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Top of Form

Bottom of Form

 Emergency Student Funds

 Engineering Scholarships

 Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

 Fellowship Programs

 Government Scholarship Grants

 How to Get a Scholarship

 LLM Scholarships

 Make Advance Africa Better!

 Master Scholarships

 MBA Scholarships

 NGO & Organisation Grants

 PhD Scholarships

 PhD & Masters by Research Scholarships

 Public Health Scholarships

 Research Grants

 Scholarships & Grants FAQ

 Scholarships for Africa

 Scholarships for African Countries

 Scholarships for International Students in USA

 Scholarships for Muslims

 Scholarships for Primary and High School students

 Scholarships for the Deaf

 Scholarships for the Disabled - grants for the disabled

 Scholarships for Refugees

 Scholarships for Women

 Theology Scholarships

 Travel Grants

 Undergraduate Scholarships

 Undergraduate Scholarships FAQ

 African Women in Science Fellowships Program

 AACC International Scholarships (Scholarship Grants)

 AAUW International Fellowships

 Academic Scholarships at USIU University Kenya

 ACCES scholarship program

 Access to Learning Award - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

 ACLS Fellowships for Africans

 ACM International Collegiate Contest

 Acumen Fund Fellows Program

 Adam Smith Research Foundation Scholarships

 ADB Internship Program

 Adelaide Graduate Fee Scholarships, The University of Adelaide

 Adelaide Scholarships International - Australia

 Adelaide Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships (APCS), The University of Adelaide

 Adrian Hastings Africa Scholarship - Theology Scholarships

 Aerospace Russia Scholarships

 Africa Educational Trust Undergraduate International Outreach Bursaries

 Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund

 Africa Google Ambassador Programme

 Africa Initiative Graduate Research Grant

 Africa LLM/MSc Tercentenary Scholarship

 Africa London Nagasaki Scholarship - African Scholarships

 Africa Masters Scholarship

 Africa MBA Fellowship - Stanford Graduate School of Business

 Africa Nursing Scholarship

 Africa Organizations Grants

 Africa Scholarship Scheme

 Africa Scholarships at University of Edinburgh

 Africa Scholarships Program - University of Bologna, Italy

 Africa Scholarships for Masters and Doctoral Studies

 African Economic Research Consortium Awards

 African Scholarships Grants

 African Scholarships at University of Edinburgh

 Africa Study Scholarships

 African Fellowship

 African Fellowships on Neglected Tropical Diseases

 African Fellows Programme (AFP) - Rothamsted International Fellowship Scheme

 African Girls Congress Fellowship Awards

 African Guest Writer Scholarship

 African Guest Researcher Scholarship Programme

 African Leadership Fellowships

 Africa Scholarship Program, University of Steubenville

 African Staff Exchange Programme

 Africa Thesis Award

 African Commonwealth Scholarships » Education for Sustainability

 African Development Journalism Fellowships

 African Economic Research Consortium Awards

 African Fellows Programme

 African Guest Researchers Scholarship Programme

 African Guest Writer Scholarship

 African Graduate Fellowship, American University in Cairo

 African Graduate Scholarships

 African Human Rights Fellowships

 African Leadership Academy Scholarships

 AfricaAdapt Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund

 African Peacebuilding Network Research Grants

 African Scholarships

 African Union Research Grant

 Africa Union Scientific Awards

 African Small Grants - Small Research Grants for African Scientists

 African Scholarships for Undergraduate Women

 African Students PhD Fellowships in UK

 African Studies Scholarships - University of Oxford

 African Watt Club Scholarship

 African Women Development Fund

 African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) Fellowships

 African Women Public Service Fellowship

 Africa University Scholarships

 AfriCOG Investigative Journalism Fellowship

 Afrika Kommit

 Afya Bora Global Health Fellowships

 Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme

 Aga Khan University Scholarships

 Agriculture Short Courses Scholarships

 Agriculture PhD Scholarships

 Agris Mundus Master in Sustainable Development - Agriculture Scholarships

 AIDS International Conference Scholarships

 Aircraft Maintenance Trainee Sponsorships

 Air Liquide International Scholarships in France

 Airey Neave Trust

 AIESEC International Internships

 Aklilu Lemma Scholarship Awards (Ethiopia Scholarships)

 Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships (AFPF)

 Alfred University Presidential Scholarship

 Alfred University Presidential Scholarship

 ALGANT Master Scholarship

 ALJ Scholarship

 Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust

 Al-Maktoum Foundation Bursaries

 Al-Maktoum Foundation Scholarships

 Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship

 Altrusa International Foundation Grants

 Amani African Youth Peace Fellowship

 Ambassadors Girls' Scholarship Program

 AMCT Bursary

 Amelia Earhart Fellowship Program

 American Jewish World Service - AJWS

 American Speech Language Hearing Foundation Scholarships

 Amy Rustomjee International Scholarship

 Angus Sawise Scholarships for Women

 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/ACLS Early Career Fellowships

