College of Arts Library Committee Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 24 May 2017 Present

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College of Arts Library Committee

Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 24 May 2017
Present: Dr S. Murray (Chair), Mr J. Ardehali, Mr R. Bapty, Mr M. Barr, Dr A. Crean, Dr I. Goode, Mrs M. Greig, Dr A. MacCoinnich, Dr D. McGuinness, Dr E. Schonfield, Dr M. Selfe, Dr D. Strickland, Prof M. Strickland, Dr R. Young

In attendance: Mrs S. Macallan
CAL/2017/1. Apologies: Dr S. Adams, Dr N. Finlay, Dr R. Fotiade, Dr Maria Mili, Dr A. Radford
CAL/2017/2. Welcome

Simon Murray (acting Chair in SA’s absence) welcomed the Committee to the last meeting of the session.

CAL/2017/3. Minutes of the meeting of the College of Arts Library Committee

The minutes of the meeting of the College of Arts Library Committee of 1 March 2017 were approved as an accurate record.

CAL/2017/4. Matters Arising

4.1 Update on Research Support Moodle for Arts academic staff
It was reported that not all members of Committee seemed to have received the email from MG containing the link with the enrolment key to access the new Research Support Moodle. MG agreed to re-send this information to the Committee. MG expressed thanks to E. Schonfield for his comments.
Action: MG
4.2 Relocation of Archives
RB reported that there was no further update on the possible relocation of Archives to the Library, and no final decision on the move had yet been taken.
CAL/2017/5. Arts Library Materials Budget Update

RB informed the Committee that the 2016/17 Arts book budgets were now spent up. As predicted, the less favourable currency exchange rates, triggered by the uncertainty surrounding the BREXIT negotiations, had indeed materialised. As a result the annual subscription costs of most foreign journals had risen by up to 20%, and the Arts journal bill for the year was expected to be about £20,000 over the allocation.

However, RB reminded the Committee that if the money put aside to cover anticipated serial or continuations overspend is not all required, then any unspent balance at the financial year-end will be used again to finance large-scale e-resources from the ‘wish list’.
CAL/2017/6. UK Scholarly Communications Licence and Model Policy

MG introduced the UK Scholarly Communications Licence and Model Policy briefing paper, which had been previously circulated to the Committee, for information and dissemination to colleagues. The briefing paper explained how currently when academic authors have journal articles accepted for publication, they usually sign away most of their rights to the publisher (except where the Library has paid an Article Processing Charge to make the paper open access at the point of publication). This means that:

  • Authors’ reuse of their own scholarly outputs for teaching and research is restricted.

  • The University and academics are at risk of litigation should authors use their own outputs in ways not allowed by the publisher.

  • The University retains no rights to most of the scholarly outputs of its academics.

  • Compliance with funder open access mandates (in particular HEFCE and RCUK) is more difficult.

Imperial College London is leading the implementation of the UK-SCL designed to change this situation. The paper highlighted the differences between UK copyright law and US. Extensive legal advice had been sought by Imperial College and the UK HE community, working with Research Libraries UK, on the proposed licence draft. The legal view was that the non-exclusive licence grant to the university will stand under UK law, provided the publisher had knowledge, actual or constructive, of the earlier licence grant to the university.

There was some discussion amid the Committee of the likely publisher response to these proposals. The paper would be considered at the next Senate meeting and, if approved, the University would sign up to the new licence.

CAL/2017/7. Library Futures Project

Following on from Alterline’s ethnographic study report last year which had sought to provide hard evidence on Library patterns of use by students and staff, RB reported on a new initiative which was now being co-ordinated by the Alterline Research Group. Working with 11 UK university libraries, and led at Glasgow by Bob MacLean and Kay Munro, the Group was conducting a survey and interviews to capture evidence about the digital competencies and information literacy skills of 16-18 year olds about to come to university. The aim of the project was to enable universities and their libraries to offer more targeted information literacy induction in the future based on the specific gaps identified in knowledge and information skills in potential new students. A final report on the study is due from Alterline at the end of the month.

CAL/2017/8. Update on LibraryBuilding work

RB reported the Library Senior Management Team had now agreed with Estates and buildings to install an additional pass door to address the ongoing problem with the revolving door at the Library main entrance.

A new window would also be put in on level 2 overlooking the Sculpture Courtyard to increase the natural lighting.
Finally remedial work will be competed on the tanking in the toilets to prevent any repetition of the flooding in the Level 1 Storage Area.
This building work was scheduled to commence in July.
CAL2017/9. Update on Library Collection Management
MG informed the Committee that Subject Librarians would be contacting individual Library Committee representatives soon to begin discussions on an appropriate relegation strategy to address the Library’s chronic space issues on each subject floor. Siobhán Convery, the new Library Assistant Director for Collections Strategy, was working with Library staff to develop a coherent Collections Management Strategy.

CAL2017/10. The David Murray Book Collecting Prize

SM noted that eleven students had entered the David Murray Book Collecting Prize competition. The entrants will give presentations on 7 June, and a winner will be selected.

CAL2017/11. Convenor’s Business: Report on Library Committee of 18 May

As no academic representative had been able to attend the University Library Committee Meeting, RB had studied the agenda, and ensured that all key issues were on the current CALC agenda.

CAL2017/12. Any other business

D. Strickland asked if there was any update on the lack of an available printer/copier on Level 11. RB had had no further update but explained that an ongoing review of printer provision throughout the Library was currently in progress.

CAL2017/13. Date of Next Meeting

The next CALC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 29th November, 2017.

Other scheduled meetings for 2017/18 are: Wednesday 28th February, 2018; and Wednesday 30th May, 2018.
All meetings will be held in the Level 9 Committee Room and will start at 4.00pm.

S. Macallan 27.06.2017

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