Celt-p module 4 – Portfolio task template

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CELT P Module 4 Task Template

Whole class





Pre-teach vocab

Adapted activity

Part 2 – After you have taught the lesson
Complete the self-evaluation and the checklist of evidence to submit.

When did you teach the lesson?

18.05. 2022

What were the benefits of adapting the activity and using it?

Learners were more interested in reading the text. Whole class was involved.

What were the challenges of adapting the activity and using it?

Students did not have enough time for presenting their posters because, watching the video and solving the quiz took more time than I expected.

How can you improve the way you adapt coursebook material for future lessons?

In future I will give students more time for presenting their works.

Evidence submitted ()

Coursebook page

Adapted activity

Additional materials used

Completed portfolio task template

Part 3 – Evaluation criteria (Trainers complete this for the work submitted.)

The teacher has


Trainer comment

selected an activity from a coursebook to adapt for a chosen class

planned appropriate tasks to adapt the activity for this class

provided a realistic reason for adapting the activity for this class

written an appropriate aim for learners and a stage aim for the activity

planned appropriate procedures for the different stages of the lesson using the activity with the chosen class

planned appropriate interaction patterns for the different lesson stages

confirmed that the adapted activity was used with the chosen class

considered, after using it, the benefits and challenges of adapting the activity and using it

identified action points for adapting coursebook activities in the future

submitted for evaluation: the coursebook page, the adapted activity, additional materials used and the portfolio task template with all parts completed

completed the portfolio task on first submission

resubmitted the portfolio task

Cambridge English CELT-P | Module 4 | Portfolio Task | Template | V2.0 2020

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