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Species-specific escape of Plasmodium sporozoites from oocysts of avian, rodent, and human malarial parasites

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Species-specific escape of Plasmodium sporozoites from oocysts of avian, rodent, and human malarial parasites

Malaria is transmitted when an infected mosquito delivers Plasmodium sporozoites into a vertebrate host. There are many species of Plasmodium and, in general, the infection is host-specific. For example, Plasmodi...

Alessandra S. Orfano, Rafael Nacif-Pimenta, Ana P. M. Duarte, Luis M. Villegas, Nilton B. Rodrigues, Luciana C. Pinto, Keillen M. M. Campos, Yudi T. Pinilla, Bárbara Chaves, Maria G. V. Barbosa Guerra, Wuelton M. Monteiro, Ryan C. Smith, Alvaro Molina-Cruz, Marcus V. G. Lacerda, Nágila F. C. Secundino, Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena…

Malaria Journal 2016 15:394

Integrin αDβ2 (CD11d/CD18) mediates experimental malaria-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome (MA-ARDS)

Malaria-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome (MA-ARDS) is a potentially lethal complication of clinical malaria. Acute lung injury in MA-ARDS shares features with ARDS triggered by other causes, incl...

Isaclaudia G. de Azevedo-Quintanilha, Adriana Vieira-de-Abreu, André Costa Ferreira, Daniele O. Nascimento, Alessandra M. Siqueira, Robert A. Campbell, Tatiana P. Teixeira Ferreira, Tatiana M. Gutierrez, Gabriel M. Ribeiro, Patricia M. R. e Silva, Alysson R. Carvalho, Patricia T. Bozza, Guy A. Zimmerman and Hugo C. Castro-Faria-Neto

Malaria Journal 2016 15:393

Pregnant women and infants as sentinel populations to monitor prevalence of malaria: results of pilot study in Lake Zone of Tanzania

As malaria control interventions are scaled-up, rational approaches are needed for monitoring impact over time. One proposed approach includes monitoring the prevalence of malaria infection among pregnant wome...

Ritha A. Willilo, Fabrizio Molteni, Renata Mandike, Frances E. Mugalura, Anold Mutafungwa, Adella Thadeo, Edwin Benedictor, Jessica M. Kafuko, Naomi Kaspar, Mahdi M. Ramsan, Osia Mwaipape, Peter D. McElroy, Julie Gutman, Rajeev Colaco, Richard Reithinger and Jeremiah M. Ngondi

Malaria Journal 2016 15:392

Assessing the effective use of mosquito nets in the prevention of malaria in some parts of Mezam division, Northwest Region Cameroon

In Cameroon, malaria continues to be endemic and the first major cause of morbidity and mortality among the most vulnerable groups—children under 5 years of age, pregnant women, people living with HIV/AIDS and...

Ngum Helen Ntonifor and Serophine Veyufambom

Malaria Journal 2016 15:390

Prevalence of G6PD deficiency and Plasmodium falciparum parasites in asymptomatic school children living in southern Ghana

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency is an X-linked genetic disorder that results in impaired enzyme activity. Although G6PD deficiency is globally distributed it is more prevalent in malaria-en...

Linda Eva Amoah, Akua Opong, Ruth Ayanful-Torgby, Joana Abankwa and Festus K. Acquah

Malaria Journal 2016 15:388

Performance of rapid diagnostic test, blood-film microscopy and PCR for the diagnosis of malaria infection among febrile children from Korogwe District, Tanzania

Rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) and light microscopy are still recommended for diagnosis to guide the clinical management of malaria despite difficult challenges in rural settings. The performance of these tests ...

Coline Mahende, Billy Ngasala, John Lusingu, Tai-Soon Yong, Paminus Lushino, Martha Lemnge, Bruno Mmbando and Zul Premji

Malaria Journal 2016 15:391

Composition and genetics of malaria vector populations in the Central African Republic

In many African countries malaria has declined sharply due to a synergy of actions marked by the introduction of vector control strategies, but the disease remains a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in...

Mamadou Ousmane Ndiath, Karin Eiglmeier, Marina Lidwine Olé Sangba, Inge Holm, Mirdad Kazanji and Kenneth D. Vernick

Malaria Journal 2016 15:387

Is a reproduction number of one a threshold for Plasmodium falciparum malaria elimination?

The basic reproduction number (R 0) is an important summary of the dynamics of an infectious disease. It is a threshold parameter: an infection can only invade a population if R ...

Jamie T. Griffin

Malaria Journal 2016 15:389

Rural and urban disparities in health-seeking for fever in Myanmar: findings from a probability-based household survey

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes Myanmar as having the highest burden of malaria in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS). Early diagnosis and proper treatment are critical in containing malaria. T...

Tin Aung, Moh Moh Lwin, May Sudhinaraset and Chongyi Wei

Malaria Journal 2016 15:386

A cluster randomized trial comparing deltamethrin and bendiocarb as insecticides for indoor residual spraying to control malaria on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea

Indoor residual spraying (IRS) has been used on Bioko for malaria control since 2004. In 2013 the insecticide was changed from bendiocarb to deltamethrin. Shortly after this change, there was a marked increase...

John Bradley, Dianna Hergott, Guillermo Garcia, Jo Lines, Jackie Cook, Michel A. Slotman, Wonder Philip Phiri, Christopher Schwabe and Immo Kleinschmidt

Malaria Journal 2016 15:378

The application of evolutionary medicine principles for sustainable malaria control: a scoping study

Current interventions against malaria have significantly reduced the number of people infected and the number of deaths. Concerns about emerging resistance of both mosquitoes and parasites to intervention have...

Denise Ocampo and Mark Booth

Malaria Journal 2016 15:383

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