Chapter one

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  1. The Cadet Disciplinary Board is responsible for making recommendations concerning cadet promotions, demotions, and other personnel actions, which affect the good order and morale of the corps. The Corps Commander shall decide when a board is needed and convene it.

  1. The Cadet Disciplinary Board will be conducted by Senior Staff, the SASI, and the ASI.

  1. An agenda for the board should be created by the Vice Commander and approved by the Corps Commander before the board is convened. The Vice Commander will provide the Board any data needed on each cadet from the personnel records.

  1. The board will be convened by the publication of a special order stating the date, time, and place the board will be held as well as the cadets responsible for meeting the board. A minimum of three days’ notice is required, prior to convening the board.

  1. If any cadets are required to come before the board, they will report as specified to the president in a military manner, at the time and place announced in the special order. If uniforms are required, the order will state the uniform specified by the president.

  1. The board president will inform the cadet of the reason for the board and allow the cadet to explain or submit information to assist the board in making its recommendation. The board will not discuss the actions it will recommend with the cadet, but will inform the cadet to meet with the SASI for final resolution.

  1. The ASI may sit with the board and act as advisor on procedural matters. He normally will not enter into the deliberations.

  1. Findings and recommendations of the board, after final approval by the SASI, will be published in a special order and become a part of the cadet personnel records.

1. In order to manage the cadet corps and to maintain good order, cadet supervisors need to monitor the performance of the cadets assigned to them and correct and motivate them as needed to be a productive member of the cadet corps.

  1. If a subordinate cadet continues to not meet standards or job performance expectations, the cadet supervisor should counsel the cadet on the expectations they are not meeting and try to encourage them to improve their performance. This counseling should be documented on a cadet counseling form and kept by CV. CV will file all letters of counseling in a folder.

  1. The first counseling is conducted by the supervisor and turned in to CV.

  1. The second counseling of the same cadet in a semester must be reviewed by the squadron commander or the vice commander, depending on the position held. The cadet will meet with the appropriate supervisor in the chain of command and the counseling will be filed by CV.

  1. The third written counseling in a semester must be reviewed by the Cadet Personnel Board, with a recommendation to the SASI for action. The cadet will meet the Board at a time and date specified. The Board will make a recommendation to the SASI for action.

  1. At any time during this process, if the cadet is non-cooperative or states that they do not intend to improve, the counselor should refer the matter to the ASI and, in turn, to the SASI.

NOTE: The concept of cadet counseling is intended to be productive and a life-skill learning experience for both counselor and counselee. This does not affect a cadet’s grade in the class. It gives the counselor the opportunity to discuss a situation with a subordinate and try to motivate them to do better, much like what happens in real life. It gives the subordinate a chance to explain their actions or to a superior, again similar to real life situation. We feel this is a much more productive approach than assigning demerits or some arbitrary punishment.


  1. The following chart reflects the CA-901st Cadet Group Organization. Organizational charts break the functions of the organization down to specialized tasks. The responsibilities associated with each task are found in the corresponding job descriptions in another chapter of this guide. Each cadet should become familiar with all of the job descriptions, in order to gain a more complete understanding of those jobs as they relate to the total cadet group.

  1. The organizational chart reflects a CHAIN OF COMMAND by a solid line connecting the functions or positions. Information, guidance, and decisions flow down the chain of command in the form of oral or written communications. Information and recommendations, which are used by cadet leaders in decision-making, flow up the chain of command. Information flow and coordination between lateral functions are also necessary for efficient staff planning and action. Unless there is a free communications flow throughout the organization, the group will quickly become ineffective. Our organizational chart follows this chapter.

Note: cadets should raise any AFJROTC issues or concerns through the chain of command to let cadet supervisors have a chance to work the problem; however, all cadets may come to directly to the ASI or SASI with any concerns of an immediate or personal nature or those they don’t feel comfortable discussing with fellow cadets.

  1. Cadets must learn the duties and responsibilities of their assigned positions and should learn as much as they can about the other positions.

SENIOR STAFF. Senior Staff members must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. All officers in the unit must maintain a 2.5 or higher. At the 1st grading period, if one of the above cadets is below the minimum, he/she will be put on probation until the next grading period. Failure to maintain the required GPA will result in removing the cadet from the position and corresponding rank.
CHAIN OF COMMAND. The chain of command is the primary channel of communication throughout the Unit. The communication system must be a two-way channel with information flowing both down the chain of command and up the chain of command. Information flows from the ASI’s and Group Commander through the unit to the individual cadets and from the cadet up to the same system to the commander and ASI. The Chain of Command for AFJROTC cadet extends downward from the ASIs towards the individual cadet as follows:

A. Aerospace Science Instructor

B. Group Commander

C. Deputy Commander

D. Squadron Commanders

E. Flight Commander

F. Flight Sergeant

G. Element Leader

H. Individual Cadet
ASSIGNED DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Basic duties and responsibilities for cadets are outlined below. These are not all inclusive, and each cadet is expected to seek out and do the necessary things which will make their particular job function smoothly. The primary leadership responsibility for each Cadet Officer, Cadet Senior NCO, and Cadet NCO, is to set the standards of performance in everything they do.

  1. Cadets. Each cadet is responsible for conducting him or herself in a manner to reflect credit upon themselves, the AFJROTC Unit and our school. Since we wear our uniform once a week, our actions also reflect on the Air Force and our country. Whether in uniform or not, cadets are responsible for maintaining rules and regulations of the Unit and school, and for carrying out instructions and orders of their superiors to the best of their ability.

  1. Cadets, Officers, and Staff NCOs: Cadets have been promoted and selected for unit assignments based upon demonstrated performance, active participation, a positive attitude, and continued enthusiasm. Leadership by example is required in order to advance or remain in unit leadership positions. Cadet Officers and Staff NCOs are expected to set the example for junior cadets in every aspect of the AFJROTC program. The responsibilities of leadership must be accepted before the privileges of rank can be enjoyed. Extra effort and time will be required, especially of cadet officers and staff NCOs. Those selected for advancement that do not wish to accept the related responsibilities and requirements must decline the promotion.

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