 Andrzejewski Memorial Fund

 Anne van den Ban Fund Scholarships

 Annual Fund MBA Scholarships - The London Business School

 ANSTI Conference Grants

 Anzisha Prize for Young African Entrepreneurs

 Architecture Postgraduate Research Scholarships - University of Kent

 ARRL International Humanitarian Award

 Art Moves Africa Grants

 Ashoka-Lemelson Fellowship Program

 Asian Scholarship

 Assistance for Women and Women Refugees

 Associated Board International Scholarships

 Atlas Service Corps Fellowship Opportunity

 ATREE Small Grants Program

 Aubrey Sheiham Public Health and Primary Care Scholarship

 Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation

 Australia Scholarships for International Students

 Australian Development Scholarships

 Australian National University Undergraduate Scholarships

 AVLM – Management, Production and Activities Training Grants

 AW Howard Memorial Trust Travel Grant

 Awards for Women from Developing Countries

 AWAM - Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance Scholarships

 Award for Best Practices in Sustainable Development of Human Settlements

 Award for Human Rights Defenders

 AWARD Scholarships for African Women

 Awards Creative Women and Women’s Groups

 Awards for Women And Children Rights

 AWS Foundation Scholarships

 BA and MA Scholarships for International Students in Denmark

 Bachelor of Laws Scholarships by Distance Learning

 Bank of Ireland Fellowship in Human Rights

 Barakat Trust and Bakarat Foundation Scholarships

 Barratt Rotary Award - South Africa

 Bat Conservation International Scholarships

 Batonga Foundation Girls Scholarships

 Bavarian Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarships for Foreigners

 BBC World Challenge Competition

 BEE Living Allowance Scholarship

 Bellagio Center Creative Arts Residencies

 Beit Trust Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies

 Bentley Cropping Systems Fellowship

 Berlage Institute Scholarships

 Bernardin Scholars Program

 Biomedical Repair Training Program

 Birmingham Law School Scholarships

 Birmingham Law School Master's in Law Scholarships

 Birmingham Law School Research Scholarships - UK

 Bloomsbury PhD Scholarships

 Boehringer Foundation Travel Grants

 Boehringer Ingelheim Fund PhD Scholarships

 Boehringer Ingelheim Travel Grants

 Borlaug Award for Field Research

 BPP LLM Scholarships

 BREMEN TRAC Fellowships for Post-docs

 British Ecological Society Overseas Fellowship Scheme

 British Ecological Society (BES) Overseas Bursaries

 British Federation of Women Graduates Foundation Grants

 British Institute in Eastern Africa Grants

 Broadlands Home Trust - UK

 BSc & MSc Scholarships for African Female Students

 Building Capacity Fellowships

 Bursaries for Overseas Undergraduate Students - University of Southampton

 Business School Scholarships Competition

 Call for Applications for Visiting Lectureships

 Call for Application - Research Fellowship

 Call for Field Research Grants

 Call for Proposals in Good Governance & Human Rights

 Cambridge International Scholarships (CISS)

 Campbell Fellowships for Women from Developing Nations

 CANADA-HOPE Scholarship Program

 Canadian Window on International Development Award

 Canon Collins Scholarship Programme

 Capacity Building Fellowships

 Capacity Building Grants - Travel & Accommodation Grants

 Cape Peninsula University Research Fund

 Career Development Grants

 Carl Duisberg Medicine Scholarships

 Medicine Scholarships in Africa

 Cartier Women's Initiative Award

 Cartoon Contest

 Catherine B Reynolds Foundation Fellowship

 Catholic Theological Union Scholarships

 Carnegie Corporation Of New York-Grant

 CCBI Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neurosemantics and Autism

 CCMP Fellowships to the Climate Summit in South Africa

 Centre Universitaire au Développement Scholarships

 Centenary Masters Scholarships - University of London

 Certificate in Conflict Resolution Skills Scholarships

 Certificate, Diploma & MSc Water and Environmental Management Scholarships - Distance Learning Scholarships

