Computer Science Engineer National Institute for Applied Sciences

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Stéphane THAO

Computer Science Engineer - National Institute for Applied Sciences (INSA) - Lyon (FRANCE)


Flat 8, 38 Gratton Road Nationality : French

London W14 0JX


Home : +44 (0) 207 348 0816 e-mail :

Mobile : +44 (0) 796 036 1843

  1. Contractor Developer
Inforama S.A., October 2000 - Present

IT consultant for Amadeus Services Limited working on British Airways’new departure control system.

Development and mainframe programming with focus on devices communication from the front-end.

Technology : C, Java, IBM 370 Assembler, TPF OS, Win NT.
  1. French National Service as Information Systems Manager and Webmaster
French Embassy in Seoul (South Korea), July 99 – October 2000

Technical support for 50 users with an MS Win 3.1/95 environment.

Web development and log analysis with MS Excel.

Training in Excel and Word. Development with Visual Basic for Excel and Access.

Technology : Win 3.1/9X, MS Office, MS Visual Basic, HTML, Perl, Javascript, Apache, Linux, FreeBSD.

  1. Researcher / Developer
Swedish Institute of Computer Science, October 98 - June 99

Degree project with the Formal Design Techniques group working on Mobile Code Security.

Research and development applied to JAVA Security.

Technology : SOLARIS, Java, C, C++, Netscape Communicator, Sun Java plug-in, Win NT.
  1. IT Support / Developer

AIR FRANCE - London (UK), June 1997 - July 1998

User support of 120 stations running under Windows NT/95. Training with Win 95, Office, and Lotus Notes.

Conception and implementation of MS Access and Lotus Notes Databases.

Set up and support of sales executives laptops.

Statistics follow-up with VB macros for Excel.

Technology : Win 95/NT, MS Office, Lotus Notes, MS Visual Basic.

  1. Developer
IDLOG Ingenierie - Montpellier (FR), Summer 1996

Conception and implementation of Visual Basic applications using SQL Server data.

Technology : Win 95, MS Office, MS Visual Basic, ODBC.


1999 Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) – Stockholm (Sweden)

Exchange Student (Erasmus/Socrates)

1994 - 1997 I.N.S.A. student with specialisation in Computer Science.

1993 University entrance certificate (Mathematics and Physics) with honors.


  1. French, mother tongue.

  2. English, fluent.

  3. German, speaking and reading ability.

  4. Spanish, intermediate level.

  5. Swedish and korean, basics.



  1. Tennis, competition level.

  2. Windsurf (funboard).

  3. Skiing, ice hockey.


  1. Music : Guitar player.

  2. Photography.

  3. INSA Tennis Club president in 96 and 97.

Organizer of the most important student tournament in Lyon.
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