Childhood in Jakarta Indonesian transcript

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Childhood in Jakarta

Indonesian transcript:
Pewawancara: Banu bisa ceritakan tentang pengalaman waktu SD1 di Indonesia, di jakarta, waktu SD punya cita-cita jadi apa?
Banu: ya, waktu SD saya punya cita-cita sebagai astronot, ya berubah-rubah ya, trus mau jadi jenderal, ah ... sempet juga mau jadi menteri, hehe.
Pewawancara: Mengapa pengen jadi astronot waktu kecil?
Banu: Ah .... yah kepingin eh ... menjadi... pertama orang Indonesia yah ... ke luar angkasa, sampai sekarang belum ada.
Pewawancara: Itu pengaruh lihat dari film atau dari baca buku?
Banu: Baca buku dan ya ... orang tua eh ... sering belikan apa ... ya baca buku tentang ruang angkasa gitu ya ... IPA2, Science, eh ... juga film juga mempengaruhi juga dikit, soalnya dulu ada apa “Apollo 13” ya ...
Pewawancara: Dan menyenangi jadi jenderal juga ya?
Banu: Ya ... iya begitu lah, waktu kecil, hehe ... ingin menjadi orang yang gede ya ... orang hebat hehehe ... orang jadi enak, enak punya anak buah gitu yah. Cita-cita jadi menteri karena kepingin mengembangkan Indonesia ya di bidang yang saya jadi menterinya itu.
Pewawancara: Kira-kira cita-cita itu akan tercapai atau tidak?
Banu: Eh ... ya ... Insya Allah ya ... ya tercapai.
Pewawancara: Kalau misalnya waktu kecil ingin menjadi astronot, ingin jadi jenderal, ada permainan yang suka dilakukan waktu kecil, membayangi jadi seorang jenderal atau jadi seoarang astronot, main kapal-kapalan atau apa dan sebagainya?
Banu: Eh ... ya ... ada mainan, kalau terbang itu main-mainan, terus juga main layangan, hehe ... jadi bisa terbang...hehe ... dan juga waktu jadi jenderal ya mainannya ya ... pistol-pistolan, ya gitu kali yah koboi-koboi-an.
Pewawancara: Koboi-kobi-an gitu ya ... Em ... kalau liburan misalnya waktu kecil, ngapain aja di Jakarta?

Banu: Waktu liburan ya ... orangtua sekeluarga kami suka jalan-jalan contoh ke Ancol gitu, ke Dufan, ya, apa semacam Disney World di Indonesia, ya. Terus eh ... ke taman mini Indonesia, eh ... ke Ragunan ke taman binatang ya ... pernah juga ke taman safari ya ... eh ... tapi di Puncak ya itu ya ... seingat saya. Eh ... yang gitu-gitu suka, ga ... ga sering sih, tapi pernah, hehehe. Eh ... ya begitu lah.

Pewawancara : Ada pengalaman yang paling mengesankan di antara tempat-tempat wisata itu?
Banu: Ehm ... ya waktu pertama ke Dufan, ya ... banyak apa namanya kaya Tora-tora gitu yah ... perahu itu menyenangkan, terus Ancol juga indah ya di tepi pantai kan, eh ... apa naik perahu yang genjot itu, di Ancolnya.
Pewawancara: Waktu ke Ancol sama orangtua atau pergi sendiri waktu itu?
Banu: Sama orangtua, ya, karena saya masih kecil, hehehe...
Pewawancara: Lebih senang pergi sama orangtua atau pergi sendiri waktu kecil?
Banu: Eh ... sama orangtua lah, ya.
Pewawancara: Kalau sekarang lebih senang pergi sama orangtua atau pergi sendiri?
Banu: Oh ya ... saya sekarang sudah sendiri ya ... tapi ya kalau ketemu orangtua tentu eh ... sebanyak mungkin ya ... saya keluar sama orangtua tapi kalau ga sama orangtua ya ... saya ga bisa ya sendiri aja hehehe ...
Pewawancara: Atau sama teman-teman di Jakarta pergi ke tempat wisata, pernah?
Banu: Pernah, ya waktu itu SD juga kami pergi ke Dufan. Eh ... Dufan itu umum ya ... untuk anak-anak untuk wisata gitu ... Jadi ya ... sekelas gitu ke Dufan jalan-jalan, meng ... enak-enak di Dufan itu, ya ... ya.