 CFC Stanbic Bank Education Fund Scholarship

 Charlotte Conservation Fellows Program

 Charlotte Conservation Fellowships

 Charlotte W Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

 Charles Pick Fellowship

 Chevening Scholarships

 Chinese Government Scholarships

 Christine Bolt Scholarship

 Church Development Service Scholarships

 Churches Commission on Overseas Students Hardship Fund

 Cicops Scholarships - University of Pavia Italy

 CIDA Conference Fund

 CIME Fellowship Programs

 Civil and Building Engineering PhD Research Studentships

 Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD Scholarships

 Clarendon Fund - Oxford University UK

 Claude Ake Uppsala University Fellowships

 Climate Change Conference Fellowships

 Clive Menell Fellowships, South Africa

 Clive West Travel Grants

 Clutton-Brock Scholarship For Zimbabwe - Cambridge University, Magdalene College

 CN Yang Scholars Programme

 CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards

 CODESRIA Research Grants

 CODESRIA Small Grants for Thesis Writing

 Colleges in Nairobi Kenya

 Collegiate Inventors Competition

 Colt Foundation Fellowships

 Common Fund for Commodities Grants

 Commonwealth Essay Competition

 Commonwealth Foundation Grants

 Commonwealth Foundation’s Civil Society Responsive Grants

 Commonwealth-Grenada St. George’s University Scholarship Program

 Commonwealth Scholarship

 Commonwealth Scholarships

 Commonwealth Scholarships in Cameroon

 Commonwealth Scholarships in Mauritius

 Commonwealth Scholarships in Singapore

 Commonwealth Scholarships in South Africa

 Commonwealth Scholarships in South Africa

 Commonwealth Scholarships in South Pacific

 Commonwealth Scholarships in Sri Lanka

 Commonwealth Scholarships in Swaziland

 Commonwealth Scholarships in Tanzania

 Commonwealth Shared Scholarships Scheme

 Commonwealth Youth Awards

 Competition for African Journalists

 Computer Science and Information Technology Scholarships

 Computer Simulations for Science and Engineering Scholarships

 Computing And Informatics PhD Scholarship

 Conchita Poncini Jimenez Human Rights Fellowships

 Conference and International Meeting Scholarships

 Conference Scholarship

 Conservation Awards

 Connect4Climate Competition for African Youth

 Constance McCullough Award

 Co-operative Bank Foundation Scholarships Kenya

 Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP)

 Courage in Journalism Awards

 Coursework Masters Awards - University of Otago

 Cranfield Scholarships

 Crawford Fund Derek Tribe Award

 Creative Writing Residency - National University of Singapore

 Crisis-reporting Grant

 C V Raman International Fellowship for African Researchers

 Czech Republic Government Scholarships

 DAC Countries 20 PhD Scholarships

 DAAD-NRF in-Country Scholarships

 DAAD In-Country & In-Region Scholarships

 DAAD Scholarships Programme

 DAAD Scholarships for Artists

 DAAD Study Scholarships for Foreign Students in USA

 Dan David Scholarships

 Danish Culture Fund

 Danish Government Scholarships for International Students

 Danish International Scholarships

 Dairy Industry Scholarships

 David C. Lincoln Fellowship

 David Montefiore Trust Grants

 Dean’s Prize Scholarships - USA

 Dell Social Innovation Competition

 Denis Burkitt Fellowship

 Deutsche Bank Scholarships for Women at London Business School

 Development in Africa Scholarships

 Developing Country Literacy Project Support Fund

 Developing Countries Partnership Scholarship

 Developing Countries Scholarship

 Developing Countries Scholarships - CUD Scholarship Program

 Developing Solutions Taught Masters Scholarships

 Developing Solutions Undergraduate Scholarships

 DFID Shared Scholarship Scheme, Oxford University

 Diageo African Business Reporting Awards

 Diploma and First degree Commonwealth Scholarships

 Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management Scholarships

 Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Scholarships

 Directorate General for Development Cooperation Scholarships

 Disability Rights Scholarship

 Dissertation and Young Investigator Grants

 Dissertation Fellowship for African Students

 Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship - Social Science Research Council

 Dissertation Research Fellowships

 Dissertation Writing Scholarships for Muslims

 Distance Learning Masters Scholarships

 Distance Learning MBA Scholarships at Edinburgh Business School (EBS)

 Distance Learning Scholarships for Construction Professionals - University of Bath

