in New World Society, by Jon Butler, 37: 160.

Kinsey, Andrew D.

Church Drawing Near, A: Spirituality and Mission in a Post-Christian Culture, by Paul Avis, 47: 649-51.

Crisis of Islam, The: Holy War and Unholy Terror, by Bernard Lewis, 46: 648-50.

Wahhabism: A Critical Essay, by Hamid Algar, 46: 648-50.

Kirkwood, J. Burton

Mexican Right, The: The End of Revolutionary Reform, 1929-1940, edited by John W. Sherman, 41: 146-47.

Kirshner, Alan M.

The Jews in New Spain, by Seymour Liebman, 13: 142-44.

Kivisto, Peter

Redeeming America: Piety and Politics in the New Christian Right, by Michael Lienesch, 37: 894.

Klaassen, Walter

On Earth Peace: Discussions on War/Peace Issues between Friends, Mennonites, Brethern, and European Churches, 1935-75, edited by Donald F. Durnbaugh, 23: 585­-86.

Polish Brethren, The: Documentation of the History and Thought of Unitarianism in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and in the Diaspora, 1601-1685, edited and trans­lated by George Huntston Williams, 24: 390-91.

Kleiman, Jeff

Churches and the Holocaust: Unholy Teaching, Good Samaritans, and Reconciliation, by Mordecai Paldiel, 49: 144-45.

Klein, Norman Mark

Hasidic People: A Place in the New World, by Jerome R. Mintz, 35: 898-900.

Schismatics, Sectarians, Dissidents, Deviants: The First One Hundred Years of Jewish-Christian Relations, by Jack T. Sanders, 36: 866.

Kleinhans, Robert G.

Reformers in the Wings, by David C. Steinmetz, 15: 316-18.

Zwingli Bibliography, A, compiled by H. Wayne Pipkin, 15: 475-76.

Kline, Meredith G.

Dominion Theology: Blessing or Curse? An Analysis of Christian Reconstructionism, by H. Wayne House and Thomas Ice, 31: 577.

Heaven on Earth? The Social and Political Agendas of Dominion Theology, by Bruce Barron, 36: 393-94.

Knight, Henry H., III

Good News for the Poor: John Wesley’s Evangelical Economics, by Theodore W. Jennings, 33: 812-13.

Knoppers, Gary N.

Wisdom in Ancient Israel: Essays in Honour of J. A. Emerton, edited by John Day, Robert P. Gordon, and H. G. M. Williamson, 39: 341-42.

Knowlton, Robert J.

Protestants and the Mexican Revolution: Missionaries, Ministers, and Social Change, by Deborah J. Baldwin, 33: 609-10.

Koch, Jerome R.

Christianity in the Twenty-first Century, by Robert Wuthnow, 37: 643.

Kollar, Nathan

Doing Faithjustice: An Introduction to Catholic Social Thought, by Fred Kammer, S.J., 35: 166-67.

Kollar, Nathan R.

An Almost Chosen People: The Moral Aspirations of Americans, edited by Ronald Weber and Walter Nicgorski, 21: 132-34.

Catholicism and Modernity: Confrontation or Capitulation?, by James Hitchcock, 23: 144-46.

Catholics and Canadian Socialism: Political Thought in the Thirties and Forties, by Gregory Baum, 23: 579-81.

Crisis of Truth, A: The Attack on Faith, Morality, and Mission in the Catholic Church, by Ralph Martin, 26: 129-30.

Directions in Catholic Social Ethics, by Charles E. Curran, 28: 528-29.

Identity and the Sacred: A Sketch for a New Social-Scientific Theory of Religion, by Hans Mol, 21: 331-33.

New Experiment in Democracy: The Challenge for American Democracy, by Dennis P. McCann, 30: 145-46.

Papacy in the Modern World, The, by J. Derek Holmes, 25: 147-49.

Papacy Today, The, by Francis X. Murphy, 25: 147-49.

Konvitz, Milton R.

Covenant and Civil Society: The Constitutional Matrix of Modern Democracy, by Michael J. Elazar, 41: 597-98.

Covenant and Constitutionalism: The Great Frontier and the Matrix of Federal Democracy, by Michael J. Elazar, 41: 597-98.

Readings on Church and State, edited by James E. Wood, Jr., 32: 130-31.

