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Evidence of non-Plasmodium falciparum malaria infection in Kédougou, Sénégal

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Evidence of non-Plasmodium falciparum malaria infection in Kédougou, Sénégal

Expanded malaria control efforts in Sénégal have resulted in increased use of rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) to identify the primary disease-causing Plasmodium species, Plasmodium falciparum. However, the type of R...

Rachel F. Daniels, Awa Bineta Deme, Jules F. Gomis, Baba Dieye, Katelyn Durfee, Julie I. Thwing, Fatou B. Fall, Mady Ba, Medoune Ndiop, Aida S. Badiane, Yaye Die Ndiaye, Dyann F. Wirth, Sarah K. Volkman and Daouda Ndiaye

Malaria Journal 2017 16:9

The dangers of accepting a single diagnosis: case report of concurrent Plasmodium knowlesi malaria and dengue infection

Dengue and malaria are two common, mosquito-borne infections, which may lead to mortality if not managed properly. Concurrent infections of dengue and malaria are rare due to the different habitats of its vect...

Soon Eu Chong, Rhendra Hardy Mohamad Zaini, Siti Suraiya, Kok Tong Lee and Jo Anne Lim

Malaria Journal 2017 16:2

Usefulness of a biomarker to identify placental dysfunction in the context of malaria

In most tropical areas, pregnant women are at increased risk of malaria, as a consequence of the massive sequestration of parasitized red blood cells in the placenta. The placenta plays a key role in embryonic...

Alexandra Gueneuc, Philippe Deloron and Gwladys I. Bertin

Malaria Journal 2017 16:11

Sequence conservation of Plasmodium vivax glutamate dehydrogenase among Korean isolates and its application in seroepidemiology

Glutamate dehydrogenase of malaria parasites (pGDH) is widely used in rapid diagnostic tests for malaria. Variation in the pGDH gene among Korean isolates of Plasmodium vivax was analysed, and a recombinant pGDH ...

Bomin Seol, Hyun-Il Shin, Jung-Yeon Kim, Bo-Young Jeon, Yoon-Joong Kang, Jhang-Ho Pak, Tong-Soo Kim and Hyeong-Woo Lee

Malaria Journal 2017 16:3

Expanding access to parasite-based malaria diagnosis through retail drug shops in Tanzania: evidence from a randomized trial and implications for treatment

Tanzania has seen a reduction in the fraction of fevers caused by malaria, likely due in part to scale-up of control measures. While national guidelines require parasite-based diagnosis prior to treatment, it ...

Kathleen Maloney, Abigail Ward, Bonnie Krenz, Nora Petty, Lindsay Bryson, Caitlin Dolkart, Theodoor Visser, Arnaud Le Menach, Valerie K. Scott, Justin M. Cohen, Esther Mtumbuka and Sigsbert Mkude

Malaria Journal 2017 16:6

The effect of small solar powered ‘Bͻkͻͻ’ net fans on mosquito net use: results from a randomized controlled cross-over trial in southern Ghana

Long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) are ineffective malaria transmission prevention tools if they are unused. Discomfort due to heat is the most commonly reported reason for not using nets, but this problem...

Olivier J. T. Briët, Joshua O. Yukich, Constanze Pfeiffer, William Miller, Mulako S. Jaeger, Nitin Khanna, Samuel Oppong, Peter Nardini, Collins K. Ahorlu and Joseph Keating

Malaria Journal 2017 16:12

Assessing the effect of indoor residual spraying (IRS) on malaria morbidity in Northern Uganda: a before and after study

Indoor residual spraying (IRS) is known to reduce malaria transmission. In northern Uganda, a high endemic area, IRS has been implemented since 2006. Limited data however, exists on the effect of IRS on the ma...

Betty Bawuba Tukei, Andy Beke and Héctor Lamadrid-Figueroa

Malaria Journal 2017 16:4

MALDI-TOF MS as an innovative tool for detection of Plasmodium parasites in Anopheles mosquitoes

Malaria is still a major public health issue worldwide, and one of the best approaches to fight the disease remains vector control. The current methods for mosquito identification include morphological methods...

Maureen Laroche, Lionel Almeras, Emilie Pecchi, Yassina Bechah, Didier Raoult, Angèle Viola and Philippe Parola

Malaria Journal 2017 16:5

Cost benefit analysis of malaria rapid diagnostic test: the perspective of Nigerian community pharmacists

In 2010, the World Health Organization issued a guideline that calls for a shift from presumptive to test-based treatment. However, test-based treatment is still unpopular in community pharmacies. This could ...

Ifeoma Jovita Ezennia, Sunday Odunke Nduka and Obinna Ikechukwu Ekwunife

Malaria Journal 2017 16:7

Safety of a fixed-dose combination of artesunate and amodiaquine for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in real-life conditions of use in Côte d’Ivoire

In many malaria-endemic, sub-Saharan African countries, existing pharmacovigilance systems are not sufficiently operational to document reliably the safety profile of anti-malarial drugs. This study describes ...

Serge-Brice Assi, Yapo Thomas Aba, Jean Claude Yavo, Abouo Franklin Nguessan, N’cho Bertin Tchiekoi, Koffi Moïse San, Emmanuel Bissagnéné, Stephan Duparc, Valérie Lameyre and Mea Antoine Tanoh

Malaria Journal 2017 16:8

Towards eliminating malaria in high endemic countries: the roles of community health workers and related cadres and their challenges in integrated community case management for malaria: a systematic review

Human resource for health crisis has impaired global efforts against malaria in highly endemic countries. To address this, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended scaling-up of community health workers...

Bruno F. Sunguya, Linda B. Mlunde, Rakesh Ayer and Masamine Jimba

Malaria Journal 2017 16:10

Incidence and admission rates for severe malaria and their impact on mortality in Africa

Appropriate treatment of life-threatening Plasmodium falciparum malaria requires in-patient care. Although the proportion of severe cases accessing in-patient care in endemic settings strongly affects overall cas...

Flavia Camponovo, Caitlin A. Bever, Katya Galactionova, Thomas Smith and Melissa A. Penny

Malaria Journal 2017 16:1

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