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Whether you are a Regional Director, Area Rep or Executive Director our responsibilities remain the same. That is to listen, learn and improve by understanding our customers’ needs. You will find as a Director every area of Canada is different, so there is no magical formula on how to be successful in your area. One thing you will definitely learn is that ball players will let you know what works and what doesn’t. Below are some guidelines on the responsibilities you will have as a NSA Canada Representative:

  • Promote NSA Canada in your area

  • Recruit leagues and tournaments

  • Attend league meetings and explain the NSA program

  • Support our local and national sponsors

  • Understand our league & tournament programs

  • Help Head Office in the collection of fees

  • Handle the recruitment of umpires in your assigned area

  • Assist league or tournament coordinators in the development of their leagues or tournaments

  • Make appearances at qualifying tournaments when possible

  • Promote and attend the various NSA Canada World Series Events.
    For example: Provincials, Men’s & Women’s, & Co-ed

  • Provide updated information for our website

  • Answer all e-mails and phone calls within 24 hours

  • Respond to all survey’s and correspondence from Head Office

  • Realize Head Office is there to support you. We are not the enemy, we will be glad to assist or provide guidance, JUST ASK!

  • Keep in constant communication with the Labatt Rep in your area

  • Assess and deal with any disciplinary actions required in your area

  • Attend, when possible, our NSA Canada Annual General Meetings

  • You will be required to work the first World Series you attend

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