Toward Benevolent Neutrality: Church, State, and the Supreme Court, by Ronald B. Flowers and Robert T. Miller, 25: 178.

Kooi, Christine

Renaissance, by George Holmes, 40: 480.

Koontz, Gayle Gerber

John Howard Yoder: Mennonite Patience, Evangelical Witness, Catholic Convictions, by Mark Thiessen Nation, 48: 875-77.

Korpi, Michael

Television and Religion: The Shaping of Faith, Values, and Culture, by William F. Fore, 30: 602-03.

Kostoff, Steven

The Russian Orthodox Church: A Contemporary History, by Jane Ellis, 29: 542-43.

Kowalewski, David

In Search of Refuge, by Yvonne and Ingrid Rogers Dilling, 27: 343-44.

Kozlowski, Gregory C.

Islam and Resistance in Afganistan, by Olivier Roy, 34: 384-85.

Krahn, Cornelius

Conrad Grebel—Son of Zurich, by John L. Ruth, 19: 594-95.

Krall, Lorraine

Glory, Grace, and Culture: The Work of Hans Urs Von Balthasar, by Ed Block, Jr., 48: 454-55.

Krapohl, Robert H.

Being Right: Conservative Catholics in America, by Mary Jo Weaver and Scott Appleby, 38: 902.

New Republican Coalition, The: The Reagan Campaign and White Evangelicals, by Bruce Nesmith, 38: 186.

Southern Cross: The Beginnings of the Bible Belt, by Christine Leigh Heyrman, 40: 202-04.

Kries, Douglas

Ernest L. Fortin: Collected Essays, vols. 1, 2, and 3, edited by J. Brian Benestad, 40: 676-79.

Krodel, Gottfried G.

Popular Religion in Germany and Central Europe, 1400-1800, edited by Bob Scribner and Trevor Johnson, 40: 482.

Krohn, Gregory A.

Economics for Prophets: A Primer on Concepts, Realities, and Values in Our Economic System, by Walter L. Owensby, 32: 149.

Kross, Jessica

Protestant Pluralism and the New York Experience: A Study of Eighteenth-Century Religious Diversity, by Richard W. Pointer, 31: 553.

Krotkoff, Georg

Islam and Development: Religion and Socio­political Change, edited by John L. Espo­sito, 24: 383-85.

Krugler, John D.

The Puritan Tradition in America, 1620­-1730, edited by Alden T. Vaughan, 14: 520-22.

Kuczewski, Andre

Des Pretes au Gouvernement: l’ Experience du Nicaragua, by Teofilo Cabestrero, 27: 529-30.

Pope and Revolution, The: John Paul II Confronts Liberation Theology, edited by Quentin L. Quade, 28: 526-28.

Kuhn, Gary G.

Religion and Political Conflict in Latin America, by Daniel H. Levine, 29: 340-41.

Kyle, Richard

Cultic Milieu, The: Oppositional Subcultures in an Age of Globalization, edited by Jeffrey Kaplan and Helene Loow, 46: 411-12.

Kyriazopoulos, Kyriakos

Repression of Evangelism in Greece, The: European Litigation vis-à-vis a Closed Religious Establishment, by John Warwick Montgomery, 44: 154-56.

LaFleur, William R.

Of Heretics and Martyrs in Meiji Japan: Buddhism and its Persecution, by James Edward Ketelaar, 34: 137-38.

Laird, Lance

Bethlehem Besieged: Stories of Hope in Times of Trouble, by Mitri Raheb, 47: 393.

Lakeland, Paul

Religious Higher Education in the United States: A Source Book, edited by Thomas C. Hunt and James C. Carper, 39: 596-97.

Lambert, Frank

Law and Liberty in Early New England: Criminal Justice and Due Process, 1620-1692, by Edgar J. McManus, 37: 658-59.

Lamy, Steven V.

The Mighty and the Almighty. Reflections on America, God, and World Affairs, by Madeline Albright, with Bill Woodward, 49: 779-80.

Lamkin, Bill D.

Bishop Beck and England Education, 1949-1959, by Francis R. Phillips, 34: 155-56.

Land, Aubrey C.

Catholics and the American Revolution: A Study in Religious Climate, by Charles H. Metzger, 6: 245.

