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Prevalence and genetic variants of G6PD deficiency among two Malagasy populations living in Plasmodium vivax-endemic areas

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Prevalence and genetic variants of G6PD deficiency among two Malagasy populations living in Plasmodium vivax-endemic areas

The prevalence and variants of G6PD deficiency in the Plasmodium vivax-endemic zones of Madagascar remain unknown. The admixed African-Austronesian origins of the Malagasy population make it probable that a heter...

Rosalind E. Howes, Ernest R. Chan, Tovonahary Angelo Rakotomanga, Seth Schulte, John Gibson, Melinda Zikursh, Thierry Franchard, Brune Ramiranirina, Arsène Ratsimbasoa and Peter A. Zimmerman

Malaria Journal 2017 16:139

World Malaria Report: time to acknowledge Plasmodium knowlesi malaria

The 2016 World Health Organization (WHO) World Malaria Report documents substantial progress towards control and elimination of malaria. However, major challenges remain. In some regions of Southeast Asia, the...

Bridget E. Barber, Giri S. Rajahram, Matthew J. Grigg, Timothy William and Nicholas M. Anstey

Malaria Journal 2017 16:135

Perceptions of malaria control and prevention in an era of climate change: a cross-sectional survey among CDC staff in China

Though there was the significant decrease in the incidence of malaria in central and southwest China during the 1980s and 1990s, there has been a re-emergence of malaria since 2000.

Michael Xiaoliang Tong, Alana Hansen, Scott Hanson-Easey, Scott Cameron, Jianjun Xiang, Qiyong Liu, Xiaobo Liu, Yehuan Sun, Philip Weinstein, Gil-Soo Han, Craig Williams and Peng Bi

Malaria Journal 2017 16:136

Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of G6PD deficiency in Bengali adults with severe and uncomplicated malaria

Control of malaria increasingly involves administration of 8-aminoquinolines, with accompanying risk of haemolysis in individuals with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency. Few data on the preva...

Katherine Plewes, Ingfar Soontarawirat, Aniruddha Ghose, Germana Bancone, Hugh W. F. Kingston, M. Trent Herdman, Stije J. Leopold, Haruhiko Ishioka, Md. Abul Faiz, Nicholas M. Anstey, Nicholas P. J. Day, Md. Amir Hossain, Mallika Imwong, Arjen M. Dondorp and Charles J. Woodrow

Malaria Journal 2017 16:134

Identification of a novel merozoite surface antigen of Plasmodium vivax, PvMSA180

Although a number of Plasmodium vivax proteins have been identified, few have been investigated as potential vaccine candidates. This study characterized the Plasmodium vivax merozoite surface antigen 180 (PvMSA1...

Fauzi Muh, Jin-Hee Han, Myat Htut Nyunt, Seong-Kyun Lee, Hye-Yoon Jeon, Kwon-Soo Ha, Won Sun Park, Seok-Ho Hong, Md Atique Ahmed, Sunghun Na, Eizo Takashima, Takafumi Tsuboi and Eun-Taek Han

Malaria Journal 2017 16:133

Reemergence of chloroquine-sensitive pfcrt K76 Plasmodium falciparum genotype in southeastern Cameroon

Chloroquine had been used extensively during the last five decades in Cameroon. Its decreasing clinical effectiveness, supported by high proportions of clinical isolates carrying the mutant pfcrt haplotype (CVIET...

Nicaise Tuikue Ndam, Leonardo K. Basco, Vincent Foumane Ngane, Ahidjo Ayouba, Eitel Mpoudi Ngolle, Philippe Deloron, Martine Peeters and Rachida Tahar

Malaria Journal 2017 16:130

A novel in vitro model reveals distinctive modulatory roles of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax on naïve cell-mediated immunity

To date, human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) have been used mainly in immune stimulation assays and the interpretation of data can be influenced by the previous immunological history of donors and...

Setthakit Chitsanoor, Sangdao Somsri, Panyu Panburana, Mathirut Mungthin, Ratawan Ubalee, Maliwan Emyeam, Somchai Jongwutiwes, Jetsumon Sattabongkot and Rachanee Udomsangpetch

Malaria Journal 2017 16:131

Predictors of the use of interventions to prevent malaria in pregnancy in Cameroon

Malaria in pregnancy is common in sub-Saharan Africa where it contributes to perinatal morbidity and mortality. Use of insecticide-treated bed nets and intermittent preventive therapy with sulfadoxine–pyrimeth...

Jodie Dionne-Odom, Andrew O. Westfall, Tobias O. Apinjoh, Judith Anchang-Kimbi, Eric A. Achidi and Alan T. N. Tita

Malaria Journal 2017 16:132

Analytical sensitivity of current best-in-class malaria rapid diagnostic tests

Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) are today the most widely used method for malaria diagnosis and are recommended, alongside microscopy, for the confirmation of suspected cases before the administration of anti-ma...

Alfons Jimenez, Roxanne R. Rees-Channer, Rushini Perera, Dionicia Gamboa, Peter L. Chiodini, Iveth J. González, Alfredo Mayor and Xavier C. Ding

Malaria Journal 2017 16:128

Diagnostic challenges and case management of the first imported case of Plasmodium knowlesi in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has achieved ‘malaria-free’ status and is now in the phase of prevention of re-introduction of malaria. Imported malaria remains a challenge to resurgence of the disease. The diagnostic challenges en...

A. Dewanee Ranaweera, Manjula N. Danansuriya, Kusumawathie Pahalagedera, W. M. Kumudunayana T. de A. W. Gunasekera, Priyani Dharmawardena, Keng Wai Mak, Pei-Sze Jeslyn Wong, Mei-Zhi Irene Li, Cheong Huat Tan, Hapuarachchige C. Hapuarachchi, Hema D. B. Herath and Deepika Fernando

Malaria Journal 2017 16:126

An assessment of national surveillance systems for malaria elimination in the Asia Pacific

Heads of Government from Asia and the Pacific have committed to a malaria-free region by 2030. In 2015, the total number of confirmed cases reported to the World Health Organization by 22 Asia Pacific countrie...

Chris Erwin G. Mercado, Nattwut Ekapirat, Arjen M. Dondorp and Richard J. Maude

Malaria Journal 2017 16:127

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