Call for projects for peridot research program

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Call for projects for PERIDOT Research program

PERIDOT (TBrD) is the Franco-Pakistani Hubert Curien Partnership (PHC). It is implemented in Pakistan by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and in France, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).

The objective of this program is to develop new scientific and technological cooperation between French and Pakistani research laboratories by supporting the mobility of researchers.

Institutions concerned

Pakistani partners:

- Bahauddin Zakariya University

- Bahria University

- Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

- National Textil University

- National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

- National University of Sciences and Technology

 French partners:


- LIPADE / Paris Descartes

- Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse)

- Orange Labs (Issy-les-Moulineaux)

- Institut de Mécanique des Fluides et des Solides

- Université de Lyon II

- Institut Telecom Sud Paris

- Institut Telecom Paris Tech

- LIP ENS (Lyon)

- ENSISA (Mulhouse)

- Département de Génie civil du Laboratoire GeM (Nantes)

- ECOLAB (Toulouse)

- Laboratoire d'informatique (Grenoble)

- Laboratoire de Chimie Moléculaire et Environnement (Savoie)

- Laboratoire de Génie Chimique (Toulouse)

- INSA (Lyon)

Types of projects concerned

• All fields of science, including humanities and social sciences, are concerned by this program.

• Joined projects presented by at least one Pakistani and one French partner.

Criteria for projects

• Partners will have to submit the same project in France and in Pakistan at the same time.

Projects, which will run for three years, will aim at developing on - going collaborations and generating new ones.

• Active participation and mobility of young researchers, especially doctoral or post-doctoral students, is one of the primary criteria for selection.

Selection of the projects

• Applications will be assessed and ranked according to their scientific quality by the ad hoc national mechanisms.

• Only application submitted jointly by the co-researchers from partner agencies responsible for program management in their respective countries will be declared admissible.

• A joint-committee will proceed to the final selection of projects.

Operating procedures

• Calls for projects are launched on annual basis.

• Funds will be granted, on an annual basis, for three consecutive years, according to the proposed global budget.

• The renewal of the annual funding is subject to the submission of a scientific and financial progress report at the end of each year.

• Funding is meant only to bear the travel expenses between France and Pakistan for the researchers involved in the projects. Any other funds required for the implementation of joint projects should be provided by the laboratories or other sources.


• Cosigned papers drafted within the framework of the project will mention the support granted by the HEC in Pakistan and by the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Co-funding of projects

The funding of the projects will be shared by the French and Pakistani partners:

  1. The French contribution will cover:

  • The travel expenses of French researchers to Pakistan,

  • The living allowances in France for Pakistani researchers: 110 € / day for short stays (less than 10 days) - 65 € / day for long stays (over 10 days).

  1. The Pakistani contribution will cover:

  • The travel expenses of Pakistani researchers to France;

  • The living allowances in Pakistan for French researchers: to be prescribed by the HEC and university partners.

Project monitoring

• A joint mid-term report will be sent to the Scientific and Higher Education cooperation Attaché at the Embassy of France in Pakistan and to Campus France, as project operator.

• A joint final report is required no later than three months after the completion of projects.

Modalities of submission of applications

• Each project manager can submit only one application for the program.

• Each project must be submitted with prior official approval and should be duly signed by the supervisory institution (university, institute etc.).

• Applications must be submitted jointly to the HEC and Campus France acting for the Embassy of France in Pakistan to be declared admissible.

• CVs of French and Pakistani researchers participating in the project should be attached to the application form.

Applications will be submitted:

  • For the French part: on the dedicated Campus France web site, acting for the Embassy of France in Pakistan

  • For the Pakistani part: the Higher Education Commission.

Time schedule

• Launching of the call for proposals: March, each year

• Deadline for joint submission of applications: June, each year

• Selection of projects/joint committee: September, each year

• Publication of results: October, each year

• Start of projects: January each year

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