Samuel Davies: Apostle of Dissent in Colo­nial Virginia, by George William Pilcher, 14: 144-46.

Landis, James G.

The Mennonite Church in India, 1897­-1962, by John Allen Lapp, 16: 345.

Lanning, Bill L.

Armstrong Empire, The: A Look at the Worldwide Church of God, by Joseph Hopkins, 17: 347-48.

Coming Convergence of World Reli­gions, The, by Robley Edward Whitson, 15: 323-24.

Ebony Handbook, The, edited by Ebony Magazine, 20: 151-52.

Preachers, The, by James Morris, 19: 606-07.

Quest for Political and Spiritual Libera­tion, The: A Study in the Thought of Sri Auro­bindo Ghose, by June O’Connor, 20: 360­-61.

Religious and Spiritual Groups in Modern America, by Robert S. Ellwood, Jr., 15: 324-25.

Laracy, Hugh

Unto God and Caesar: Religious Issues in the Emerging Commonwealth, 1891-1906, by Richard Ely, 21: 558-59.

Largo, Gerald A.

Catholic Boston: Studies in Religion and Community, 1870-1970, edited by Robert E. Sullivan and James M. O’Toole, 28: 524-25.

Catholics in Western Democracies: A Study in Political Behaviour, by John H. Whyte, 24: 400-02.

Ratzinger Report, The: An Exclusive Interview on the State of the Church, by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, 29: 565-66.

Larson, Martin A.

Kyrhan Kostar (Church Financing): A 1968 Analysis of Church and State in Sweden, by Riksdag (Parliament) Committee, 14: 526­-28.

Larson, Paul

Catholic Church in Spain, 1875-1998, The, by William J. Callahan, 43: 610-11.

Religion and Politics in Spain: The Spanish Church in Transition, 1962-96, by Audrey Brassloff, 42: 862-64.

Latimer, Brett H.

The Lord’s University: Freedom and Authority at BYU, by Bryan Waterman and Brian Kagel, 42: 195-96.

Latourette, Kenneth Scott

Christ and Crisis, by Charles Malik, 4: 214-15.

Christian Centuries, The: A New History of the Catholic Church: The First Six Hundred Years, by Jean Danielou and Henry I. Marrou, 7: 280-81.

Christianity and the World Revolution, edited by Edwin H. Rian, 6: 227-28.

Colonialism and Christian Missions, by Ste­phen Neill, 9: 101-03.

Conflict Between Paganism and Chris­tianity in the Fourth Century, The, edited by Arnoldo Momigliano, 6: 401-02.

Ecumenical Beginnings in Protestant World Mission: A History of Comity, by R. Pierce Beaver, 5: 113-14.

Martyrdom and Persecution in the Early Church: A Study of a Conflict from the Macabees to Donatus, by W. H. C. Frend, 10: 121-23.

Religious Situation: 1968, The, edited by Donald R. Cutler, 10: 312-14.

Vatican Imperialism in the Twentieth Cen­tury, by Avro Manhattan, 8: 493-95.

Laycock, Douglas

Red, White and Blue: A Critical Analysis of Constitutional Law, by Mark Tushnet, 31: 303-04.

Le Beau, Bryan F.

One Holy and Happy Society: The Public Theology of Jonathan Edwards, by Gerald R. McDermott, 37: 173.

Lease, Gary

Catholicism and Liberalism: Contributions to American Public Philosophy, edited by R. Bruce Douglas and David Hollenbach, 38: 916.

Leavell, James B.

New Wine: The Cultural Shaping of Japanese Christianity, by David Reid, 34: 863-64.

Lee, Nai-an Robert

Morality, Normativity and Society, by David Copp, 38: 646-47.

Soul in Society: The Making and Renewal of Social Christianity, by Gary Dorrien, 38: 926.

Lee, R. Alton

Catholic New Deal, A: Religion and Reform in Depression Pittsburgh, by Kenneth J. Heineman, 42: 393-94.

New Agrarian Mind, The: The Movement Towards Decentralist Thought in Twentieth Century America, by Allan Carlson, 43: 162-63.

Lefever, Ernest W.

Hubert H. Humphrey: The Politics of Joy, by Charles Lloyd Garrettson, III, 36: 852.

Legters, Lyman H.

