College of the Sciences Primate Behavior and Ecology Program

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Title Page


College of the Sciences

Primate Behavior and Ecology Program

Date: 29 February 2008

Prepared by: Lori K. Sheeran

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Program Director College Dean

Faculty Verification

Verification of Faculty Review

Each member of the program faculty in the Primate Behavior and Ecology has been asked to sign the statement presented:

By my signature below, I am verifying that I have had the opportunity to see and read the program’s self-study report, which is being submitted.



Primate Behavior and Ecology Program
Program Review Self Study

29 February 2008

By Lori K. Sheeran, Director
I. Introduction to Program

I.A. Program Mission Statement

I.B. Brief Description of Program Contexts

I.C. List Program Goals

I.D. Describe Program Governance System…

I.E. Describe How Each of the Relevant Strategic Goals for the University…

II. Description of Degree Program and Curriculum

II.A. Provide a Table that Lists Each Program by Location

II.B. List Courses, Locations, & Learner Outcomes

II.C. Describe Currency of Curriculum in Discipline

II.D. Effectiveness of Instruction

II.E. Degree to which Distance Education Technology is used for Instruction

II.F. Required Measures of Quantity for Academic Programs for the Last 5…

II.G. Required Measures of Efficiency for the Program for the Last 5 Years

II.H. Assessment of the Program and Students
III. Faculty

III.A. Faculty Profile

III.B. Copies of Faculty Vitae

III.C. Faculty Awards for Distinction

III.D. Performance Standards
IV. Students

IV.A. Number of Degrees Completed

IV.B. Number of Graduate Assistantships per Year

IV.C. Student Accomplishments

IV.D. Masters Projects

IV.E. Program Policies and Advising Services for Students

IV.F. Other Student Services
V. Facilities and Equipment by Location

V.A. Facilities Available

V.B. Equipment Available

V.C. Technology Available

VI. Library and Technological Resources by Location

VI.A. General and Specific Requirements for Library by Location

VI.B. Information Literacy Proficiencies Expected of Students at the End…

VI.C. Information Technologies Used by Faculty in the Classroom

VI.D. Available Technology for Teaching and Research
VII. Analysis of the Review Period

VII.A. What has Gone Well in the Program?

VII.B. What Challenges Remain?

VII.C. What Resources Have Been Provided in the Last 5 Years?

VII.D. What Recommendations from the Previous Program Review…

VII.E. What Past Recommendations Have Been Implemented?

VII.F. Make a Comparison Between the last Program Review…
VIII. Future Directions

VIII.A. Describe the Program’s Aspirations for the Next 3-5 Years

VIII.B. Describe Ways the Program Might Increase Quality,…

VIII.C. What Resources Would the Program Need to Pursue…

VIII.D. Additions to the Self-Study
IX. Suggestions for the Program Review Process or Contents of the Self-Study


I.A. Program Mission Statement

Primatology is the study of the biology, evolution, biogeography, ecology, taxonomic classification, and behavior of nonhuman primates (prosimains, monkeys, and apes). The Primate Behavior and Ecology (PBE) undergraduate program at Central Washington University provides students with interdisciplinary perspectives on the relationships between nonhuman primates (both captive and free-living) and their environments. The program is unique in the United States and is complemented by organized, faculty-mentored research and training efforts that take place both on and off campus and may occur in international settings. The PBE degree prepares students for graduate programs in anthropology, biology, and psychology (in general) and primate behavior, behavioral ecology, animal behavior, and related fields (in particular); for conservation careers in governmental and nongovernmental organizations; or for careers working with nonhuman primates living in laboratories, zoos, sanctuaries, or other captive facilities.

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