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Section 1


  1. Introduction and Overview

The Department of Management Services, Division of State Purchasing, invites interested companies to submit bids in accordance with these solicitation documents. The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to establish a three (3) year state term contract for Medical and Dental Supplies with the potential for renewal in accordance with F.S. 287.057(1)(a) and if deemed in the best interest of the State.

The contract resulting from this solicitation, if any, will provide efficiency and economy for state agencies and eligible users, by providing a preferred price schedule from one or more manufacturers and/or authorized distributors of medical and dental supplies. It is intended that the resultant contract, if any, be a multiple award; however, the State does reserve the right to award the entire contract, if any, to a single Contractor. This RFP and subsequent contract, if any, does not guarantee any level of business to the awarded supplier(s).
The awarded supplier(s) will receive Direct Orders (DO), or Purchase Orders (PO) or credit card orders directly from the Customer.
This solicitation includes the following Commodity Code (description is to the right) and components thereof;
475-XXX Hospital Supplies

260-XXX Dental Equipment and Supplies

  1. Event Timeline

Respondents should review and become familiar with the Event Timeline. The dates and times of each activity within the Timeline may be subject to change. It is the responsibility of the Respondent to check for any changes. All changes to the Timeline will be made through an addendum to this solicitation and posted within the Vendor Bid System (http://vbs.dms.state.fl.us/vbs/main_menu) and MyFloridaMarketPlace http://dms.myflorida.com/business_operations/state_purchasing/myflorida_marketplace/vendors/vendor_tools/sourcing_solicitations sourcing tool.

A non-mandatory bid conference will address general questions related to the submittal process. Any questions related to specifications or requirements of the solicitation shall be addressed through the question and answer process. (See Section 2.5) Potential Respondents may call 1-888-808-6959 at 3:30 on July 16, 2010 to participate. Use Conference Code 4888855.

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