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Ecological influences on the behaviour and fertility of malaria parasites

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Ecological influences on the behaviour and fertility of malaria parasites

Sexual reproduction in the mosquito is essential for the transmission of malaria parasites and a major target for transmission-blocking interventions. Male gametes need to locate and fertilize females in the c...

Lucy M. Carter, Laura C. Pollitt, Laurence G. Wilson and Sarah E. Reece

Malaria Journal 2016 15:220

ARAM: an automated image analysis software to determine rosetting parameters and parasitaemia in Plasmodium samples

Rosetting is associated with severe malaria and a primary cause of death in Plasmodium falciparum infections. Detailed understanding of this adhesive phenomenon may enable the development of new therapies interfe...

Patrick Wolfgang Kudella, Kirsten Moll, Mats Wahlgren, Achim Wixforth and Christoph Westerhausen

Malaria Journal 2016 15:223

A zoonotic human infection with simian malaria, Plasmodium knowlesi, in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago is endemic for malaria. Although Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax are the most common causes for malaria cases, P. malariae and P. ovale are also present in certain regions. Zoonotic...

Wuryantari Setiadi, Herawati Sudoyo, Hidayat Trimarsanto, Boy Adventus Sihite, Riahdo Juliarman Saragih, Rita Juliawaty, Suradi Wangsamuda, Puji Budi Setia Asih and Din Syafruddin

Malaria Journal 2016 15:218

Assessment of the impact of the malaria elimination programme on the burden of disease morbidity in endemic areas of Iran

Controlling and preventive measures considerably reduced malaria incidence in Iran over the past few years, which confined the endemic areas to some regions in the southeastern Iran. The National Malaria Elimi...

Khodadad Sheikhzadeh, Ali Akbar Haghdoost, Abbas Bahrampour, Farzaneh Zolala and Ahmad Raeisi

Malaria Journal 2016 15:209

Treatment and prevention of malaria in pregnancy in the private health sector in Uganda: implications for patient safety

Malaria in pregnancy is a major public health problem in Uganda; and it is the leading cause of anaemia among pregnant women and low birth weight in infants. Previous studies have noted poor quality of care in...

Anthony K. Mbonye, Esther Buregyeya, Elizeus Rutebemberwa, Siân E. Clarke, Sham Lal, Kristian S. Hansen, Pascal Magnussen and Philip LaRussa

Malaria Journal 2016 15:212

The role of red blood cell exchange for severe imported malaria in the artesunate era: a retrospective cohort study in a referral centre

Intravenous artesunate has replaced quinine as the first-line therapy for severe imported malaria, given its anti-malarial superiority shown in clinical trials conducted in endemic countries. Evidence for red ...

Antonia Calvo-Cano, Joan Gómez-Junyent, Miguel Lozano, Pedro Castro, Joan Cid, Jose María Nicolás, Llorenç Quintó, Maite Martin, Jose Muñoz and Joaquim Gascon

Malaria Journal 2016 15:216

Perceptions and practices for preventing malaria in pregnancy in a peri-urban setting in south-western Uganda

Malaria in pregnancy contributes greatly to maternal morbidity and mortality in Uganda. Thus it is urgent to identify possible barriers that limit access to existing interventions. The aim of this study was to...

Anthony K. Mbonye, Said M. Mohamud and James Bagonza

Malaria Journal 2016 15:211

Use of thin-layer chromatography to detect counterfeit sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine tablets with the wrong active ingredient in Malawi

Substandard and falsified anti-malarial medicines pose a serious threat to public health, especially in low-income countries. Appropriate technologies for drug quality analysis in resource-limited settings are...

Felix Khuluza, Stephen Kigera, Richard W. O. Jähnke and Lutz Heide

Malaria Journal 2016 15:215

Consolidating tactical planning and implementation frameworks for integrated vector management in Uganda

Integrated vector management (IVM) is the recommended approach for controlling some vector-borne diseases (VBD). In the face of current challenges to disease vector control, IVM is vital to achieve national ta...

Michael Okia, Peter Okui, Myers Lugemwa, John M. Govere, Vincent Katamba, John B. Rwakimari, Betty Mpeka and Emmanuel Chanda

Malaria Journal 2016 15:214

Malaria illness mediated by anaemia lessens cognitive development in younger Ugandan children

Asymptomatic falciparum malaria is associated with poorer cognitive performance in African schoolchildren and intermittent preventive treatment of malaria improves cognitive outcomes. However, the developmenta...

Michael J. Boivin, Alla Sikorskii, Itziar Familiar-Lopez, Horacio Ruiseñor-Escudero, Mary Muhindo, James Kapisi, Victor Bigira, Judy K. Bass, Robert O. Opoka, Noeline Nakasujja, Moses Kamya and Grant Dorsey

Malaria Journal 2016 15:210

Comparing ownership and use of bed nets at two sites with differential malaria transmission in western Kenya

Challenges persist in ensuring access to and optimal use of long-lasting, insecticidal bed nets (LLINs). Factors associated with ownership and use may differ depending on the history of malaria and prevention ...

Kacey C. Ernst, Mary H. Hayden, Heather Olsen, Jamie L. Cavanaugh, Irene Ruberto, Maurice Agawo and Stephen Munga

Malaria Journal 2016 15:217

Identification of different malaria patterns due to Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax in Ethiopian children: a prospective cohort study

The identification of epidemiological pattern of infection with Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax in malaria-endemic area, where multiple episodes are common, is important for intervention programmes.

Dinberu Seyoum, Yehenew Getachew Kifle, Virginie Rondeau, Delenasaw Yewhalaw, Luc Duchateau, Angel Rosas-Aguirre and Niko Speybroeck

Malaria Journal 2016 15:208

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