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[Start Tape]

Voice 1:

  • [[Inaudible] This could be both meanings at the same time.]

  • [Arabic; 17 Sec] The all-giving, the all-knowing [Arabic ; 28:12 Sec] alone who hears the tears, hears the [Inaudible].

  • [Ibrahim said’ [Arabic, 38:12 Sec] indeed my lord here is the [Arabic: 46 Sec]. Indeed you hear the [Inaudible]. ]

  • [To me his name is repeated over and over. So [1:08 Arabic] the mighty and the wise or the mighty, or the all mighty governor [Inaudible] then you have the [1:16Min; Inaudible Name] they are all-giver, all-knowing. The one who is best who knows the meaning of the patient [Inaudible].]

  • [1:31 Arabic] means again as it has been mentioned.]

  • [Inaudible1:41] When you sought the Allah for his help and he responded to you and said that I will support you as one thousand angels one after another in the battle.]

  • [(1:57 Min) So here they were begging the [Inaudible] in Allah for help and Allah heard and he responded. So here is the [Inaudible]. ]

  • [Starts 2:06Min] Aleem?]

  • [What’s the significance of the name Aleem here he known [2:14 Min; Arabic], that Allah is the strong person as per the Prophet inside the believers’ fight. And there is twenty amongst you to conquer two hundred and there is [2:38; Arabic] to conquer one thousand. ]

  • [The next verse says [2:42 Min; Arabic] Allah has made the matter lighter and easier for you. He has knows …He knows that there is a weakness and you- know- the word [2:55 Min; Arabic] he has knowledge and there is weakness in you.]

  • [Right? So the word [3:00 Min; Arabic] [Inaudible] oh our lord you encompass everything. [Arabic3:04 Min] and knowledge and there is a connection between knowledge and [Arabic]. Right? So [Inaudible] the all knowing know the weaknesses of his servant. The servants are entirely in need. And the servants are weak physically, in resources, in numbers and even our faith is not how we should be. And we have weakness in knowledge and understanding. We don’t know anything around.]

  • [[Starts at 3:40 Min] So Allah knows our weaknesses. He hears our [Inaudible] and he knows our weaknesses. That’s another significance. The mother of Marion [Inaudible] when she has lot to accept, when she was pregnant. Allah I dedicate thou in my belly to you. She uses the name [4:07; Name] as the one who hears everything and knows everything.]


  • Haa…


  • [[Inaudible] whoever says in the morning and in the evening three times [Arabic4:20] whoever says in the morning and evening in the name of Allah in whose name nothing in the heaven or the earth can harm. Indeed he is the all-hearing, all-knowing. So this name is also connected to [4:40Inaudible]. He is the all-hearing, all-knowing. He hears everything, knows everything. This name we see being connected with protection of the believers.]

  • [[5:01 Arabic] in Allah and Allah is one who hears and knows. [Inaudible] he says and Allah is the ally and the [Inaudible] of the believers. [Inaudible] Indeed Allah is one who hears and knows. He says [5:29Arabic] like one Allah is the one who weakens or destroys the foil of the plot of the [Inaudible]. So [Arabic] Allah says 5:51[Inaudible]. So we find that these attributes of Allah. It’s like Allah has mercy and he is on the side of the [Inaudible] he is on the side – he is against the Prophet. He knows our weaknesses so he will help us against the [Inaudible]. ]


  • Haa…

Voice-1: 6:20

  • [Inaudible] when we say [Inaudible] we are not supposed to say [Arabic]. We have always the tendency of saying Insh Allah and then we just say….]


  • [Sound of Laugh.]


  • [[Inaudible] we have a tendency to say Insha Allah. [Inaudible] for everything when we are intending to do something, going to do something to say Insh Allah we are going to do something. We are asking allaha to do fomething. This is a habit…Hey Allah forgive me.]

Voice 2:

  • [7:25 Min 7:52]

Voice 1:

  • [[Inaudible] means you are asking something to Allah. So then you don’t say you are not supposed to say Insh Allah. [Inaudible] you are asking Allah to do something. Then we don’t say. [Inaudible] if we are going to do something then we say [Inaudible]. Sound of Laugh !]


  • OK. Now I will go.


  • Insha Allah


  • This is a long journey. Three hours from Chicago. After Chicago…..the total empty land….The total empty land..

  • That time when that day was cloudy. I was going through that road and I had lots of fear. No trees al all….Only lots of slabs…

  • OK…Check your phones….emergency contacts..

  • I will send you reminder via mail.. I will send you the equipments of Health…

  • Do the DOYA….

  • Call us 2-3 times in each weak…How much time you can call per weak…

  • Take the information immediately. Check your emergency contacts again..After that send me a copy. I will keep it in your file.

  • Call your father. I will send your fathers No. and address via mail. Did you check your mail regularly? Another thing…..the name of the books….E-mail me the names of the books and the publishers…..

Voice-1: [This is the word of Istahan. [Inaudible]]


  • OK…

  • Arrange your hair.

  • Take your food regularly.

  • You are looking darkish and dry.

  • Did you stay outside for long times.

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