Basic Russian Publications; A Selected and Annotated Bibliography on Russia and the Soviet Union, edited by Paul L. Horecky, 5: 137-38.

Die religiasen Krafte in der russischen Geschichte, by Johannes Chrysostomus, 6: 249-51.

Geschichte des Protestantismus in Russland, by Erik Amburger, 5: 272-73.

Introduction to Nineteenth-Century Russian Slavophilism, An: A Study in Ideas. Volume I: A. S. Xomjakov, by Peter K. Christoff, 5: 273-75.

Missionary’s Role in Socio-Eonomic Betterment, The, edited by John J. Considine, 4: 236-38.

Russian Revolution and Religion, The: A Col­lection of Documents Concerning the Sup­pression of Religion by the Communists, 1917-1925, translated and edited by Bole­slaw Szczesniak, 4: 94-96.

Leith, John H.

Luther, His Life and Times, by Richard Friedenthal, 13: 531-32.

Theology of the Reformers, by Timothy George, 32: 422.

Leitich, Keith A.

Religion & Security: The New Nexus in International Relations, edited by Robert A. Seiple and Dennis R. Hoover, 47: 870-72.

LeMaster, J. R.

Mark Twain’s Religion, by William E. Phipps, 46: 668-69.

LeMasters, Philip

Ethics, Religion, and the Good Society: New Directions in a Pluralistic World, edited by Joseph Runzo, 36: 392.

Lemke, Steve W.

Boundaries: A Casebook in Environmental Ethics, by Christine E. Gurdorf and James E. Hutchingson, 47: 160-61.

Leonard, Bill J.

Whole Gospel, Whole World: The Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1845-1995, by William R. Estep, 38: 175.

Leonard, Ellen M.

Horizons on Catholic Feminist Theology, edited by Joann Wolski Conn and Walter E. Conn, 37: 161.

Lessl, Thomas M.

Between Two Absolutes, Public Opinion and the Politics of Abortion, by Elizabeth Adell Cook and Ted G. Jelen, 36: 169.

Lester, E. Russell

Change and the Church, by Erwin L. Lueker, 18: 149.

Sermons in American History, edited by DeWitte Holland, 14: 354.

Levack, Brian P.

Roman Canon Law in Reformation England, by R. H. Helmholz, 34: 148-49.

Levin, Alfred

Christians in Contemporary Russia, by Nikita Struve, 10: 138-40.

Study in Survival, A: The Church in Russia, 1927-1943, by William C. Fletcher,

10: 138-40.

Levin, Carole

English Reformation Literature: The Tudor Origins of the Protestant Tradition, by John N. King, 26: 351-53.

Levin, Daniel

God and Country: Politics in Utah, edited by Jeffrey E. Sells, 49: 158-59.

Levy, Richard S.

Nationalism and Antisemitism in Modern Europe, 1815-1945, by Shmuel Almog, 34: 146-48.

Lewellen, Ted

Catholic Church and Politics in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, The, by Philip J. Williams, 33: 149-50.

Nicaraguan Church and the Revolution, The, by Joseph E. Mulligan, S.J., 36: 179.

Lewis, Archibald R.

Calas Affair, The: Persecution, Toleration, and Heresy in Eighteenth-Century Toulouse,

by David D. Bien, 4: 229-30.

Tradition and Authority in the Western Church, 300-1140, by Karl F. Morrison, 12: 514-15.

Lewis, David

Politics of Latin American Liberation Theology, The: Understanding the Challenge to U.S. Public Policy, edited by Richard L. Rubenstein and John K. Roth, 32: 135-36.

Lewis, James K.

The First Liberty: American’s Foundation in Religious Freedom (expanded and updated), by William Lee Miller, 48: 227-28.

Lewis, James W.

Evangelical Christianity in the United States and Great Britain: Religious Beliefs, Political Choices, by J. Christopher Soper, 39: 362-63.

Morality and Religion in Liberal Democratic Societies, edited by Gordon L. Anderson and Morton L. Kaplan, 35: 904-05.

Souls of the Social Order: The Two-Party System in American Protestantism, by Jean Miller Schmidt, 35: 903-04.

Lewis, Jim

Holy War: The Rise of Militant Christian, Jewish and Islamic Fundamentalism, by David S. New, 45: 815-16.

Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult, by Peter Levenda, 46: 659.

Lewis, Kevin

Death Dealer: The Memoirs of the SS Kommandant at Auschwitz, by Rudolph Hoss, 35: 630-31.

Lewy, Guenter

Rise of Political Anti-Semitism in Ger­many and Austria, The, by Peter G. J. Pulzer, 7: 257-59.

Terrible Meek, The: Religion and Revolution in Cross-Cultural Perspective, edited by Lonnie D. Kliever, 31: 151-52.

Li, Li

Religion and Social Crisis in Japan: Understanding Japanese Society through the Aum Affair, by Robert J. Kisala, 46: 135-36.

“Side by Side in a Small Country”: Bishop John Frederick MacNeice and Ireland, by Christopher Fauske, 47: 399.

Libowitz, Richard

Jews and Christians: The Contemporary Meeting, by A. Roy Eckardt, 29: 559.

Lilie, Stuart A.

Public Attitudes Toward Church and State, by Ted G. Jelen and Clyde Wilcox, 39: 821-22.

Lind, Owen T.

Ecological Renewal, by H. Paul Santmire and Paul E. Lutz, 20: 368-69.

Lindberg, Carter

The Rise and Fall of American Lutheran Pietism, by Paul P. Kuenning, 31: 556.

Linder, Robert D.

Calvinism versus Democracy: Timothy Dwight and the Origins of American Evan­gelical Orthodoxy, by Stephen E. Berk, 22: 154-55.

Christians in Ulster, 1968-1980, by Eric Gallagher and Stanley Worrall, 25: 366-68.

Church and State in Modern Ireland, 1923­-1979, by J. H. Whyte, 24: 391-93.

Emergence of Liberty in the Modern World, The: The Influence of Calvin on Five Governments from the 16th through 18th Centuries, by Douglas F. Kelly, 37: 911.

Nationalism in Ireland, by D. George Boyce, 26: 349-51.

Origins of European Dissent, The, by R. I. Moore, 22: 546-48.

Paisley: Man of Wrath, by Patrick Marri­nan, 22: 156-57.

Too Long a Sacrifice: Life and Death in Northern Ireland Since 1769, by Jack Hol­land, 25: 366-68.

Lindley, W. Terry

God and Ronald Reagan: A Spiritual Life, by Paul Kengor, 670-71.

Times and Trials of Anne Hutchinson, The: Puritans Divided, by Michael P. Winship, 47: 630.

Touchdown Jesus: The Mixing of Sacred and Secular in American History, by R. Laurence Moore, 46: 664-65.

Lindsey, Jonathan A.

The Captain America Complex: The Di­lemma of Zealous Nationalism, by Robert Jewett, 17: 138-40.

Lippy, Charles H.

The Fatherhood of God and the Victorian Family: The Social Gospel in America, by Janet Forsythe Fishburn, 24: 613-14.

Lipson, Norman S.

Emancipation and Counter-Emancipation: Selected Essays from “Jewish Social Stud­ies,” edited by Meir Ben-Horin and Abraham G. Duker, 20: 589-90.

Littell, Franklin H.

American Protestantism, by Winthrop S. Hudson, 4: 116-17.

Auschwitz: Beginning of a New Era? Reflections on the Holocaust, edited by Eva Fleischner, 20: 567-69.

Christian-Jewish Dialogue: Theological Foundations, by Peter von der Osten-Sacken, 30: 599-600.

Christian Response to the Holocaust, A, by Harry James Cargas, 24: 387-88.

Church’s Confession Under Hitler, The, by Arthur C. Cochrane, 4: 224-25.

Freedom in the Church, by Leon Swidler,12: 141-43.

German Church Conflict, The, by Karl Barth, 9: 103-04.

German Resistance to . . . Hitler: Ethical and Religious Factors, by Mary Alice Gallin, 5: 271-72.

God and Caesar in East Germany, by Richard W. Solberg, 3: 226-27.

Jews in Germany, The: From the Enlightenment to National Socialism, by H. G. Adler, 13: 539-41.

Priesthood of All Believers, The, by Cyril Eastwood, 6: 398-99.

Protestant Concepts of Church and State, by Thomas G. Sanders, 6: 368-69.

Radical Reformation, The, by George H. Williams, 5: 109-10.

