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Du Juvénat de Mittagong. — Depuis ces dernières années, le juvénat de la province d'Australie, qui auparavant était installé à Hunters Hill (Sydney), à côté du Collège Saint-Joseph, s'est transporté. à Mittagong, à une centaine de kilomètres plus au sud, dans une belle propriété où était déjà le Noviciat, et où il se trouve dans d'excellentes conditions de tranquillité et d'hygiène. Il y a prospéré, Dieu merci; et, tout en se formant à l'esprit de l'Institut, et aux pratiques de la vie religieuse, la demi-centaine d'enfants qui le composent font de très sérieuses études qui leur permettent de se mesurer sans désavantage, aux examens officiels, avec les élèves des meilleurs collèges de la région.

Pour souhaiter la bonne année au Révérend Frère Supérieur, au mois de novembre dernier, ils lui écrivirent une intéressante lettre où ils donnent, sur leurs travaux et les petits événements de la maison, des détails qu'on lira certainement avec plaisir. Nous la transcrivons telle quelle.

Dear Brother Superior general,

_Knowing how interested you are in the doings and happenings in all the Juniorates scattered throughout the world, we most gladly take this opportunity to acquaint you with the more important events which have taken place during this present year.

At the University examinations, last year, eleven candidates were sent up for the Intermediate Examination and all passed creditably we sat for the Leaving Certificate and both matriculated. On the hole, our results were all that could be desired. In the intermediate we obtained thirty-three A passes giving an average of three A's for each candidate. In the Leaving Certificate one candidate se-Cured Honours for English and the other, Honours for Chemistry. The only school that obtained a better average of a passes in the Intermediate was a college in the Metropolitan area, Holy Cross College, which obtained an average of 3 1/6 a passes.

The number of candidates to be presented for the Intermediate Bich commences on the 28th November has dwindled in quantity four but: we trust that the quality is as good as or even better than that of preceding years. Two candidates will sit for the Leaving Certificate on the 11th November. During the year a new class, the Bursary-class; was added and the members of this: class will sit, on the 10th November for the Qualifying Certificate exam, taking the Bursary part of the paper.

Our Examination results were announced about the end of January and naturally, they created great enthusiasm and a desire to emulate the success, achieved by the Juniors in the previous year. Studies went on evenly until work vas discontinued during Holy Week, when the Church's ceremonies were performed in full.

Last summer seemed out here in Australia a remarkable one for abundance of apples. All the, trees in our two orchards were laden: The crop lasted on, until well into April as the abundance of apples was so great it: was decided to make pulp of a large quantity. As a result of this Pulping Was being carried out, was a scene of busy working for some time. About a dozen Juniors obtained employment round there during the holidays. Several thousand pounds of pulp were made and stored away for use during the year or sent down to Sydney,:

On the 2nd July we were favoured with a visit from His Excellency, Archbishop Cattaneo, Apostolic Delegate for Australia. The chapel was very beautifully decorated in expectation of his coming very fine throne was also erected. The reason of His Excellency’s visit was to officiate at the ceremony of the Reception of the Holy Habit and the making of the vows. His Excellency arrived on Friday night about 8 o' clock. Benediction was also given and the Te Deum was sung. The ceremony took place next day at 10 o' clock and lasted till about 12 o' clock. It was preceded by solemn High Mass at which Dr Farrally, the Delegates secretary was celebrant .and two of the priests who were present deacon and sub deacon. During the afternoon His Excellency visited the whole property. In the evening he delivered a short address to the Novices and Juniors, assembled in the study. Next day (Sunday), His Excellency made a visit to the surrounding parishes and returned to Our Lady of the Hermitage in the evening. He left about seven o' clock that night as he had an important engagement with the Premier in Sydney.

Things now went on rather smoothly until our routine was again upset by a rather unusual happening. This came in .the form of two falls of snow. This may not seem a remarkable occurrence in Europe but to us in sunny New South Wales it was a red-letter day. On the occasion of the first fall, which came about mid-day a half-holiday was willingly granted and more willingly received. For a couple of hours we were at the height of our enjoyment amongst the snow on the hill near the Juniorate. The second fall occurred a couple of days later on the Feast of Our Lady of the Snow. No holiday, was -given this time but we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly before morning study. Our next break' came in the form of the influenza. All the novices except one went down and about twenty of us also. However there were practically no very serious cases amongst either the Novices .or ourselves and it was only a. little over a fortnight before studies and ditties commenced again in earnest.

Last year we Were promised two handball courts in order to varier recreation somewhat.. The prospect of their erection seemed somewhat dim, but it was suddenly decided to build them. One of the courts is already finished and the other will he finished shortly

During this present year our numbers increased rather considerably, thanks to the efforts of one of our Brothers who spent most of last Christmas holidays in the work of recruiting. We now number forty-six Juniors and. we expect more Juniors in the Christmas holidays to swell our ranks.

Considerable progress is being made in. the Novitiate and Juniorate with regard to the singing of Plain Chant, the correct Church music. Gregorian Plain Chant was commenced here at Mittagong over eight year’s ago and the persevering efforts that have been Made during that time are now being crowned with success. All visiting Prelates have spoken most highly of 'it. Dr Whyte, now Bishop of Dunedin, N. Zealand, said it was the best he had ever heard. His Excellency, 'the Apostolic Delegate declared that he had-never heard anything.-like it since lie left Rome, and his Grace, Archbishop Kelly was also; loud in his praises of it:

We are sending you, dear Brother Superior-General, a' few photos in order to show our Staff, the different classes, and several of the .employments of the Juniors. Yon will find a photo of some Juniors engaged in cord-making. This year it was decided that the Brothers cords should be made at the Juniorate instead of in Sydney and so cord-making has become the chief employment of the Junior members on manual work days.

Well, we have tried to give you an account of the principal happenings of the year and in conclusion it is our great pleasure, dear Brother Superior-General, to wish you a very happy and holy Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year.

We remain,

Yours sincerely in J. M. J.

The Mittagong juniors.

Our Lady of the Hermitage, 8th November 1921.

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