English translation
Interviewer: Banu, can you tell me about your experiences when you were in elementary school in Jakarta? At that time, did you have some goals and dreams? What did you want to be in future?
Banu: Yes, when I was in elementary school, I wanted to be an astronaut, and well, it changed from time to time … then I wanted to be a general, ah ... once I wanted to be a minister, hehe.
Interviewer: Why did you want to be an astronaut when you were a child?

Banu: Ah ... well I just wanted to be the first Indonesian person to go to space, right. There has not been anyone from Indonesia.

Interviewer: Were you influenced by a movie or the book you read?
Banu: Well ... from reading books ... My parents uh ... often bought me books about space ... just like Natural Science, science, uh ... Movies also influenced what I wanted to be. For example, the movie entitled “Apollo 13,” right …
Interviewer: And you wanted to be a general, didn’t you?
Banu: Yes ... like that. When I was a child, hehe ... I wanted to be a great … great man hehehe . . . becoming a great man is nice as I’d have my own people. I also wanted to be a minister because I wanted to develop Indonesia in the area where I’d be minister.
Interviewer: Do you think you can achieve these dreams?
Banu: Eh ... well ... InsyaAllah1 ... hopefully these goals will be achieved.
Interviewer: When you wanted to be an astronaut, a general, were there any games through which you imagined yourself being a general or an astronaut? For example playing with airplane toys or any other games?
Banu: Eh ... well ... there were some games, if I wanted to fly, I played with kites, so I could fly, and I played with toy guns to imagine being a general, or well ... we played cowboy games.
Interviewer: Well, pretending to be cowboys ... um ... if you were on holiday, what did you do in Jakarta?
Banu: When I was on holiday ... well my parents, our family, liked to go around, for example, going to Ancol,2 Dufan,3 which is like Disney World in Indonesia. Then, uh ... we went to Indonesia’s mini park, uh ... to Ragunan4 Zoo, well ... to Safari5 zoo, uh.... that is located in Puncak.6 That’s what I remember. Well I liked those places, but I didn’t go frequently but I went to those places at least once.
Interviewer: Are there any interesting experiences when you visited those recreation resorts?

Banu: Um ... the first time I went to Dufan, well, there were a lot of rides … but I remember “Tora-tora,”1 that was fascinating. Besides, Ancol is also beautiful … on the beach. Uh ... I got on a pedaled boat in Ancol.

Interviewer: When you visited Ancol, did you go with your parents or alone?
Banu: With my parents, because I was still a kid, hehehe ...
Interviewer: Did you prefer going with your parents or alone when you were a child?
Banu: Of course, with my parents.
Interviewer: What about now, do you prefer going with your parents or alone?
Banu: Right now I prefer going alone, well ... when I see my parents ... I would go out with my parents more frequently, but if they don’t want to go, I just go alone.
Interviewer: Or you’d go with your friends in Jakarta to some recreation places?
Banu: Once I was in elementary school, I went to Dufan. Dufan is a common recreation place for children. So, my classmates and I all went to Dufan ... it was a great time in Dufan.

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1 SD stands for Sekolah Dasar, which means “elementary school.”

2 IPA stands for Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam, which means “Natural Science.”

1 InsyaAllah is a Muslem way of expressing certainty.

2 Ancol is a picnic area in the northern part of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

3 Dufan stands for Dunia Fantasi, that is, a theme park like Disney in the US.

4 Ragunan is the name of the zoo in Jakarta city.

5 Safari is another place for animal conservation or a place like a zoo.

6 Puncak is a picnic area in the Southwest from Jakarta on the top of mountain ranges.

1 Tora-tora is an artificial ship moving back and forth in the air.

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