Religion and Politics, edited by James E. Wood, Jr., 26: 122-24.

Religion in Communist China, by Richard C. Bush, Jr., 19: 585-86.

Religious History of the American People, A, by Sidney E. Ahlstrom, 15: 123-25.

Religious Policy and Practice in Communist China, by Donald E. Maclnnis, 19: 585-86.

Role of Government in Monitoring and Regulating Religion in Public Life, The, edited by James E. Wood, Jr. and Derek Davis, 37: 902.

Tremendum, The: A Theological Interpretation of the Holocaust, by Arthur A. Cohen, 24: 159-60.

When God and Man Failed: Non-Jewish Views of the Holocaust, edited by Harry James Cargas, 24: 387-88.

Littell, Marcia S.

Legacy of Hatred, A: Why Christians Must Not Forget the Holocaust, by David A. Rausch, 29: 338-39.

Littlejohn, Ronnie L.

Applying the Gospel: Suggestions for Christian Social Action in a Local Church, by William M. Pinson, Jr., 21: 360-61.

Bigotry, Prejudice and Hatred: Definitions, Causes and Solutions, edited by Robert M. Baird and Stuart E. Rosenbaum, 36: 178-79.

Democracy of the Dead: Dewey, Confucius, and the Hope for Democracy in China, The, by David L. Hall and Roger T. Ames, 44: 349-51.

Islam in Asia: Changing Political Realities, edited by Jason F. Isaacson and Colin Rubenstein, 45: 381-82.

Jesus Sutras, The: Rediscovering the Lost Scrolls of Taoist Christianity, by Martin Palmer, et al., 45: 167-68.

Korean Shamanism: The Cultural Paradox, by Chongho Kim, 46: 891-93.

Victorian Translation of China James Legge’s Oriental Pilgrimage, The, by Norman J. Girardot, 46: 396-98.

Lodwick, Kathleen L.

The Reformed Church in China, 1842-1951, by Gerald F. De Jong, 36: 186-87.

Loetscher, Lefferts A.

A Christian Declaration on Human Rights: Theological Studies of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, edited by Allen O. Miller, 21: 330-31.

Lofton, Kathryn

American Religions: A Documentary History, by R. Marie Griffith, 49: 576-77.

Long, D. Stephen

In Pursuit of the Almighty’s Dollar: A History of Money and American Protestantism, by James Hudnut-Beumler, 49: 372-73.

Long, Edward LeRoy, Jr.

Against the Nations: War and Survival in a Liberal Society, by Stanley Hauerwas, 29: 557-58.

Longenecker, Stephen L.

The Arrogance of Faith: Christianity and Race in America from the Colonial Era to the Twentieth Century, by Forrest G. Wood, 34: 383-84.

Longfellow, David

Antisemitism During the French Second Empire, by Natalie Isser, 35: 622-24.

Case of Witchcraft, A: The Trial of Urbain Grandier, by Robert A. Rapley, 41: 609-10.

Catholic Royalism in the Department of the Gard, 1814-1852, by Brian Fitzpatrick, 27: 144-45.

Church and Society in Catholic Europe in the Eighteenth Century, edited by David Higgs and William J. Callahan, 23: 345-04.

Church, State, and Society under the Bourbon Kings of France, by Richard M. Golden, 26: 346-47.

Communists and Catholics in France, 1936-1939: The Politics of the Outstretched Hand, by Francis J. Murphy, 32: 633-35.

Construction of Nationhood: Ethnicity, Religion, and Nationalism, by Adrian Hastings, 41: 608-09.

Damiens Affair and the Unraveling of the Ancien Regime, 1750-70, The, by Dale K. Van Kley, 27: 530-32.

Death and the Enlightenment: Changing Attitudes to Death among Christian Unbelievers in Eighteenth-Century France, by John McManners, 25: 160-61.

Emmanuel Mounier and the New Catholic Left, 1930-1950, by John Hellmar, 25: 563-65.

End of an Elite, The: The French Bishops and the Coming of the Revolution, 1786-1790, by Nigel Ashton, 36: 167-69.

France and the Cult of the Sacred Heart, by Raymond Jonas, 43: 611-12.

Religious Origins of the French Revolution, The: From Calvin to the Civil Constitution, 1560-1791, by Dale K. Van Kley, 39: 808-09.