 Drama for Life Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarships

 DRD Scholarships for PhD and Master Studies in Africa

 Doctoral Research Award - Canada

 Doctoral Researcher and PhD in Business Administration

 Doctoral Scholarships for Developing Countries - IRO Scholarships

 Doctoral Scholarships in Law, Science and Technology

 Doctoral Scholarships in Law - Uppsala University

 Doctoral Scholarships in West Africa

 Doctoral Scholarships in Law, Science and Technology

 Doctoral Scholarships

 Doctoral Fellowships - Pre, Doctoral & Post-doctoral Fellowships

 Doodle 4 Google Competition

 Dr Wanjiru Kihoro Scholarships

 DTC PhD Studentships

 Du Bois-Mandela-Rodney Fellowship

 Duke Law School Scholarships USA

 e8 Sustainable Energy Development Scholarships

 e8 Internship Programme

 EABL Foundation Scholarships

 EABL Pan Africa Graduate Programme

 EABL Scholarships

 EADB Graduate Scholarship in Development Studies

 Early Career Scholars Program

 Earth Science Masters Programme Scholarships

 EARTH University Scholarships

 East Africa PhD Fellowships

 East African Community LLM & PhD Scholarships

 East Africa Scholarship Opportunity

 East Anglia Scholarships - UK

 Echoing Green Fellowship Program

 Economics Management of Network Industries Scholarships

 Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health Training Award

 Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Scholarships

 Educating Africa Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education

 Educating Africans for Christ Scholarships

 Educational Grants for Female Students

 Educational Pathways International Scholarship

 Eiffel Scholarships, Masters and PhD

 Eira Francis Davies Scholarship (Sponsors Undergrad & Postgrad Female Students in Developing Countries)

 ELCA International Scholarships

 eLearning Africa Photo Competition

 Electric Power Engineering Scholarships - Chalmers University of Technology

 Electronic and Computer Engineering Scholarships, Politecnico di Torino

 Elimu Fund Scholarships for High School Students

 Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship

 Elizabeth Nuffield Educational Trust Grants

 Elva Knight Research Grant (funding available to students in African universities)

 EMBO Short Term Fellowships

 Emergency Small Grants Programme - UK

 Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program

 Emerging Leaders Scholarship

 Emile Boutmy Scholarship

 Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

 End Impunity Poster Contest

 Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarships - University of Sydney

 Endeavour Vocational Education & Training Awards

 Engineering International Undergraduate Scholarship

 ENS International Scholarships - France

 ENS Lyon Master Program International Scholarships

 Environment, Food, Health and Technology Scholarships

 Environmental Management MBA Scholarships

 Environmental Studies Commonwealth Scholarship, University of Oxford

 Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems Scholarships

 Equitas International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) Grants

 Equity and Merit Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries

 Erasmus Mundus FUSION-EP Scholarships

 Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Applied Ethics Scholarships

 Erasmus Mundus Master Scholarship in Geospatial Technologies

 Erasmus Mundus Masters in Journalism and Media Scholarships

 Erasmus Mundus Master of Bioethics Scholarships

 Erasmus Mundus Master Scholarships in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

 Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for European Master in Industrial Management

 Erasmus Mundus MA Audiovisual Translation Scholarships

 Erasmus Mundus MSc in Photonics Scholarship

 Erasmus Mundus Scholarship in International Masters in Economy, State and Society (IMESS)

 Erasmus Mundus Scholarships Programme

 Erasmus Mundus OpSciTech Scholarships

 Eric Bleumink Fund Scholarship

 Ernst Mach Grants

 ESA Foundation Computer & Video Game Scholarships

 Esso International Postgraduate Scholarships - Nigeria

 Esso National Postgraduate Scholarship Awards - Nigeria

 Ethiopia Postgraduate Scholarships

 Ethiopia Scholarship - Sylvia Pankhurst Scholarships for Ethiopians

 European Conference Travel Grants

 European Grants for Masters Students in Advanced Robotics, Erasmus Mundus

 European Masters in Clinical Linguistics Scholarships

 European Masters in Informatics Scholarships

 European Master in Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering Physics Scholarships

 European Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies Scholarship

 European Master of Science in International Health

 European Master of Science International Health Degree Programme

 European Master in Vision and Robotics Scholarships

 Evan Lewis-Thomas Law Scholarships

 Ewha Global Partnership Program

 Exeter International Masters Scholarships

 Excellence Scholarships for International Students at University of Bern

 Fahamu Pan-African Fellowship (FPAF) Program

 Faculty for the Future Fellowships

 Family Bank Scholarships

 FAO International Arts Competition

 FAO Photo Contest

 Fellowship for Human Rights Defenders

 Fellowship Program for Media Professionals

 Fellowships for Engineers and Transport Managers

 Fellowships for enhancing capacity of African Institutions in Environmental Economics

 Fellowships for People of African Descent

 Fellowship in Medical Statistics for African Scientists

 Fellowships in Public Health & Tropical Medicine

 Fellowships to Promote Mental Health Journalism

 Femmes Africa Solidarité Internships

 Ferguson Trust Scholarships - Coventry University, UK

 Film and Fiction Scholarships

 Filmmaking Workshop Sponsorship - One Fine Day Film Workshop

 Film Your Issue Global Competition

 Financial Aid and Practical Training for MS in Computer Science

 Financial Aid for Masters Students

 Financial Assistance for Young Entrepreneurs

 Fine arts and music school scholarships for Foreign Students

 First Weir Scholarship for Africa

 Fisheries Scholarships

 FitzGerald Scholarship for African Journalists

 Five College African Scholars Program

 Flemish Government fellowships

 Flying Scholarships for the Disabled

 Fondation Rainbow Bridge Scholarship

 Food and Nutrition Security Training Scholarships

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