Road to Vichy 1918-1938, The, by Yves R. Simon, 35: 187.

Simone Weil: An Introduction to Thought, by John Hellman, 25: 569­.

Vichy France and the Jews, by Micha Marrus and Robert O. Paxton, 24: 626-28.

Vichy Law and the Holocaust in France, by Richard H. Weisberg, 40: 188-89.

Longfield, Bradley J.

The Presbyterians, by Randall Balmer and John R. Fitzmier, 37: 417.

Long, J. M.

Challenge of Fundamentalism, The: Political Islam and the New World Disorder, by Bassam Tibi, 41: 831-32.

Islamic Fundamentalism, by Lawrence Davidson, 41: 375-76.

Islamic Fundamentalism in the West Bank and Gaza, by Ziad Abu-Amr, 39: 346-47.

Muslim Politics, by Dale F. Eickelman and James Piscatori, 40: 175-76.

Lotz, Denton

Mission Theology Today, by John Power, 17: 549-50.

Secularization and Spirituality, edited by Christian Duquoc, 17: 543-44.

Lougee, Robert W.

Kollegialtheone Kirche, Recht und Staat in der Aufklarung, by Klaus Schlaich, 14: 339-40.

Wissenschaft und Knegsmoral, by Klaus Schwabe, 13: 162-63.

Love, Stuart L.

Law’s Promise, Law’s Expression: Visions of Power in the Politics of Race, Gender, and Religion, by Kenneth L. Karst, 39: 804-05.

Love, Thomas T.

Black Power and White Protestantism: A Christian Response to the New Negro Plu­ralism, by Joseph C. Hough, Jr., 12: 508-09.

Conflict and Consensus: Religious Freedom and the Second Vatican Council, by Richard J. Regan, 10: 462-65.

Freedom of Conscience and Religious Free­dom, by Louis Janssens, 10: 462-65.

Liberta religiosa e pubblici poteri, by Pietro Pavan, 8: 284-86.

Problem of Religious Freedom, The, by John Courtney Murray, 8: 475-77.

Lovin, Keith

The Morality of Civil Disobedience, by Robert T. Hall, 14: 320-22.

Lovin, Robin W.

Politics and Religion, by Steve Bruce, 47: 410.

Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom: The Enduring Legacy of Reinhold Niebuhr, by Henry B. Clark, 39: 606-07.

Taking Faith Seriously, edited by Mary Jo Bane, Brent Coffin, and Richard Higgins, 47: 873-74.

Lozano, John M.

Traditional Catholic Religious Orders: Living in Community, by Edward Wynne, 31: 561.

Lutz, James M.

Clash of Titans: Africa and U.S. Foreign Policy, by Edward W. Chester, 18: 579-81.

Lynn, Ralph L.

Between Hammer and Sickle, by Ben Ami, 11: 561.

Bonhoeffer: The Man and His Work, by Rene Marle, 11: 561.

Christian in Politics, The, by Walter James, 5: 250-52.

Christianity and Political Responsibility, by Alden D. Kelley, 4: 211-12.

Church and State after the Dreyfus Affair: The Separation Issue in France, by Maurice Larkin, 18: 127-29.

Church, State, and Education, by Ernest Barker, 2: 69-71.

Eleventh Hour, The: Explosion of a Church, by Francois Houtart, 11: 346.

Human Rights and World Order, by Moses Moskowitz, 3: 87-89.

Iron Curtain Christians: The Church in Communist Countries Today, by Kurt Hut­ten, 10: 459-60.

Marxism and Christianity, by Alasdair Macintyre, 11: 562.

Mystery of Existence, The, by Milton K. Munitz, 10: 156.

Nazi Persecution of the Churches, 1933­-1945, The, by J. S. Conway, 11: 531-34.

Politics and Religion in Seventeenth-Century France, by W. J. Stankiewicz, 3: 212-13.

Port Royal: The Drama of the Jansenists, by Marc Escholier, 11: 345-46.

Religious and Anti-religious Thought in Russia, by George L. Kline, 11: 34 -42.

Secular Religions in France, 1815-1870, by D. G. Charlton, 6: 252-53.

Serpent and the Dove, The: Five Essays on Early Christianity, by Samuel Laeuchli, 10: 154-55.

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